This past year, our best selling dash cam has been the V1. The V1 is currently the best selling dash cam on Amazon, and it has the best customer reviews. Though we love our V1 dearly, sometimes we feel that she steals the spotlight from the other suitors on the market. The F9  is great example of a product that does not get the attention it deserves!

That is why we feel it is necessary to reintroduce one of the classics: The F9.

Enter F9

A sleek roadside companion with a modern edge.

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This thrifty third eye fits snugly above your dashboard completely hidden behind the upper tint of your window.


Woah! Look at that landscape!



Benefits Of F9

Though the functionality of the F9 does not differ drastically from the V1, it is still a vastly different dash cam style. The F9 is a conservative design, while the V1 is for users who are more clandestine.

The F9 comes with a suction mount, and an adhesive mount. We recommend using either or!



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