New Rear Camera

Hello Folks!

We are excited to announce another big stride in the world of Rexing. We are introducing a new weather proof camera for the V1P!

As you may or may not know, our V1P model is a long standing favorite here at Rexing. It was crafted in line with the V1 design but it comes with a few modifications; the major one being, it has a rear camera!

Since the V1P has gained so many positive reviews this year, we deemed it appropriate to give it an award:

best rear dash cam 2016

Congratulations V1P for winning an award that we made up.

We want to thank all our customers for their reviews, and their business. We take customer feedback seriously! That’s why, after receiving valued input from our customers, we took their suggestions and released a weather proof camera! So many customers came to us requesting a weather proof rear camera that they could mount on the exterior of their vehicles, so we went out and got it!

With that in mind, we would like to award our customers for their service and intelligence with another award we came up with: “The 2016 Best Customers In The World”

Rexing proudly proclaims this years winner of the Best Customers In The World Award to be: YOU

best customers in the world

That’s right! Go get an ice cream!

Now, without further ado, here are the LEAKED photos of the new weather proof camera!!

waterproof cam    Oooooo!!

weatherproof cam     Ahhhhhhh!!!

So sleek!  So contemporary!

Whats New?

With the advent of this technology, we anticipate our customers will have a variety of questions concerning the functionality of this new installment. Hopefully we can answer some of your questions preemptively in this post.

Our new rear camera works identically to the previous one.

Your rear display will be visible in a medium sized box on the left hand side of your screen:


The “1080P +VGA” refers to the resolution of your front facing camera + your rear camera. If you are not familiar with camera resolution, 1080P is a high definition resolution that will produce crisp images for videos. VGA stands for Video Graphics Array (VGA), and is not as good as 1080P. But this is OK! The rear camera is designed to consider context on the road, not necessarily detail!

But, don’t be fooled, the rear camera image is still very stellar considering the resolution is lower than the front facing camera.

You can go through your MENU and select “Drawing After Mirror”

Drawing after mirror will  flip your image so it is not mirrored. We recommend you have this setting enabled.

In addition to the standard Rexing features, the V1P comes with a Dual Record option that will toggle your rear camera on and off.

Also, be sure to download the expert firmware if you want the parking monitor and motion detection features.

The Benefits Of A Rear Camera

A rear camera ensures that you will have video footage of every incident that happens on the road behind your car. Coupled with the front camera, the rear camera serves as an excellent addition to your security on the road.

Time and time again we hear horror stories of drivers who were reluctant to get a dash cam installed on their cars. “If only I had a dash cam” – a phrase we hear too often at Rexing. We know the reliability and performance of our dash cam is the best for its value, which is why we are so passionate about bringing our dash cams to drivers!



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