Steps to troubleshoot your dash cam:

    1. Restore your unit to factory settings and format the memory card. Instructions regarding your camera’s reset and format functions can be found in your product’s user manual, which is shipped with your product, but can also be found in our downloads section.
    2. Update to the latest firmware for your camera.

If the above procedures don’t help with your problem, please check the troubleshooting FAQ below for additional suggestions.

Troubleshooting FAQ

Why does my dash cam turn off a few seconds after I disconnect from a power source?

Our dash cams are designed to be connected to a power source while recording. You need to use the included 12V car power cable or a compatible hardwire kit to provide power. The internal battery is only meant for emergency situations.


Why am I having trouble inserting the memory card?

If you aren’t able to insert the card with your fingers, try using a coin to push the memory card until the card locks into place.


Why does my dash cam stop recording after a few minutes?

First, please make sure Loop Recording is on. If Loop Recording is on and you still encounter problems, there may be an issue with your memory card. In this case, please try a different SDHC/SDXC class 10 memory card.


On my unit, the screen is black but the OK button is blue and I can’t seem to get it to power on. What do I do?

There may be an issue with your firmware. Please visit our firmware section to learn how to update your firmware.


Why does my unit keep rebooting?

Your dash cam battery may be depleted. Try using a different power source.


Why can’t I play back one of my last recordings?

Most likely there was an error writing the header information to the file, which can be caused by a sudden battery failure. If you have an important file that appears to be corrupted and can’t be played back, please send an email with your file to and we will do our best to try and recover your footage.


I’m encountering an error message when I use a new memory card with my dash cam. What do I do?

Please use the dash cam to format the memory card. Press the MENU button twice, and use the MIC button to scroll down to Format. Use the video below as a reference.