Rexing Dash Cam Smart Hardwire Kit with GPS Logger, Type-C Hard Wire Kit Fuse Only for R4 Dashcam, Rexing 12V-30V to 5V/2A Type-C Port Charger Power Cord, Gift 8 Fuse Tap Cable and Installation Tool (11.5ft)

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Rexing Dash Cam Smart Hardwire Kit with GPS Logger, Type-C Hard Wire Kit Fuse Only for R4 Dashcam, Rexing 12V-30V to 5V/2A Type-C Port Charger Power Cord, Gift 8 Fuse Tap Cable and Installation Tool (11.5ft)

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  • 24 Hours Surveillance Makes the parking monitor of your dashcam work! Keeps it powered even after the engine is off, protect your car all the time! The vehicle hard-wire kit connected to a car battery or fuse box power can uninterruptedly supply power for the dash camera for 24 hours. It can even supply power when the car is turned off.
  • Low Voltage Protection Built-in Smart low voltage protection system. If the voltage of your car battery drops to 11.8V or 23.5V, the regulator will cut off the power, which leaves you with enough power to start your car the next time.
  • Wide Compatibility Input: 12V-30V; Output: 5V/2A (also fits for 1A); this hardwire kit is compatible with ONLY R4 dash cam, and accepts voltage from any type of vehicle that runs on 12 – 30V.
  • ACC Feature With the ACC detection feature, the dash cam will switch to parking mode automatically if the vehicle engine is off, and switch back to normal recording after the vehicle engine is on.
  • What Will You Get You will get 1 x Type-C hardwire kit,1 x installing crowbar, 8 x fuse tap cable, and 4 x Cable Hiding Clips dash cam hardwire with the most popular fuse types will meet the applications for most car models.
  • With GPS Logger
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55 reviews for Rexing Dash Cam Smart Hardwire Kit with GPS Logger, Type-C Hard Wire Kit Fuse Only for R4 Dashcam, Rexing 12V-30V to 5V/2A Type-C Port Charger Power Cord, Gift 8 Fuse Tap Cable and Installation Tool (11.5ft)

  1. Robert Maciunski (verified owner)

  2. Victor H. (verified owner)

    I haven’t installed this yet.

  3. R. Collins

    IÕm very pleased with this. There have been times IÕve forgotten turn it off and the camera has run all night. But now it cuts off a few seconds after I turn off my truck. Wish I had a Rexing in December when I got hit from behind at a red light

  4. Justin D. (verified owner)

    Has everything you need.

  5. MackÕs Daddy

    First I want to point out a blatant and verifiable inaccuracy of another reviewer, ÒFrankÓ (his review is the one from the first picture listed from the reviews). He gave this a 1-star rating, claiming that Òthis isnÕt a mini fuse kit as it claims, itÕs a micro2 fuse kit, which is bigger.Ó

  6. anonymous Customer


  7. Sean Dowse

    Dose the job

  8. Eric A.

    Perfect Smart wiring Kit for your car

  9. SunFun48

    The price is right and easy to install. This enables park mode to work. Works great with my V14K Rexing after 1 week so far

  10. Brian

    Easy to install no cigarette lighter plug needed

  11. Duane G. Jacobs

    I had to get this in order to use the camera’s “Parking Mode”. It works quite well, and the installation was a little tricky, but I used a YouTube video and I got it right. I recommend this only if you need to use parked vehicle mode of the Rexing dash camera.

  12. MAJED

    The best

  13. Daniel O.

    Outdoor temps got up to 114 this summer (2022). Car is parked in the sun. My Rexing setup worked perfect. Have installed in two different cars, planning on buying again for a third car. I was worried about extreme heat, but the setup works without issues.

  14. mcharron11

    Works perfect

  15. Mike B.

    Very easy install, with the exception they marked the wires wrong. I had to reverse continuous power, with ignition power to make everything work properly . Better quality control on this. The wiring should be marked correctly. If anybody else had got this they would have sent it back thrown it away or forgot about it all together.

  16. steve gordon

    Perfect fit , went in easy

  17. NA

    Easy to use

  18. anonymous Customer

    This item works great. It was professional installed and cost more than the dash cam plus this item itself. I would still recommend it.

  19. david rose

    I have used all three methods, ODB, 12 volt and hardwire, I wish I had bought this from the beginning. I thought it would neuvh harder to install. It took me about 20 minutes to run the cable and hook everything up. I now have the ability for my camera to power on once my truck is turned off. I have not had a problem with it draining my battery when my truck is not running.

