Woodlens H1

An introduction

Fast as lightning

The H1 is primed to capture even the most evasive subjects. The body is equipped with 3 motion sensors total, giving it a 120° field of view. This allows for ultra-quick trigger times of just 0.2 seconds after detecting motion.

Eye for detail

The HD camera sensor allows up to 16 megapixel photos and 1080p video to be captured without delay.

Media can be captured in several modes, including a simultaneous video + photo mode. Time-lapse and shot timer functions also give you the freedom to customize when, where, and how the camera operates.

Always watching

No amount of light, or lack thereof, can limit the camera from recognizing motion. The IR flash triggers instantly upon recognizing motion, illuminating subjects up to 65 feet away.

Built to last

Due to intelligent power-saving features, the camera can last up to 16 months on 8x AA batteries.

The IP66 waterproof design and temperature resistance up to 140°F allows the camera to operate unfazed through almost any climate. The device can even be password-protected and secured with a lock to prevent unwanted access.

How to Use It

Get the most out of your camera.

Track Wildlife

Monitor various forms of wildlife activity around your choice of trail, hunting grounds, or garden.

Capture Scenery

Secure your camera to a vantage point to document the vast beauty of nature as it appears all year round.

Protect Your Home

Ensure that you and your loved ones are kept safe by recording motion activity inside or outside of your home.

Enhance Security

Keep a constant eye on important properties, such as your personal office or storage unit.


The fine details of the camera.

Image Sensor



2.4 inch, 4:3 LCD

Weather Resistance

IP66 Protection

Video Resolution

1920×1080 25fps / 1280×720 30fps / 720×480 30fps / 640×480 30fps / 320×240 30fps


108° FOV, f3.3 aperture

Flash Type

IR Flash, up to 65ft (20m) range


8x AA (not included)

Photo Resolution

16MP / 12MP / 5MP / 3MP

Motion Sensing

120° detection angle, 3 sensors (1 front + 2 side), up to 65ft (20m) detection range

Storage Temperature

-4°F to 140°F

Memory Requirement

Class 6 or higher Micro SD card (up to 32GB)

File Format

Video – AVI, Photo – JPG

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