Dear New Drivers,

Brace yourselves. The roads we know today are much different from the cobblestone streets of the 1800’s. Today our roads are fraught with middle fingers, busted tail lights, sagging bumpers, and obnoxious military vehicles that somehow made the commercial market (i.e. Hummers)

Speed bumps are being used as stunt rails,  stop signs are being treated as yield signs, and yield signs are just a waste of good metal. What used to be the break down lane is now an extra lane to avoid  traffic. What once served as the glorious moderator between road and man is now just a hanging set of over zealous lights. Our road rules are not being followed, and as a result, a lot of good drivers are getting injured.

But worry not young driver. Your actions on the road can shape the future of driving. You can spearhead a generation of safe drivers…just by sitting behind the wheel.

Here are some standard Rexing Rules that you should follow while driving:









That’s about it. We hope you drive safely and we will update more of our #REXINGRULES as they come to mind.


Thank you,

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