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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of memory card do I need for recording?

The V1P requires a micro SD memory card with a Class 10 / UHS-I or higher speed rating. The camera supports cards up to 256GB. It’s also important that the memory card you choose is built for dash cam use, which is why we specifically recommend cards which have that designation. Please check our latest card recommendations for help choosing a card.

How many hours of recording can I get with both cameras?

At Full HD + VGA (1080p + 480p) resolution, you can get approximately 10 hours of recordings to a 64GB micro SD card before it begins looping over the oldest unlocked files.
How do I format the memory card?
To format the memory card, you can use the Format function in the Setup Menu. To do this, first make sure you are not recording. Then, press the MENU button twice to access the Setup Menu. From there, use the MIC button to scroll down to Format. Use this video as a reference.
How do I view my recordings?
To play back your videos on the camera, you can use the Playback Mode. To view videos on your computer or mobile device, remove the memory card with your recordings from the camera, then access them on your device using a card reader. You can also use the included mini-USB computer cable to connect your camera directly to your computer to read the files off the memory card. For more details, please check out the section of the manual titled “Playback”.
Can I record while parked?

To record while parked, use the parking monitor function. If you can’t find this function on the camera, you may need to update to the latest firmware. Check out this guide on how to do so.

How does the camera mount to the car?

The package includes a 3M adhesive pad and a plastic mount piece for the front camera. The 3M pad is used to stick the mount to the windshield. The front camera can then slide down into the mount piece to be secured to the windshield, and can be easily removed from the mount as needed. If you are looking for an alternate mounting option, check out the suction cup mount accessory. For the rear camera, there is a 3M adhesive pad already mounted to the camera, you just need to peel off the sticker and place it to the rear windshield.

How does the rear camera record?

The rear camera is powered through its connection to the front camera unit. Video from the rear camera is saved to the same location on the memory card used in the front camera.

Why is the rear camera image mirrored when I look at it on the display?

By default, the Drawing After Mirror function is enabled to provide a perspective that matches that of a rear view mirror. This makes it easier to comprehend the point of view when using the rear camera as a backup camera. Having this setting enabled will not cause recorded video to be mirrored, only the display will be affected. If you need to disable this setting, you can do so in the Video Menu. Check the manual for more details.

How does the camera function in hot climates?
The V1P is intended to operate in temperatures up to 140°F. While not in use, the storage temperature is rated to 160°F.
What is the internal battery used for?
The V1P is intended to be used while connected to a sustained source of power. The internal battery provides the V1P with the ability to record while disconnected from power, but only for up to a few minutes. For this reason, it is best reserved for emergency situations.

Can I extend the reach of the rear camera cable?

Yes, you can extend the rear camera cable length with the use of a 3.5mm male-to-female extension cable.

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