Rexing V33 3 Channel 1440p+1440p+1440p Front, Cabin and Rear Camera Dashcam with Built-in Wi-Fi & GPS


Super Night Vision | Car Taxi Dash Cam | Supercapacitor | 2.7” LCD Screen | 170° Wide Angle | Parking Monitor | Free 128GB Memory Card | Free Smart Hardwire kit

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  • 3 Channel All-Around 2k RecordingThe V33 is our best performing front, cabin, and rear-facing dash cam. All three cameras feature 2k resolution(1440p + 1440p + 1440p) for the highest-quality recording capabilities. A tri-camera system provides total coverage–both inside and out! Perfect for ride-sharing drivers. With 170-degree ultra-wide-angle lenses, each camera seizes broad views for a full picture of your surroundings.
  • Discreet DesignThe V33 has a sleek, low-profile design made for discreet installation. With its shape, size, color, and mount location, the dash cam is essentially camouflaged after being mounted to the vehicle. The camera’s cylindrical shape is made to take up little space on your windshield.
  • Super Night VisionAll three cameras reliably capture clear and usable footage at night or in other low-light situations. Wide dynamic range supports each camera in performing optimally in the absence of light by automatically fine-tuning the exposure.
  • Built-in WiFi & GPS The WiFi feature allows you to pair your phone with your dash cam and easily download/view footage. This can be crucial in the event of an accident to know exactly what happened on the spot. The GPS feature logs the speed and location of your vehicle with Google Maps integration. This can be helpful to dispute speeding violations as well as offer more information in case of an incident.
  • Supercapacitor & Parking Monitor – Power is efficiently delivered through a reliable and highly durable supercapacitor. This battery type provides a wider operating temperature range than most models: -20 to 176 degrees F. With parking mode, the dash cam is on alert for motion even when your vehicle is turned off. When the camera detects movement, it will start to record and then turn off again to save energy.
  • G-Sensor & Loop Recording The G-Sensor detects the impact of a crash or a sudden slam of your breaks. When this happens, it will automatically lock the footage so that it doesn’t get deleted. Loop recording ensures continuous recording even when the SD card reaches capacity by overwriting older footage that is unlocked. This will help you avoid having to manually delete your videos.
  • Simple InstallationSimple & easy to mount on the windshield, which makes for an overall straightforward installation process. Need help? Email or call our personal LIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT. We stand behind our products with a***18 Month Warranty ***
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