Rexing P2 FHD Body Camera 1080p Full HD With Type-C Port

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2” Display | Record Video, Audio & Pictures | Infrared Night Vision | Police Panic Mode | 3000 mAh Battery | 10HR Battery Life | Waterproof | Shockproof | Lightweight Wearable Camera | 8x Digital Zoom | 170 Degree Lens | Memory Card Up To 128GB | Type-C Port 


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  • 1080P FHD & Infrared Night Vision - Enjoy Full HD recording capabilities and rest assured during the nighttime with high-intensity infrared LEDs that you will capture clear footage up to 50 feet away in pitch-black darkness.
  • Type-C Port - This port type allows for faster data transfer speeds as well as faster charging compared to older USB standards. This means you can quickly offload recorded footage to a computer or other device for review, editing, or storage.
  • Increased Storage Capacity - Supports up to 128GB memory capacity meaning the body camera can store a significant amount of footage before requiring data management. This is particularly important for longer recording sessions or when access to a computer or external storage is limited.
  • Extended Recording Time - With a 128GB memory capacity, the body camera can record for longer periods without needing frequent file transfers or memory card replacements.
  • Password Protected - Set a password for your body camera to avoid unwanted eyes getting to your footage. Can ONLY be deleted by connecting to the computer via USB Cable.
  • Panic Mode - Further, protect yourself with features such as Police Panic Mode with one button press which plays a loud audible siren sound and flashes light.
  • Ultra-Compact Design - 2” High-Quality LCD screen packed inside a lightweight body camera with a 170° ultra-wide-angle lens. IP67 WATERPROOF and solid SHOCKPROOF materials offers awesome water and shock resistance
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High Resolution – Crisp 1080p FHD resolution captures highly detailed footage and supports 8x digital zoom stellar up-close shots. Infrared night vision captures crystal clear footage with color realistic details in low-light conditions or in complete darkness. 

Efficient Charging – Type-C ports support faster charging, allowing you to recharge the body camera more quickly between uses, reducing downtime and ensuring it’s ready for the next recording session.


Continuous Recording – The ample up to 128GB storage capacity makes it easier to set the body camera to continuous recording mode without worrying about running out of storage space too quickly.

P1 long battery life proof

Emergency Situations – Password protection adds an extra layer of security to the body camera’s recorded footage and settings, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information. Panic mode allows the user to trigger an emergency alert. This can be crucial in situations where immediate assistance is needed.

Ultra-Lightweight – The lightweight design of the body camera makes it more comfortable to wear for extended periods, reducing fatigue and discomfort among users. It has a low profile appearance that helps in avoiding distractions during interactions with the public.

P1 long battery life proof
P1 long battery life proof

Introducing our advanced body camera, equipped with cutting-edge features to enhance your security and recording needs. With its 1080p FHD resolution and Infrared Night Vision capabilities, you can capture clear and detailed footage even in low-light environments. The 128GB memory capacity ensures ample storage space for your recordings, allowing you to document crucial moments without interruption. The 8x digital zoom enables you to focus on specific details, while the added password protection ensures your data remains secure. Whether for law enforcement, security personnel, or personal use, our body camera offers exceptional clarity, night vision capabilities, and user-focused security features, making it a valuable tool for various scenarios.

4 reviews for Rexing P2 FHD Body Camera 1080p Full HD With Type-C Port

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It should have come with a suction cup for the vehicle if it can double as a dash cam, also feel it’s a bit bulky for the small tinny clip it comes with, and the shoulder clip should be labeled for what it is, and maybe provide a magnet option for wearing on person. The charging cable should be updated to both ends being Type C connection ends.

  2. Timothy (verified owner)

    The only complaint is in the description it said it can see 50′ in pitch black in IR mode, it actually can see maybe 5′ in pitch black, a little farther if you have white walls around you or are in an enclosed space. If you turn up the exposure and have street lights the IR will show 100′ in good night lighting. I bought this to gather evidence of someone harassing and stalking me and it is working well for that.

  3. Jackie Rest (verified owner)

  4. Jackie Rest (verified owner)

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