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Recycle your dash cam

We are proud to announce our end of the year trade in a program where you can Trade in working Rexing Units and earn store credit equal to the value of the device. For a limited time only, earn 20% more in-store credit by returning any of our older model dashcams. At Rexing we want to give you the opportunity to be using the best and newest technologies without having to always break the bank. Simply trade-in your old (working) dash cam for Rexing Credit and use that credit towards a new camera.

Drive and rest assured knowing that you will always be using the most current technologies.

* Items you submit for trade-in through the Program must be shipped only from the United States, and you must have a physical address located in the United States. Products shipped from outside the United States may not be accepted or returned.

If you want to check your trade-in status, please email 

How does it work?


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • Q: What is the Rexing End of the Year Trade In Program ?
  • A: With wanting to provide added value and having our loyal customers in mind, we want for you to send in any older Rexing dash cams and receive Rexing Credit in return. You can then use your credit to buy a newer model with up-to-date technologies and features at

  • Q: Do I have to pay for the shipping fees?
  • A: We provide and cover the shipping fees when you send in an older dash cam for credit.

  • Q: Which products can I trade in for Rexing Credit?
  • A: Any of our prior working dash cams, body camera and trail cameras

  • Q: I have changed my mind. Can I cancel the process?
  • A: Once you have received the Rexing Credit the order can no longer be canceled.
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