If you are looking for new ways to creep yourself out this Halloween, be sure to check out the Explore With Us YouTube channel.  Explore With Us offers a myriad of unique exploration videos, most of which take place in creepy abandoned military bases.

Not only is the footage creepy…it is also 1080P! That’s because our Rexing V1 is used in all car footage shot in the videos. Explore With Us has taken the V1 to, literally, places where no man has traveled before; caves, abandoned tanks, deserted trailers, etc. This poses a new identify for the V1. Until now our cameras have primarily been used to prevent insurance fraud. But, since customers have been raving about our quality footage, more and more people have been using the V1 for picturing vast landscapes, and documenting scenic beauty on the road.

Dash Cam Quality Footage


Here are some of our favorite scenes taken by Explore With Us on a Rexing V1:

Dash Cam Dash Cam Dash Cam Dash Cam



These pictures illustrate the versatility of the V1. Look at how crisp and detailed the images came out. They almost look like they were taken by a professional grade camera! Notice the color gradients the Wide Dynamic Range picks up in the sky and how the 170 degree lens provides a panoramic view of the entire scene. Rexing. More than a dash cam.

Our V1 is currently available on Amazon, or on our website.



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