REXING 256 microSDXC UHS-I 4K Full HD Video High Speed Transfer Monitoring SD Card with Adapter for Dash Cams, Surveillance System, Security Camera, & Body Cam


Designed for capturing full HD video and still photos using dash cameras, smartphones, tablets, and other microSDXC compatible devices. It features a storage capacity of 256GB with UHS Speed Class U3 and Speed Class 10.

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  • Video Performance – Supports 4k and 1080p full HD video recording and playback with UHS Speed Class U3 and speed class 10. (Performance may vary depending on host device or file attributes.
  • 256 Storage Capacity – Provides plenty of space for your photos, videos, and more. A 256GB micro SD card can hold up to 30 hours of 4K video. Get all the extra space you need from a brand you can count on.
  • Wide Compatibility – Suitable for wide-ranging use. Compatible with all Rexing cameras and most devices that support microSDXC cards. Favorable for use with mobile devices, tablets, gaming consoles, drones, and more.
  • Fast Data Transfer – Boost your transfer time with a read speed of up to 1000MB/s. Keep up with incoming data with a fast write speed of 90MB/s (U3). Only the U3 class is capable of writing at the speed required for 4K video.
  • Durable – The card is able to withstand extreme hot, and cold temperatures (32°F - 158°F), magnetic proof, waterproof, X-Ray proof, and can withstand being dropped up to 5m.
  • Live Customer Support – Need help? We have answers. Email or call our personal care team (877) 740 8004. Rexing stands behind all of our products with an industry-leading ***18 Month Warranty ***
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256GB 2 A

All the space you need 

This card has the capacity to capture all your moments without running out of space. An SD card with a 256GB storage space is made for continuously recording for extended periods of time.

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This card is built to stand through harsh conditions. Sometimes you need to capture video or pictures in less than ideal circumstances. In any case, the card is temperature-proof, waterproof, shockproof, and x-ray-proof.

256GB High Speed

Swift file transfer 

Meets high standards for quick and seamless file transfer, fast writing speeds, and smooth video capture. Capture action photos or shoot 4K video with write speeds of up to 90MB/s. You can record uninterrupted video with its UHS speed, Class 3 (U3), and video speed class 30 (V30) ratings.

256GB 5 A

Record for long hours 

The high-capacity file storage makes this SD card ideal for space and write-intensive devices. Ideal for use with video monitoring devices like dash cams, camcorders, and surveillance systems. 

256GB 6 A

Universal MicroSDXC Adapter 

The Rexing 256GB MicroSDXC comes with an adapter, so you can use it with any device with a slot for an SD card. 

256GB 7 A

Made to capture full HD video 

Capable of recording high-quality full HD and 4K video and taking high-resolution photos. This high-performance card lets you keep on recording all your surveillance or outdoor adventure needs.

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