Are you in need of a simple dash cam set-up that covers all sides? Well, look no further! We’ve designed an all-in-one 4-Channel dash cam, for the perfect 360° solution.

The Rexing R4

We often receive questions about the best dash cam set-up to cover all sides. So, we designed the R4, one unit with four channels that gives you a surround view for monitoring your vehicle and eliminating all blind spots. 

Our goal with the R4 is to provide the easiest way to achieve front, rear, cabin, left and right coverage. 

With this setup, you get a combined 360-degree view range – nothing’s going to be missed for sure!

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4-Channels W/ 1080p Resolution

Four channels each w/ 1080p resolution ensures that you get the maximum benefit from owning a dash cam.

The R4 simultaneously records your front, rear, left and right view as you drive for the ultimate coverage. You’ll be sure to have the upper hand in the event of a road incident. 

Getting side swiped on an interstate is something that often gets overlooked due to lack of evidence. However, with cameras recording what’s happening on both sides of your vehicle, you’ll have the protection you need to hold reckless drivers accountable for their wrongdoing.

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A Fully Customizable Experience

The R4 gives you the ability to customize your viewing experience. 

The two side cameras can rotate 180°, giving you the control you need to set-up your view for flawless video coverage. 

The rotable side cameras also give you the option to face your cabin view as well (which can be especially helpful for ridesharing drivers).


CPL Filter (Optional) 

To provide the best experience possible, we designed a special CPL filter just for the R4. 

The CPL filter eliminates glares caused by windscreen reflections, sun rays, streetlights, and headlights. So that your camera can pick up valuable details such as license plate numbers, and street signs.

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Parking Mode & Collision Detection 

The R4 comes with all the important features you’re looking for in a premium dash cam. 

Parking mode gives you around-the-clock protection. Your camera stays alert (without draining your car battery) even when your vehicle is parked and turned off.

The dash cam will switch from normal recording mode to parking mode without any manual intervention! 

Collision detection provides an easy way to safe store footage. 

when an impact is detected the current recording will automatically save as an emergency file to a separate event folder so that it’s easy to find and safe from overwriting.


Built-in GPS Logger & Wi-Fi Plus App Control 

The GPS Logger tracks your vehicle’s speed and location as you drive for viewing during playback with use of the Rexing GPS player.

This information can be especially useful in disputing a speeding ticket or proving your whereabouts. 

The camera’s Wi-Fi is for use with our compatible mobile app “Rexing Connect.” After downloading the app on your smartphone, you can pair with your camera to quickly and easily transfer/share footage.

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Supercapacitor, Loop Recording & Ultra Wide Angle Lens

The built-in supercapacitor gives your camera enough power to operate smoothly in parking mode without an external power source and perform well even in extreme climates. 

Loop recording exempts you from having to manually delete footage in order to free up storage space. When your SD reaches capacity, older unlocked footage will automatically get overwritten with the latest footage. 

The 170° ultra wide angle lens provides a full view of the road from every channel.