Q. My internal battery only lasts 3 seconds to a minute!

That is normal. The Rexing Dash Cam was designed to be plugged into the car at all times, or hard wired. The internal battery is only meant for emergency situations.


Q: Can I use a 64GB or 128GB memory card?

A: Yes, please make sure the memory card is SDHC/SDXC Class 10 or higher, and use the dash cam to format the memory card.


Q: Why aren’t the 64GB or 128GB memory cards working on my dash cam?

A: Please use the dash cam to format the memory card. Press MENU twice, and use the MIC button to scroll down to Format.


Q: Why am I having trouble inserting the memory card?

A: If you aren’t able to insert the card with your fingers, try using a coin to push the memory card until the card locks into place.


Q: Why does my dash cam stop recording after a few minutes?

A: First, please make sure Loop Recording is on. If Loop Recording is on and you still encounter problems, there may be an issue with your memory card. In this case, please try a different SDHC/SDXC Class 10 memory card.


Q: Why is there no motion detection/parking monitor function on my dash cam?

A:  These features are reserved for our expert version firmware, and is currently only supported by a few of our cameras. Check our firmware page for your camera to determine if expert firmware is available. If expert firmware is not available for your camera, we recommend using our hard wire kit instead to supply constant power to the camera, allowing it to record even while the engine is off.


Q: On my unit, the screen is black but the OK button is blue and I can’t seem to get it to power on, what do I do?

A: There may be an issue with your firmware. In this scenario, please visit rexingusa.com/support/download/ and install the stable firmware to your corresponding device.


Q: Why does my unit keeping rebooting?

A: Your dash cam battery may be depleted. Please charge your dash cam for 3 hours, making sure the unit is off while charging.


Q: How do I format the SD card?

press Menu new1 new2 13680431_1196549603731366_6497549492557756410_o done format