Dash cams are a great way to protect yourself in the event of an accident, but your vehicle doesn’t escape risk once you’ve parked it. If someone tries to break into your car when it’s off, you’ll need that video. Rexing’s Parking Monitor will activate to capture any important activity happening around your vehicle when it’s parked.

To use the Parking Monitor, Rexing customers just need to connect a Rexing Smart Hardware Kit, available soon through retailers and the Rexing website. Once connected, you can choose between G-Sensor and Time Lapse mode, letting you choose to either record only in the event of an impact or capture time-lapse video of everything that happens. Rexing’s Parking Monitor stands out from competitors in some very important ways.

How It Works

Rexing customers simply need to purchase the hardware kit, which connects to your vehicle’s fuse to provide power. Once connected, you’ll need to do a quick configuration to make sure your Parking Monitor works the way you prefer.

You can choose from two very different Advanced Parking Modes with Parking Monitor: 

  • G-Sensor—This mode uses a gravity sensor to detect any impact to the vehicle. If your car experiences a collision, the camera will automatically wake up and begin to record. It will record and save the next 20 seconds of activity. This video clip will be protected from being overwritten, ensuring you’ll have it on hand as long as you need it. 
  • Time Lapse—In this mode, the camera records at specific time intervals, saving the video in a space-saving format. 

There are pros and cons with each method. G-Sensor mode will keep your camera in power saver mode until any activity to the vehicle is detected, which is easier on your battery than Time Lapse mode. However, your battery will be protected by the low voltage protection built into the hardware kit. If your battery charge drops below 11.6V, your dash cam will automatically shut down. Time Lapse mode is beneficial because it captures all activity around your car, even when an impact isn’t detected. 

The Benefits of Parking Monitor 

Although Rexing isn’t the only dash cam offering parking monitoring, the Smart Hardware Kit does put it well above competitors. The smart hardwire kit has low voltage protection that protects your battery against being fully drained. The two options also make the Parking Monitor unique. With other brands, you’ll find your memory card is quickly filled up. Whether you choose G-Sensor or Time Lapse mode, you’ll find that you get the protection you need without having to worry about running out of space. 

If you’re looking for a dash cam that protects you whether you’re driving or parked, the Rexing Parking Monitor is the perfect choice for you. With an additional hardware kit and a few minutes of configuration, you’ll be able to turn your regular dash cam into a parking monitor dash cam, giving yourself the peace of mind of knowing you’re protected.

Currently supporting V1 WiFi Version, V1P WiFi Version and V3 models.