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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of memory card do I need for recording?

The M2 requires a micro SD memory card with a Class 10 / UHS-I or higher speed rating. The camera supports cards up to 256GB. It’s also important that the memory card you choose is built for dash cam use, which is why we specifically recommend cards which have that designation. Please check our latest card recommendations for help choosing a card.

How many hours of recording can I get with both cameras?

At dual-channel FHD (1080p + 1080p) resolution, you can get approximately 5 hours of recordings to a 64GB micro SD card before it begins looping over the oldest unlocked files.

How do I view my recordings?

To play back your videos on the camera, you can use the Playback Mode. To view videos on your computer or mobile device, remove the memory card with your recordings from the camera, then access them on your device using a card reader. For more details, please check out the section of the manual titled “Playback”.

How does the rear camera record?

The rear camera is powered through its connection to the front camera unit. Video from the rear camera is saved to the same location on the memory card used in the front camera.

How does the camera function in hot climates?

The M2 is intended to operate in temperatures up to 140°F.

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