Rexing V1P 4K Dual Channel Dash Cam 4K+1080p with Wi-Fi

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2.4LCD | 170 Degree | Wide Angle Dual Channel | Dashboard Camera Recorder | Car Dash Cam with Rear Camera | Supercapacitor | G-Sensor | WDR | Loop Recording | Mobile App

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  • 4K DUAL CHANNEL RECORDING - Best FRONT & REAR camera, records REAL 4K Front + Rear 1080p. Simultaneously record and display the road in front and the road behind you with the camera and LCD screen. Enhanced night vision also allows the dash cam to perform well in low-light situations by 6 glass lens carefully fine-tuning the exposure along with 170 DEGREE Ultra Wide Angle lenses.
  • 170 DEGREE ULTRA WIDE ANGLE LENS & WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE - The 6 layer glass lens opens up to capture a sweeping view of your surroundings. The superior WDR technology allows the camera to perform optimally in any lighting situation by adjusting the exposure to create balanced images and footage.
  • SUPERCAPACITOR & PARKING MONITOR - The dashcam uses a supercapacitor that can withstand extreme temperatures from -20 to 176°F, which prevents the risk of overheating, extends the life span and reliability of the camera. With the PARKING MONITOR feature, the dash camera will automatically turn on and record when the car camera detects vibration OR the dashcam will capture frames for a time-lapse video 24/7. Please connect the smart hardwire kit to activate the parking mode.
  • WIFI CONNECT - View, save and share dash cam recordings wirelessly on your mobile device with the use of an app interface.
  • LOOP RECORDING AND G-SENSOR - Video can be recorded in 1, 2, or 3-minute intervals. When the storage limit is reached on the memory card, new recordings will automatically overwrite the oldest recordings. Supports high-endurance micro SD memory cards up to 256GB in memory size. When the built-in gravity sensor detects a collision, the current video is locked, ensuring important footage is kept protected. Locked videos will be kept safe from being overwritten.
  • Absolutely Trustworthy: Certified by FCC, CE, RoHS (FCC ID: 2AW5W-V1P-4K)
V1P 4K 4K 1080p Dual Channel Recording

4K + 1080p Dual-Channel Recording

V1P 4K Built in Wi Fi and Mobile App

Built-in Wi-Fi and Mobile App

V1P 4K Supercapacitor and High Temperature Resistance

Supercapacitor and High Temperature Resistance

V1P 4K Loop Recording and Gravity Sensor

Loop Recording and Gravity Sensor

V1P 4K 170° Wide Angle WDR

170° Wide Angle & WDR


Optional GPS

24-Hour Parking Monitor

Auto switches the dash camera to Parking Surveillance Mode, when it detects vibration the camera will start recording instantly. Smart Hardwire Kit needed (Sold separately).

V1P 4k customer service
V1P 4K Card Requirements

Card Requirements

Class 10 / UHS-I or higher MicroSD/SDHC/SDXC memory card up to 256GB (not included).

Card Recommendations

  • Kingston Canvas Go! MicroSD (pictured above)
  • Kingston Canvas React MicroSD
  • SanDisk High Endurance MicroSD

NOTE: Please don’t use SanDisk Ultra cards with our cameras.

V1P 4K Package Contents
V1P 4K Kindly Reminder

Kindly Reminder

  • Please format the SD card on your camera directly. Before you start using a new memory card, you must format the card within the camera using the format function.
  • The built-in supercapacitor is just for emergency file backup, please always keep the dash cam plugged in.
  • The car USB port may not support enough power for the dash cam, please use the car charger that comes with the dash cam, or Rexing Hardwire Kit.
  • Firmware Updates: In order to meet your feedback, we are constantly improving our products through firmware updates.
  • UPC: 857080006046
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V1 4K New Main
2160p (4K)
Super Capacitor
2.4" LCD
Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
V1p Pro 1 1
V1P Pro
2160p [Single] 1080p [Dual]
Front + Rear
Super Capacitor
2.4" LCD
Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
170° + 170°
V1P 4K 1
4K + 1080p
Front + Rear
Super Capacitor
2.4" LCD
Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
170° + 170°
S1 main image 6
Front + Cabin + Rear
Super Capacitor
Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
170° + 170° + 170°
V1P Max New Main
V1P Max
4K + 2K
Front + Rear
Super Capacitor
2.4" LCD
Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
170° + 170°

271 reviews for Rexing V1P 4K Dual Channel Dash Cam 4K+1080p with Wi-Fi

  1. Michael B. (verified owner)

    Had the Rexing V1 1080 front and SD rear for a while and it’s great. Decided to upgrade to the V1P for 4K front and 1080 color rear. Results are stunning.

  2. Andrew (verified owner)

  3. Yahya A. (verified owner)

    Works just fine.

  4. Kevin R. (verified owner)

    Nice camera and set-up was fairly painless. My main complaint is that the manual that comes with the camera is lacking. It doesn’t cover half of the settings in the setting menu. I had to do my own research online as to what some of the settings are as well as the impact of the various choices.

  5. Khalid Faqihi (verified owner)

  6. Benjamin Wood (verified owner)

    Would like the manual to have a bit more detail on the menu options, and to know how to manually lock a file. But camera works well.

