A Dash Cam is a small, palm sized camera that fits snugly on the dashboard, or windshield of your car. Hence the name “Dash” cam. Our brand is mounted on the windshield, and it is positioned to face the road. Our cameras are designed to record the road constantly. The footage is stored onto a micro SD card, and can be played back on the camera screen, or on the computer. Our loop recording feature maximizes the storage used in your SD card, while also ensuring that you don’t miss any important events on the road.

There are many benefits to owning a Dash Cam. One major benefit is the prevention of insurance fraud. Insurance fraudsters run rampant in the U.S, scamming vulnerable drivers across the country to make a living.

In addition to this, Dash Cams also provide video footage of any accidents on the road. The footage captured on the road may be helpful in protecting you, or the people around you from being subject to false or exaggerated claims in a case of an incident. This footage may be helpful in a court. For more info on the use of Dash Cam footage, check out this forum

Finally, some dash cam owners like to use footage for capturing scenic elements for personal use.


Certain specs are crucial for any dash cam. Being a first time user, it may be difficult getting used to utilizing each feature properly. We offer comprehensive guides, FAQs, and walk-throughs, for users to help navigate their cameras.

The very basic settings include:


Loop Record

Time Lapse


Below is a quick and easy illustrated guide to the essentials of Dash Cam photography:

placementg-sensor lens loop-record  resolution


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