Dash Cam Buyers Guide

                                                                                                           All the information a new dash cam enthusiast needs

New to Dash Cams? Start Here.

If you want to learn more about dash cams or need help deciding on which to purchase, then this guide is for you. We’ve spelled it out so you can become a dash cam expert yourself. Keep reading to get familiar with all the features and benefits our dah cams offer. These are the topics most discussed with our customers when they reach out for assistance. 

Dash cams are extremely useful, versatile, and can be helpful in many different types of situations. From daily driving to ridesharing for Uber/Lyft and even to fleet management.

Rexing has an extensive line of dash cams and we hope this guide can point you in the right direction.

Dash Cam Basics

What is a Dash Cam? Why Every Vehicle Needs One

A dashboard camera equips your vehicle with the ability to record everything as you drive. Dash cams are helpful tools for everything from documenting car accidents to creating a scenic road-trip time lapse.

You get the ultimate peace of mind knowing that if anything happens to your vehicle, you’ll have proof. 

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What are the Basic Features of a Dash Cam? 

Our dash cams come complete with a set of basic features. This allows your camera to run smoothly and get the job done without much work required on your end. 

This article breaks down the basic features you can take advantage of including auto-start, loop recording, and more.

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What are the Premium Features of a Dash Cam? 

We have dash cams to fit your every need and your budget. From basic to advanced models the differences between them come down to their functionalities.

Are you considering spending a bit more to utilize high-end features? We’ll help break down why premium dash cams are worth the investment.

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The Features

Parking Mode 

Parking mode gives you 24/7 protection over your vehicle. We have dash cams to fit your every need and your budget. 

When your car is parked and turned off, the camera will enter parking mode. In parking mode, the camera will turn on and start recording if it senses motion or impact

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Wi-Fi + App Control 

Dash cam Wi-Fi is for transferring from your camera to your smartphone. With the use of our mobile app, Rexing Connect, you can easily access footage from your phone or tablet. 

App Control makes transferring, viewing, managing, and sharing your files fast, easy, and convenient. 

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GPS Logger 

A GPS logger uses a navigation system to detect your vehicle’s speed and location and stamps your footage with this information along the recorded route.  

Accurate details on speed and location makes for highly-credible and clear footage. 

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