  7. Peter M. (verified owner)

    This is much better than my last model, the V1LG

  8. Brandon (verified owner)

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

  10. Adrian (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping, good deal.

  11. M. Zwerin

    My Rexing V1G2 died and it was out of warranty.
    Contacted Rexing and they walked me through trying to revive it. That did not work
    Rexing offered me a replacement unit (no accessories) for 40% of retail.
    Great deal. no hassle – they sent me the new unit and I returned the defective one in the same box.
    Very satisfied. I have 2 other Rexing Dash Cams and they have performed flawlessly for years.

  12. Raymond G. Wild

    Very good quality , even though some of the buttons are wobbly. The front camera quality is amazing, although I wish I payed attention the rear is only VGA and not very good quality.

  13. Amazon Customer

    Likely one of the greatest purchase I’ve ever made was this dash cam. Two days after I installed it I got into a minor accident that was all caught on film due to the wide angle that’s recorded… what are the odds.
    Most people reading this review are probably on the fence and not sure if they want to invest close to 150 in a dash cam. You probably got into a close call and you don’t want to play the “he said, she said” game. This is your ticket to avoiding that.
    I drive well over 100 miles every day for work so my inevitable exposure to accidents made it a no brainer to buy this. I find myself transferring all of the close calls and crazy things I see onto my computer just to show people for fun… it’s quite amusing to replay some of the stupidity I see on the road.
    The quality is great.. if a car is close enough for you to read their licence plate in person then it’s close enough on camera. Camera is very sturdy and does not rattle on my windshield. Very low profile (can hide it behind your mirror in most cases) and the interface is easy to use. Unfortunately I drive a convertible so I didn’t even get to try the rear camera but il keep it for my next car. No clue how the quality is on that one.
    Camera also conveniently turns off and on with the car (if your car cuts power when you turn it off).
    I would say the only downside to this camera is that it doesn’t allow for more than 32gb of storage so if you’re recording with 1080p that’s roughly 5 hours of footage if I’m not mistaken… kind of sucks if you don’t want it to delete an older clip.. so I’m gonna start carrying a spare sd card.
    Anyways.. great camera.. just click the buy button and you won’t regret it.. this could be the difference between losing or gaining thousands

  14. Jeff

    I received this as a gift and was really looking forward to it to upgrade an existing dash cam that really was not good at all. I really want to give this 5 stars but I just can’t. Let me break it down a little.

    easy to set up and access menus
    picture quality day and night from front camera is great. Rear camera is ok. It is not HD so I didn’t expect it to be as good as front but I am satisfied.
    Size – it is smaller then it appeared in pictures and sits up under the rear view perfectly

    Not good
    Mounting supplies. The double tape provided is HORRIBLE. I mounted in the morning and by noon it had already fallen down. Even the little clips for wire retention fell. The tape can not stand the heat and it wasn’t even the hottest part of the day nor a super hot day. I have ordered seperate 3M tape that has good reviews so we shall see how that does.
    cable length for second camera. This has only one cable and it is LONG. I do not intend to place camera in back window I want to use for recording inside car for safety when driving ride share. The short cable attached to camera has a tip that won’t connect to main camera only to the extension cable that is super long. I am going to look for accessories and see if a shorter version is available. Hoping it is or I have to find a way to conceal about 20+ feet of unnecessary cable.

    If they supplied a decent mounting tape this would get 5 stars. Having to spend more after the fact to mount is a little annoying. A smaller “patch” cable for secondary camera would be a great perk too.

  15. Skip, W5UTW

    I have the V1P – it has lovely video. Quite happy with the quality. I have a problem 1) the glue hoingld it to the windshield is not rated for Texas. I come out to the truck and the camera and GPS unit are hanging down.

    and 2) rear camera displays in reverse image. Like reading in a mirror. If anyone has a fix for this it would be GREATLY appreciated.

    I had a problem with the program that shows the GPS map. They told me a new image (couldn’t prove it by me) had been downloaded to their web site. At least it works. Kinda. Creates a weird map with the path being followed but a red lines on it other wise – like it is trying to show other routes.

    To see what I mean about reversed image, check out the picture I uploaded. Look at the “Stop” sign.

    Update: 08/09/2018
    Customer Service A+. The issue I was having with mirror image, they gave me a fix for that I am still working on.

    The issue with the “stickum” has been resolved by Gorilla Tape Gorilla 6055001 Heavy Duty Mounting Tape, Double-Sided, 1″ x 60″, Black Heavy Duty. Works a treat. Been on since the end of June. For multiple days, OK, weeks, it has been sitting in the sun on 100F degree days. You KNOW it has to be at least 160 in the truck. No issues.

    They have been extremely proactive in their customer support. Making sure I am 100% satisfied. I am.

    Anything changes I will update again but right now, could not more highly recommend the product or the company.

