Kingston Canvas Go Plus 64GB Micro SD Card

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Kingston Canvas Go Plus 64GB Micro SD Card

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27 reviews for Kingston Canvas Go Plus 64GB Micro SD Card

  1. Jackie Rest (verified owner)

  2. James S. (verified owner)

  3. JOHN HERZBERG (verified owner)

  4. Angel Velez (verified owner)

  5. Wyatt Pollard (verified owner)

  6. Moises Izurieta (verified owner)

  7. Stephanie (verified owner)

    This is was very easy to use.

  8. Gabriele (verified owner)

  9. LEE HUANG (verified owner)

  10. Dale B. (verified owner)

    Looks good. No issues.

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)


  12. Meryll (verified owner)

    Happy for the locked video part

  13. Elisia Geyer (verified owner)

  14. Richard M. (verified owner)

  15. Jeffery O. (verified owner)

    I purchased this card thinking it would help in playing back video and saving video over Wi-Fi to my phone? It made absolutely no difference! The Rexing dash cam works as intended but the playback is arduously slow no matter what card you use . I had a V1P 3rd gen and now V1P 4K using the Go Plus card. The video is good and dash cam functionality works but needs better user friendly interface and playback. The Canvas Go Plus did help with playback on home computer. The Rexing phone help line is not available if you have questions or need information.

  16. James Crocker (verified owner)


  17. Lew (verified owner)

    reasonable priced but would have preferred 128 GB

  18. Luca Moleri (verified owner)

  19. Lawrence B. (verified owner)

  20. Robert P. (verified owner)

  21. Robert P. (verified owner)

  22. Jim Tesseneer (verified owner)

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    You will need higher storage, if you got a high resolution dash cam.

  24. Lawrence j. (verified owner)

    Lots of storage

  25. Renado P. (verified owner)

  26. Showkat Choudhury (verified owner)

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

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