Dear Rexing Dash Cam Users,

We are excited to announce this year’s black Friday sale! The sale will take place on Amazon on 11/25/2016. Everyone is eligible to participate.

Here are the details you need to know:

OFFER: 20% off our Rexing model V1 

Start Date


12:00am EST 
End Date
11:59pm PST
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Use the claim code on Amazon for this one time offer.

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The V1 is a great gift for friends, family, and car drivers alike. It serves as a roadside eye witness for all car drivers. With 200 million vehicles on the road, there is no telling what your cam will capture. If you are unfamiliar with dash cams, no worries! We have a complete guide that highlights the important uses that a dash cam fulfills. There are so many reasons to get a dash cam. Users love the versatility of our cams. Some customers have used our cams to capture the pristine beauty of Fall.  Others use our dash cams to guarantee video evidence of insurance fraud.  Dash cams fill a niche for any gadget gurus out there who keep up to date on burgeoning technology. Your loved one will also appreciate the sense of security that a dash cam provides on the road.

Our V1  is the #1 best selling dash cam on the Amazon market! With over 3,000 reviews, we are highly backed by customer satisfaction. We also offer a dedicated customer service department available during the week to help customers with any questions or concerns.

This holiday season, take advantage of our 1 time Black Friday Offer!