Premium Features of a Dash Cam 

Considering a premium dash cam? you’ve come to the right place

We have dash cams to fit your every need and your budget. From basic to advanced models the differences between them come down to their functionalities. Are you considering spending a bit more to utilize high-end features? We’ll help break down why premium dash cams are worth the investment.

Sleek and Compact Design 

Our premium dash cams have a sleek and thin design, making it easier to keep out of sight. Compact models usually do not have an LCD screen, allowing for a smaller size, which is important if you care about not drawing attention to your camera or your vehicle. While a screen may offer instant playback, it does add to the overall scale and build of the camera.

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Superior Video Quality

Video quality refers to the sharpness and clarity of your footage. High quality recording capabilities gives you a better opportunity of picking up important details like license plates and street signs. A high resolution like 4K UHD allows you to flawlessly zoom-in on recordings without losing clarity to get all the specifics. 

Vision quality at night is an important factor that contributes to superior video quality. Premium cameras are equipped with better image sensors that are capable of fine tuning the exposure to ensure clarity in all light situations.

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Around-the-clock surveillance

Parking mode simply refers to the camera’s ability to turn on and record while your car is turned off and parked. Parking mode can come in handy in situations like theft, vandalism, and parking lot hit and runs. Parking mode requires a camera that is automatic, energy efficient, heat resistant, and reliable. 

Parking mode is important especially if you’re often parked in a garage or lot. There are a lot of circumstances in which scratches, small dents, or theft are hard to catch the perpetrator without a witness. With a dash cam that has parking mode you’ll be able to catch what went down and get your justice. 


Durability & High Temperature Resistance

Powered by a supercapacitor instead of batteries, our higher-end dash cams are able to operate in and withstand higher temperatures more effectively than the basic models. Opposed to a battery, supercapacitor-based cameras are able to withstand 60-70 degrees Celsius or 140-158 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is important especially if you live in an area like Arizona or Canada where you experience harsh weather conditions. The supercapacitor will ensure your dash cam will turn on and work efficiently in any weather.

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Mobile Connectivity & Video Playback 

Instead of an LCD screen for playback, premium cameras come with built in WiFi for mobile connectivity. Our premium cameras have high-speed 5GHz allowing for an instant connection as long as you’re in close proximity to the camera. 

With this kind of dash cam, you can utilize our Rexing Connect mobile application to transfer your files and playback recordings on your smartphone or tablet. This makes it super quick and easy to share footage with friends and family or even law enforcement and insurance companies if need be.


Blind Spot Detection & Advanced Driver Assist 

Artificial intelligence is built into a few of our premium cameras as a way to help you monitor your car’s blindspots. Advanced radar sensors help you switch lanes safely by alerting when there is a vehicle in the way or if it is clear to go. 

AI dash cams automatically detect high risk road situations and notifies you in real time and creates in-car audible alerts so you can take progressive action. Automatic alerts are a ready-to-go solution developed to improve safer driving.

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View Location or Driven Route of Vehicle 

The GPS module that comes built-in with our premium dash cams is intended to help the driver log speed and coordinates. Dash cams with a GPS logger will log the current speed at the bottom of each video, which can be helpful in providing proof of an accident or if you receive a speeding ticket. 

The vehicle coordinates are logged so that when you playback your footage on your mobile device or Mac/PC, you will be able to see a simultaneous map view of your driven route. The location of every video is displayed on a map next to the dash cam footage.