Rexing Connect App Troubleshooting Guide

Note: This blog post has been updated to demonstrate the use of the Rexing Connect app

With our latest generation of dash cams, we have implemented Wi-Fi functionality which allows you to view your recordings and send them to your mobile device using our Rexing Connect app interface. The Rexing V1 3rd Generation, V1P 3rd Generation, V1P Pro, V2, and F10 all possess this capability. To learn how this feature can be used with your device, check out the videos below.

Written Tutorial

Applies to either system

1.) If you using an Android phone, please make sure to select the “Keep Wi-Fi connection” after connect to the dash cam Wi-Fi:



2.) If experiencing any issues in regards to viewing live footage and videos from the camera on the app: 

Please make sure to turn Mobile Data off ( Android ) or cellular data off ( iPhone ) before connecting to the app. 


3.) If the camera turns off or reboots when connecting to the Wi-Fi Connect portion on the App:

Please make sure you are using the Rexing Cigarette Lighter Charger or Hardwire Kit to power the device and not the USB cable. 

Also keep the Mobile Data off ( Android ) or Cellular data off ( iPhone ) before connecting to the Rexing Connect App.

4.) If the Wi-Fi icon is frozen and wont update on the camera’s screen:

Please try upgrading the firmware to the current version.

5.) If you receive the following message “Please connect the network to update Codec Library, it will take 1KB” when connecting to the Rexing connect app:

Please turn your phone’s data on or connect to your home Wi-Fi to update the app by tapping confirm. You can turn your data off after the update and connect to the Rexing connect app.

6.) If you cannot see the SSID ( Network name ) in the Wi-fi settings:

Please try to physically move to another location as there can be Wi-fi interference at that spot.

*If you are experiencing any other issues or cannot get your problem resolved please contact our live customer support team at

NOTE: Although we suggest using your Rexing connect App as we have a thriving community of dash cam video users, you can also try downloading a 3rd party app called Timacam which is also supported by our cameras.

Catch you on our next blog!

– Rexing

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