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4K IR Night Vision Digital Monocular | 4K(2160p) | 8x Digital Zoom | 4000mah Rechargeable Battery | Save Photos & Videos | Travel | Free SD Card Reader & Kingston 32GB Micro SD Card


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  • 4K Digital Monocular - High performance 4K(2160p) resolution digital monocular for videos and images supports you in hunting, hiking, birdwatching, tracking, and all your wildest adventures. Capture all the beauty of nature in full 4K for crisp details and vivid colors.
  • IR Night Vision - See in complete darkness up to a whopping 2300 ft away! Advanced infrared night vision allows you to see nature up close even in the absence of light. No external light source is needed.
  • Digital Zoom - 8x magnification allows you to closely zoom in on far away subjects and see them up close. Good for keeping your view steady as well as wider scenic landscapes and fast-moving subjects.
  • Rechargeable Battery - 4000maH battery can continuously charge for up to 6 hours with one charge. You can rely on this high-powered rechargeable battery to last you all day.
  • Easy & Portable - This premium monocular is easy to use and image viewing/video playback is a breeze on the built-in 4.75” LCD display. The light and compact build is great for traveling and trekking through the wilderness.
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IR Night Vision – View wildlife in complete darkness from up to 2300 ft away! Advanced infrared night vision allows for up-close detail in any level of light. You’ll be able to see all the animals that come out at night from extremely far away, so you can get your perfect shot. 

 4K Resolution – Capture your hunting experience in 2160p @30fps and enjoy bright and crisp images and videos. 4K is the highest level resolution on the market for hunting monoculars. You’ll love the image quality in any light condition. 

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Magnification – You can easily view your surroundings up to 2300 ft away with 8x digital zoom. State of the art digital and optical zoom technology ensures that you will be able to see it all without having to worry about pixelation or unclear details!

Digital Display – A high resolution 4.75” LCD display makes it as convenient as possible to playback footage while out and about. You won’t have to wait until you get home to view how your shot was or if you caught that special animal on tape. 

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Easy to Carry – Our compact hunting monocular is light and portable, so you can take them with you on all your outdoor adventures. Measuring 3×6” the monoculars are small enough to fit in most small to mid-size travel bags. 

Long Lasting Power – 4000mah rechargeable battery can run for up to 6 hours of continuous recording with one charge. Rechargeable batteries are cost effective, energy efficient, and overall easier to utilize. 

Wide Angle Optics – 80×100 monocular telescope delivers a wide field of view free of distortion. A large and comfortable eyepiece makes it easy to rest your eyes against the monocular to get the best view. 

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