There has been some confusion recently regarding the internal battery on Rexing products. We feel the need to clarify the ambiguity.

Some users are getting frustrated because their cameras internal batteries are only lasting 5-10 minutes on full charge. The internal battery life of the Rexing Dash cam is intended for emergency use only, so it is perfectly normal if your battery only lasts 5-10 minutes on its own.

Lets explain – A dash camera cannot operate entirely on an internal battery. If this were the case, you’d need to be very diligent in charging it and making sure it was fully charged for every car trip you took. This is risky because lets say you accidentally forgot to charge your dash cam, then what? Then you may miss important footage on the road. For these reasons, we strongly recommend keeping the dash cam plugged into the cigarette lighter at all times, or manually hard wiring it.

The internal battery of the camera is only used in case of emergency. It allows the camera 5-10 minutes of recording time after being disconnected (e.g. being dislodged after an accident)

We hope this clears up some misconceptions about the internal battery life. Please keep the dash cam plugged in at all times!


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