A dash cam is a camera for your car that records the road ahead. Dash cams are helpful tools for everything from documenting car accidents to creating a scenic road-trip timelapse. You get the ultimate peace of mind knowing that if anything happens to your vehicle, you’ll have proof.

What’s a dash cam? 

A dashboard camera mounts to your vehicle and acts as a personal eyewitness on the road. In the event of an accident, you’ll have video evidence to prove who was at fault. 

Drive confidently, knowing if anything happens, you’ll have an exact record of what went down. 

Why are dash cams so in demand? 

More drivers are installing dash cams, given increasing concerns about road safety, quicker insurance claims, and rising vehicle theft. Investing in a dash cam can help save money in the long run–with first-hand evidence–you could save on insurance rates or silly lawsuits. 

Are you thinking “do I really need a dash cam?” Dash cams have many benefits, keep reading to see for yourself!

Life is uncertain 

You can’t predict a road incident, but you can prepare for one. Your driving record may be clear, however not everyone on the road is a good driver, and accidents happen. 

While a dash cam won’t prevent an accident, if one occurs, it will provide an unbiased record of what transpired. Insurance companies and law enforcement welcome dash cam footage as it paints a clear picture of events.  

With reliable evidence, you can protect yourself from unnecessary hassle and nonsense. You don’t need to be seriously injured or your vehicle badly damaged for the blame game to start. 

 It’s always better to stay on the safe side than to have no protective evidence at all.

Scammers & Fraud 

Unfortunately, there are people out there who stage accidents or jump into oncoming traffic to extort money from other drivers and insurance companies. 

In North America alone, auto insurance fraud is estimated to cost taxpayers upwards of $1.6 billion annually. 

Don’t let scammers take advantage of you for something you haven’t done. In a “crash-for-cash” scam, a dash cam can help identify the schemer and the cause of any damage. 

Catch them in the act and save yourself the drama. 

A dash cam can also help save money on unfair driving tickets. If police issue a ticket without proper cause, you might be able to disprove liability in court using video footage.

Theft & Vandalsim

Just because your vehicle is off the road doesn’t mean that it’s safe from harm. Many incidents can occur while you’re away–hit and runs, break-ins, scratches, dents, and more. 

It can be extremely frustrating to return to your vehicle and find damage that wasn’t there before. Car alarms are deterring but they rarely stop “smash-and-grab” break-ins. 

Most dash cams are designed with parking mode to provide around-the-clock peace of mind. That means if something happens while your vehicle is turned off, you’ll still get video surveillance. 

Don’t be left guessing, a dash cam can help you keep an eye on your unattended vehicle.

A Solution for Many Drivers

Anyone can take advantage of the protective features of a dash cam. Whether you rent or own one, a vehicle is a valuable asset that must be safeguarded. 

Do you own a motorcycle?

Are you the parent of a new driver?

Do you share a car? 

Are you a Uber/Lyft driver? 

Do you manage a fleet? 

Whatever your concern is, we can help you find a camera that fits your specific needs.

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