  20. Phil

    Kit was easy to use and well thought out. Fit fuse box perfectly for a professional install.

  21. anonymous Customer

    Good product

  22. cpuapprentice

    Great Accessory for the Rex Dash Cam

  23. Victor

    Not too difficult to install if you have some knack with cars. It takes away forgetting to plug in the camera and missing an important incident.

  24. Shelly

    I think so far so good. I got it installed because I was unable to get down to see the fused in my car. It’s seamless. And now I have my Rexing in parking mode. I think I’ll be happy. Thank you.

  25. dez

    I like the simplicity of the set up! If you not a car guy the instructions can easily set you up.

  26. Michael Mc…..

    Great product

  27. Joe

    Every works great

  28. KakLy


  29. Matt Gabriel

    I had it professionally installed. I’m so far happy with the video quality.

  30. Ed

    Hardwire kit made installation simple.

  31. Luadrian

    If you want to use parking mode you need this cable!

  32. anonymous Customer


  33. Steven Palmer

    This is a wiring harness I bought for my rexing camera. It was the recommended unit and it works perfectly as designed. Installation was easy and it runs the camera as it is expected.

  34. Kogo

    If you want to hard wire your Rexing dash cam into your vehicles fuse panel this is a must have item. Comes with a sufficient length of wire which is durable.

  35. Edith

    Quality product

  36. Devo

    Easy to install great product

  37. J. Koons

    This gives the dash camera install a nice, clean, factory-installed look.

  38. USCG Ret.

    I just upgraded one of my dash cameras from Rexing and I wanted to be able to use the parking monitor that captures video if your car is hit in a parking lot.

  39. Jose

    So I bought bthis wire like everyone else. To enable parking mode. This works as described. But if you bump the car the camera won’t turn on… Even if you wire it right. The problem is the camera. If you turn the car off and sit in it awhile. Then tap the camera it will turn on and start recording. The problem is, that the camera doesn’t feel enough of the vibration to start recording. If you slam the door it will record.

  40. Vic

    I installed this in a Cadillac Escalade. The fuse taps did not fit so I cut the ones off that came with it and picked up a pair at auto zone. I can confirm that this turns off the dashcam when the battery reaches a certain level.

  41. Stephen Warnell

    Camera totally great please get a better app to connect to the camera Wi-Fi issues with app I highly recommend the camera sweet.

  42. James E Lynch

    Perfect solution to hard wire your dash cam. Everything you need to get the job done neatly. Only issue you might run into is the fuse tap. Chances are you want have the same size fuses as the tap. So check what your car has and make sure you have the right tap ready to go.

  43. Michael Seymour

    There’s not much to say about this hardwire kit other than it’s absolutely essential if you don’t want wires hanging loose in the cabin of your vehicle. It’s easy to install if you have critical thinking skills. My only complaint is that I wish Rexing would include the hardwire kits with their dashcams.

  44. Chris

    The cable my dashcam came with was too underpowered. Many times on startup it would power itself down. I’d have to check it each time to see if I had to turn it back on. This lasted for 9 months until I finally bought this power line

  45. Shifty

    This Rexing Hardwire Kit worked great for my Rexing V1P Dashcam. It allowed me to bypass the cigarette lighter wiring, and hardwire directly to the fuse box, thus allowing the dashcam to turn on automatically when the car turns on without having to deal with all the wiring and taking up a cigarette lighter spot.

  46. Ryan

    You do t need to be a rocket scientist to install this, you only need to know a little about a cars electrical system. It’s super easy to install. I already had my headliner removed so routing the wires wasn’t as difficult for me but you should definitely install this the same time as your camera (especially if you have the V1P with the rear camera added on).

  47. Dan Henry

    This kit did what it was supposed to, but a few things were tough. You’ll have to figure out the right fuse slots to use for your car, as the kit won’t help with that, obviously, but you can figure it out with a tester and some patience.

  48. R

    Purchased this wiring kit as I wanted my dashcam hard wired into my car. Didn’t really like the 12V plug version and it didn’t look that great

  49. William Chernack

    Dash Cam power cables

  50. Happy Fish

    This is my 6th purchase of this item for our car camera installation. Works great. Highly recommend.

  51. Robert P

    Worked fine. Hardest part was finding contact power and switched power fuses on the block. But even that’s fairly simple if you have a multimeter. Blade fuses have test points on both pre and post sides of the fuse

  52. Adam Altman (verified owner)

    I do not use this yet. Possibly in the future.

  53. Andrew (verified owner)

  54. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent to have the kit included with purchase.

  55. Marty Kobus (verified owner)

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