Smart Connect Steps


                                                                Setting Steps For Smart Connect

Step 1

Make your dash cam connect to Internet (Note: You can connect both Wi-Fi or 4G Mobile Network )


Step 2

Download the app “CarAssist” on your phone

Step 3

Press the CarAssist buttom on the right corner of home page on your S800


Step 4

Press the Me buttom first, and you will see the Device Management button. Click the Device Management button to use Scan Device 

Step 5

Use your phone to scan the QR Code on the screen of S800

Step 6

Enable the SoftAP to connect your phone and S800

Step 7

Press the Monitor buttom and you will see the “Take Picture” buttom and the “Take Video” buttom. Use these functions to remote control your S800 dash cam to take photos or videos. And you can check them on the Phone Files Section

Step 8

You can activate the management of your device through this link