Rexing V1-4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam with Wi-Fi

2.4″ LCD Screen | 170° Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder with G-Sensor | WDR | Loop Recording | Supercapacitor | Mobile App | 256GB Supported

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  • 4K Video Resolution - With 4K resolution V1 Dash camera can shoot exquisite and clear images with rich color and high-contrast performance. The dashcam captures the license plates clearly even while driving fast or in low light conditions.
  • 170 DEGREE ULTRA WIDE ANGLE LENS & WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE - With its 170-degree ultra-wide-angle lens, you can mount the camera nearly anywhere and still capture the entirety of the road. The camera automatically adapts by fine-tuning the exposure of the camera to create balanced images and footage.
  • SUPERCAPACITOR & PARKING MONITOR - The dashcam uses a supercapacitor that can withstand extreme temperatures from -20 to 176°F, which prevents the risk of overheating, extends the life span and reliability of the camera. With the parking monitor feature, the dash camera will automatically turn on and record when the car camera detects vibration OR the dashcam will capture frames for a time-lapse video 24/7. Please connect the smart hardwire kit to activate the parking mode.
  • WIFI CONNECT - View, save and share dash cam recordings wirelessly on your mobile device with the use of an app interface.
  • LOOP RECORDING AND G-SENSOR - Video can be recorded in 1 or 3-minute intervals. When the storage limit is reached on the memory card, new recordings will automatically overwrite the oldest recordings. Supports high-endurance micro SD memory cards up to 256GB in memory size. When the built-in gravity sensor detects a collision, the current video is locked, ensuring important footage is kept protected. Locked videos will be kept safe from being overwritten.
  • Optional GPS - Playback your video using the comprehensive GPS Logger software interface to see real-time information about your speed, location, and more. Location is displayed within the application using Google Maps. (Need purchase separately. ASIN: B01AKH377A)
  • Absolutely Trustworthy: Certified by FCC, CE, RoHS (FCC ID: 2AW5W-V1)
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4K Video Resolution

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Discreet Design and High Temperature Resistance

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Built-in Wi-Fi

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24-Hour Parking Monitor

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Loop Recording and Gravity Sensor

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170 Degree Ultra Wide Angle Lens and WDR

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Optional GPS

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Rexing is an American startup from Connecticut with Headquarters in New York. We design, test and manufacture our devices to guaranty reliability and longevity of all products.

Card Requirements

Class 10 / UHS-I or higher MicroSD/SDHC/SDXC memory card up to 256GB (not included).

Card Recommendations

  • Kingston Canvas Go! Plus MicroSD
  • Kingston Canvas React Plus MicroSD
  • SanDisk High Endurance MicroSD

NOTE: Please don’t use SanDisk Ultra cards with our cameras.

Kindly Reminder

  • Please format SD card on your camera directly. Before you start using a new memory card, you must format the card within the camera using the format function.
  • The built in super capacitor is just for emergency file backup, please always keep the dash cam plugged in.
  • The car USB port may not support enough power for the dash cam, please use the car charger that comes with the dash cam, or Rexing Smart hardwire kit (Sold separately).
  • We are constantly improving our products through firmware updates.
  • Absolutely Trustworthy: Certified by FCC, CE, RoHS
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Package Contents
  • Rexing V1 Dash Camera
  • In-car power cable (12ft)
  • 3M adhesive mount
  • USB computer cable
  • User manual

Optional Accessories

  • Rexing Suction Cup Mount for V1
  • Rexing GPS Logger for V1, V2, V1 3rd Gen, V1P 3rd Gen, V3 Basic, V2 Pro 
  • Rexing Smart Hardwire Kit Mini-USB port for V1, V1P, V3 

V1 basic

V1 basic

71A2bzotBL. AC SL1500


main image 1




V1P Pro Main image2

V1P Pro



Max Video Resolution 1080p 2160p 4K 4K+1080p





Camera Type Front Front Front Front + Rear Front + Rear Front + Inside
Rear Camera Support
GPS Logger Support Optional Optional Built-in Optional Built-in Built-in
Battery Type Built-in Battery Super Capacitor Super Capacitor Super Capacitor Super Capacitor Super Capacitor
Storage Support Up to 256GB MicroSD Card Support Up to 256GB MicroSD Card Support Up to 256GB MicroSD Card Support Up to 256GB MicroSD Card Support Up to 256GB MicroSD Card Support Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
Lens 170° 170° 170° 170° + 170° 170° + 170° 170° + 170°
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