Most of the dash cam brands you find online do not have ANY customer service. If you run into a technical issue, they leave you in the dark. Many of our customers have complained about this after purchasing other brands and being unsatisfied.

How is Rexing different?

We offer more than several different channels to communicate with our customers.

Phone – Customers are given the opportunity to contact us via telephone and speak with a live representative Mon-Fri during regular working hours. Representatives are trained in technical support and are able to answer all of your questions regarding any issue.  (203-800-4466)

Email – We have a 24 hour response policy. Send an email to and we will get back to you withing 24 hours.

Social Media – Our social media page on Facebook has a messenger app installed, with which customers can use to contact us with all their questions and concerns.

Website – Our website ( has a feedback section with a 24 hour response policy as well.

Amazon reviews – We respond to all negative reviews in the comment section to insure that our customers’ experiences are always positive.

Amazon Questions – Finally, customers are encouraged to pose questions on Amazon. This method is very helpful and useful for our customers and brand. We answer the questions daily.

Having a strong customer service initiative makes us different from other brands. Our customer feedback rating is through the roof. In a recent survey we conducted online, 99% of our customers were satisfied, or more than satisfied with our service.