Parking mode is the latest feature to come in a firmware update to the Rexing V1 and V1P. When parking mode is enabled, the dash cam will perform as usual, but when a collision is detected, even with the camera in sleep mode, the camera will turn on and begin recording a 20 second video clip, which it will then lock securely to prevent overwriting.

You can find and enable this setting in the Video Menu, the function is called “Parking Monitor”. Enable this to have the camera automatically enter parking mode whenever it is shut down, which happens after 10 seconds of power being removed by default.

We’re glad to offer this highly-requested feature as an addition to the latest firmware of the V1 and V1P. To download the latest firmware, use this link to access the firmware download tool. To learn how to update your firmware, make sure you follow these instructions for updating firmware.

Until next time!

– Rexing