How to Update Firmware - V1 MAX/V1P MAX

  1. On your dash cam, format your memory card using the Format function.
  2. Using a computer, click here to visit the firmware download page, where you can download the latest firmware for your dash cam. Follow the instructions on the page for choosing the correct firmware.
  3. The firmware will be downloaded as a .zip file. Once it’s completed downloading, unzip this file to access all files contained within.
  4. Remove the card from your dash cam and insert it into your computer.
  5. On your computer, move all the firmware files to the root (not inside any folders) of your memory card. Once this is done, you may safely remove the memory card from your computer.
  6. With the dash cam powered off, insert your card back into the dash cam.
  7. HOLD the OK button, power the dash cam on by connecting it to car charger. The dash cam will update automatically. The screen will stay off, but the status light will be active. release the OK button. Updating may take up to a minute to complete.
  8. (IMPORTANT) After updating, format the memory card. This will clear the firmware file from your memory card, preventing issues occurring from repeated firmware installations.
  9. Once the card has been formatted, you may turn off the dash cam by holding the Power Button.

If the update process fails, please click here.

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