With our latest generation of dash cams, we have implemented Wi-Fi functionality which allows you to view your recordings and send them to your mobile device using an app interface. The Rexing V1 3rd Generation, V1P 3rd Generation, V1P Pro, V2, and F10 all possess this capability, and we look to make it an integral feature of our cameras going forward. That being said, it’s very important that you know how to use this feature to get the most out of our latest cameras. This is what we’ll be going over in today’s blog post, step-by-step.

Step 1

With your dash cam powered on, enable the Wi-Fi function. The Wi-Fi name (aka the SSID) and password for the dash cam should be displayed on-screen.

  • V1 3rd Gen: Hold OK button
  • V1P 3rd Gen / V1P Pro: Hold REC button
  • V2: Hold SCREEN button
  • F10: Hold MENU button

Step 2

On your mobile device, navigate to your Wi-Fi settings. Connect to your dash cam’s Wi-Fi by tapping its name when it appears. Enter your dash cam’s Wi-Fi password if you are prompted to do so.

On some Android-based devices, issues with your connection can be solved by disabling mobile data in your settings before attempting to connect.

Note: On some mobile devices, you may have to try to connect more than once. To ensure you’ve successfully connected, your mobile device’s screen should resemble the examples shown.

Step 3

Once you’re connected to the dash cam, open the TimaCam app on your mobile device.

TimaCam on the App Store

TimaCam on the Google Play Store

Step 4

In TimaCam, hit the “Recorder” button to connect to your dash cam, allowing you to access live view and view/download your recordings. To use live view on the V1 3rd Gen, set the resolution to 1440p or lower.

Note: If you disabled your mobile data earlier, make sure to re-enable this after you are finished.

Until next time!

– Rexing