Rexing M2 Smart BSD ADAS Dual Mirror Dash Cam 1080p (Front+Rear) with GPS


12” IPS Touch Screen | Stream Media | Parking Monitor | Night Vision | Blind Spot Detection | Backup Camera for Car, Pickup Truck, and Taxi

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  • FHD DUAL CHANNEL RECORDING – Captures dual 1080p video with recording from two separate perspectives at the same time by connecting the FULL HD REAR camera to the FRONT camera.
  • BLIND SPOT DETECTION & ADVANCED DRIVER ASSIST SYSTEM (ADAS) & GPS – Our camera helps you monitor your car blindspots (BSD) using advanced radar sensors that can also help you change lanes by alerting you when it is safe, via Lane Change Assist features. M2 also has a built-in GPS Logger allowing you to mark time, date, location, and speed information to your recordings.
  • 12” IPS TOUCH SCREEN / AUTO BACKUP CAMERA / STREAM MEDIA – Stream footage on a 12″ wider live stream rearview mirror, which displaying more traffic information in real-time and at a wider angle. With its IPS touchscreen, simply operate commands by finger. Easily view outside the rear of your vehicle at all times, this dual-channel cam makes for no blind spots while driving or backing up. Back-up cams are an essential tool for protecting & operating your car, truck, or taxi.
  • G-SENSOR, LOOP RECORDING & PARKING MONITOR – Video can be recorded in 1, 2, or 3-minute intervals. When the storage limit is reached on the memory card, our loop recording automatically overwrites the unlocked oldest recordings. Gravity sensor detects impact while driving and locks the video for disputes. With the parking monitor feature enabled, the dash camera will automatically turn on and record a 20-second video when the car camera detects vibration 24/7, even if the car is parked.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION – Simple & easy to mount on the rearview mirror which makes for an overall straightforward installation process. Need help? Email or call our personal LIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT. We stand behind our products with a***18 Month Warranty ***
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M2 Dual Channel Recording 1

Dual Channel Recording

M2 Superior Night Vision 1

Superior Night Vision

M2 Stream Media 1

Stream Media

M2 24 Hour Parking Monitor 1

24-Hour Parking Monitor

M2 Accident Auto Detection Loop Recording 1

Accident Auto-Detection & Loop Recording

M2 Parking Reserving Assistance 1

Parking Reversing Assistance

M2 170

Rexing M2-Smart Mirror Dash cam


Built-in BSD provides an alert when a car entered a blind spot while the driver is switching lanes. Built-in Traffic Alert feature alerts drivers backing out of a parking space when traffic is approaching from the sides.”

Built-in ADAS helps increase driving safety by using advanced sensors to help monitor, detect, notify nearby cars/obstacles and also assist in lane changing.

What’s in the Box?

  • Rexing M2 Smart Mirror Dash camera
  • Rexing rear camera + rear cable
  • In-car power cable (12ft)
  • GPS Logger
  • Installation Kits
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    Max Video Resolution
    Camera Type
    GPS Logger Support
    Battery Type
    M1 New Main
    Front + Rear
    Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
    170° + 170°
    10" IPS Touch Screen
    M1 Pro New Main
    M1 Pro
    Front + Rear
    Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
    170° + 170°
    10" IPS Touch Screen
    Front + Rear
    Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
    170° + 170°
    12" IPS Touch Screen
    Front + Cabin + Rear
    Super Capacitor
    Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
    170° + 170° + 170°
    12" IPS Touch Screen

    18 reviews for Rexing M2 Smart BSD ADAS Dual Mirror Dash Cam 1080p (Front+Rear) with GPS

    1. Anonymous (verified owner)


    2. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Good customer service.

    3. Phyllis

      Really looks top notch in my guys convertible sports car

    4. Cecilio C.

      This is a good camera, I got it used for my 2nd vehicle and brand new for my other vehicle. I installed the backup camera at the back of the bed of my 2005 Frontier. An extension for the rear camera is a must for a good installation. When its raining the camera does get blocked when sitting. When driving sometimes you will see droplets but overall its pretty good. I use it as an active rear view mirror. The camera is always on and displays what’s behind me. With its 170 degree view it shows me more then I would see using my traditional mirror. The large mirror fits well over my factory mirror and does not stand out like a sore thumb in anyway. The wires on the other hand do but I am working around that now with different ways to route them to help with a good overall install. The picture quality & video quality is ok, 2K front & 1080p rear make license plates highly visible to a certain distance, the night time driving ability is really good in terms of what you can see. Where I have my camera mounted is not ideal as its inline with everyone’s headlights so it is difficult to see with people behind me. I will move it to a better location to prevent that. When the street is dark with no street lights you are still able to pickup details of the street behind you. 4K resolution would be best for front and rear but this is still pretty good.

    5. VIKTOR kolomiyets (verified owner)

      excellent camera

    6. mechelle dhela

      Doesn??t record dual cameras it??s either the back or the front. However it??s pretty decent.

    7. David P. (verified owner)

      After a few weeks it seems to be doing just what I hoped for.

    8. THEODORE (verified owner)


      Would recommen.

    10. Jose medrano (verified owner)

      Best mirror dash cam out there!

    11. Katherine

      Gave this to my boyfriend as a gift and be absolutely loved it. Can??t wait for him to set everything up!!

    12. Amazon Customer

      Nice equipment profesional looking love. It

    13. Happysummy

      I absolutely love Amazon, but this one time, I didn’t buy this from them, I went to a local Brick & Mortar having a big sale. To the camera. At first, I was hesitant, it had to fit over my review mirror, do I use the backup camera while driving to see behind me while driving, or do I turn the unit off and use the mirror of this new device instead. The problem with that is GLARE. So you leave it off while driving and strictly use the backup camera for parking lots and backing out of the house. I did the playback of the cars behind me, and I can see the license plates on the replay, extremely clear. You don’t even know it’s there really. Since it automatically records both front and back simultaneously. I only use the unit when backing up, the rest of it is if I get into a car accident, hopefully, I have proof. Installation was $125.00 and 50 minutes. and anyone can see the camera directly above the license plate. The bad: Glare at night from the rear camera prohibits its use while driving. Good unit does not give me any trouble, easy to use.

    14. Dameion Martineau (verified owner)

      I love it ❤️❤️

    15. Fallout 77

      I had previously purchased Rexing??s M1 version and that was abysmal so Rexing sent me an M2 to replace it and it is leagues better than the M1. The video is crisp and the touchscreen is responsive. It??s also a breeze to setup so you??ll be up and running in no time. My one complaint about this camera is the sensitivity of the G Sensor. Even at its lowest setting, the camera will lock files at the slightest of bumps, while providing an announcement on the screen which is extremely distracting while driving. I??ve tried every setting to try and compensate for it but to no avail. If it weren??t for this, this camera would get 5 stars.

    16. Luis

      The product was a perfect replacement for me as I have louvers on the back of my car so I??m unable to see out the back. With having the camera is a real game changer!

    17. Aberham Johnson

      This dash cam helped me out soo much it helped me out with my insurance case the other day a man hit me from the back and claimed I backed into him I didn??t tell him I had a dash cam but when I showed the video to the insurance they immediately said it was his fault

    18. jean

      Easy to set up & wirings are easy to hide within the car

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