5 Reasons You Should Own a DashCam

Why buy a Dash Camera?

You’re a good driver. You don’t speed, run red lights or use your cell phone. Hit and runs are very common and insurance companies specialize in denying claims. Get into a minor or major accident and expect the other party to lie to the police or better yet, flee. Since your insurance won’t pay unless the offender is found and sued, you’ll be at fault. Our Dash Cameras don’t just capture accidents, but anything that you see happening on the road.

A dashboard camera, or car camera is a camera that is fixed on your windshield or dashboard and is continuously recording everything that happens during driving. Now that Dash Cameras are more affordable and a hot-sale car accessory, more and more people including police officers, bus drivers, taxi drivers and private car owners choose to install such an item in the vehicle. In the United States, police have been using dash cams for decades to record evidence at traffic stops.

Now the technology has begun to catch on among civilians!

If you are planning to purchase a car dash camera, there are different types available for your choice. You can select a basic Dash Camera with many capabilities and features, or you can select the dual car dash camera, which usually have a front and a rear camera and can shoot a much wider range of vision. Some advanced version of the cameras with GPS logger are also available for your choice, which can simultaneously record the driving speed and track routes.

Evidence of an Accident

During an accident, a Dash Camera will provide real proof of what took place. No need to worry about the other party changing their story when police arrive.

The following video shows a simple accident where the person who caused the accident tried to blame the victim. Without the dash cam, the victim would have no way to defend himself.

Insurance Fraud

There are some unscrupulous people who will purposely cause an accident then blame the other party. They may try to extort money from the victim or fake injuries to collect payment from insurance companies.

The following video shows someone backing into another vehicle on a busy highway, then attempting to extort $500 from the victim. Without the dash camera, he would have been out $500 plus damage to his vehicle.

Report Bad Drivers

With roads getting busier, the number of bad drivers keeps increasing, especially in large cities. Anyone can easily become a victim and be put in danger. Video evidence from a dash cam can be used to report drunk drivers, distracted drivers, dangerous drivers and road rage incidents. Many jurisdictions have programs in place to report bad drivers. Our dash camera video provides real proof of what happened.

The following video is an example of a road rage incident.

Parking Protection

Some of our Dash Cameras feature a parking mode which records when your car is parked, turning your Dash Camera into a surveillance system! If someone hits your car and drives away, you will have evidence of a hit and run.

The following video shows a hit and run captured with a dash cam’s parking mode.

Vehicle Abuse and Misuse

Do you ever worry about other people driving your car? Whether you’re lending your car to your kids, friend or dropping it off at a valet or mechanic, you will know exactly where your car was and how it was treated. We carry Dash Cameras with built-in GPS which records street routes and speed.

Find out what happens when you leave your keys to a valet or mechanic with date, time, GPS coordinates, vehicle speed and direction. You can easily save and view your car’s driven routes with Google Maps™. If you have friends or kids that drive your car, you can also track how smooth they are driving with built-in G-Sensor feature.

Why Rexing Dash Cam?

Our Dash Cams also saves all video data to a SD/microSD Memory Card. What’s better, they support cyclic recording, so you don’t need to worry about the issue of memory run out. You can easily export video files to your computer and view them later. Some of our Motion Detection cameras are capable of recording while the vehicle is turned off.

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