Squirtle Caught In Attempted Auto Insurance Fraud

Pokemon Go Dashcam

A semi-rare water Pokemon was recently caught throwing himself in front of a car to receive fraudulent auto insurance claims. Thankfully, the Rexing dash camera caught him in the act, thus saving the driver thousands of dollars!

Ok, that was a bit of a hyperbole. Obviously Pokemon characters only exist virtually in our world through the Pokemon app. But recent data suggests auto insurance fraudsters are on the rise. Bankrate.com provides data that states 1 in 3 claims made in NYC are fraudulent!

It can happen to any of us. The guaranteed way to preventĀ auto insurance fraud is to have video evidence. Video evidence is hardly disputable. Rexing products provide high quality video performance to capture every detail on the road. With a Wide Dynamic Range that compensates footage in low light situations, and manual exposure settings that can be adjusted to fit the atmosphere, the Rexing dash cam guarantees quality video.

Whats more is the GPS logger that tracks location and speed. The Rexing dash cam, coupled with the GPS logger, provides indisputable video evidence that will protect you against insurance fraudsters. The Rexing Dash cam is a excellent safeguard that can save you thousands of dollars in the future.

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