  16. Amazon Customer

    A+ product?€?.. I am officially a Rexing company fan ! ! ! I just got my second Rexing V1P system for my wife?€?s vehicle. As soon as their new 4K dash cam (3rd gen) comes out with a dual camera system for the rear, like the V1P (maybe with a 1080P rear camera. Hint.. hint Rexing); I will be buying 2 new ones. They also truly stand behind their product with the best customer service, I recently just called them with a rear camera issue and they took care of it right away. Its due to their product that I was able to catch a license plate for a hit and run. I would also like to say this camera system is durable even after an accident this system is still working. A little cosmetic damage but still recording. This is why I ended up getting my wife one too.

  17. Scott Hoffman

    I love my Rexing V1P dashcam!
    This is an upgrade from my Rexing V1 dashcam. I wanted the upgraded version so I could have a rear-facing camera.

    I use it with the accessory suction cup mount and GPS adapter. They work flawlessly. These cameras have excellent picture quality – the rear isn’t 1080p – I think the resolution is more like 720p but it’s enough to be able to make out vehicle types etc.

    Be sure to verify you have the most current firmware and a good quality memory card and you’ll have no trouble with these.

  18. roger g johnson

    This is my second Rexing V1 dash cam. I purchased my first one several years ago and liked it so I bought another for my second car. Not much else to say. It was easy to install and is easy to use. No issues. The price seems right to me.

  19. rdm

    I?€?ve had mine for close to a year and love. Wife has one in her car as well and about a week after we installed it someone hit her. He & his insurance tried to put some of the blame on her, but with it on video hard to argue.

    I had an issue with the front camera/recorder and they were very prompt at sending me a new with no hassle at all. I?€?ve recommended it some of my friends.

    Only issue is it can be a bit of a pain mounting the rear camera. I?€?ve had to make a couple of things to hold the rear camera and still need to adjust some more as I still can?€?t get it to stay in place. Otherwise I would have given it 5 stars.

  20. Bob

    great customer service. Use it everyday for my semi truck.( Hint)Got some heavy duty plastic Velcro and switch it form my truck to my pickup.

  21. Tech Guy

    It is pretty good but the only issue I encountered was the tape to mount the rear camera which lost it’s adhesion. During the drive I realized some kind of noisy sound. That was rear cam which fell off of tape but i could not pull over my car because i was on highway. When i stopped, rear camera was almost broken. Good thing is i sent an email to Rexing team that because of design and tape i loosed my rear camera and they said being a customer we ll send you new rear camera “FREE”. So, i got new cam in first priority mail so bumped up stars from 1 to 4.
    Still, I would not recommend V1P just because of rear camera issue so better to pick V1 model which is without rear cam.

  22. Dennis M.

    Just installed today. The install was easy although I hard wired it in a 2012 Toyota Tundra it took awhile to hide all the wires.
    The only problem I had was with the bracket for the rear facing camera. The bracket broke with just a little upward pressure to get it to align the view.
    If you need to adjust the bracket be very careful and do not try anything other then very small movement. The bracket needs to be made of more robust material. I am making one myself and will install it later.
    Other then the bracket I am very happy with the performance, sharp picture and the color is great. A very good product.

  23. saleendude6

    Works great so far!

  24. Izzy

    Excellent customer service: they heard my concerns and addressed them appropriately! Thank you. I like its size and compactness. It fits nicely on my dashboard. I’ve also had an opportunity to learn how to use it, watched YouTube video (very helpful). It’s easy to use. I have had no issues with performance and quality.
    I really like the fact this product has been backed by an outstanding guarantee and customer service.

  25. marc p


  26. Amazon Customer

    This is a great dash cam and Rexing is a great company. Originally I had an issue with the dash cam. I contacted the company and they resolved the issue right away without any hesitation. They have great customer service and would do business with them again. I would highly recommend this dash cam. The features are great and the video quality is superb. Deserving of a 5 star rating.

  27. norrissabio

    I don’t usually leave reviews, but I definitely feel that this one deserves one. I originally bought the Rexing V1 and then after a couple months I thought it’d be useful to have a camera for the back as well. Fortunately, Rexing had this model (VP1) so I contacted them and they kindly offered me an upgrade for $30-40 I believe. A couple months later I had an issue, but what amazes me was how fast Rexing was as they even sent me a new unit. Couldn’t be happier camera and especially the service that was provided.

  28. Elaine Villena

    A great product! I have been able to capture a lot of interesting video with this. My advice to anyone installing the V1P is to do it with someone. After installing the front camera and threading the rear camera into the ceiling, don’t stick it yet. Connect the rear camera to the main camera, then turn it on. Apply the sticker pad to the rear camera, but have the other person view the angle on the front screen before sticking. My main mistake was I installed by myself. The rear camera is now positioned to have too much of my rear dash in the frame. The sticker for the rear camera is also white. It would be better if it was black so it could be more conspicuous.

  29. Dave

    Great Camera for the price! I got the V1 as a Christmas gift and used Rexing’s upgrade service to get the V1P, I also added in the GPS. I did have an issue with the unit freezing on me after about a month. But they mean what they say about customer service. A quick email to them and there was another one at my door in a couple days with a return slip to send back my defective unit.

  30. Amazon Customer

    I have had this camera installed for about a month now and I am extremely pleased with it. I love the low profile which makes it hard to see the camera from outside the car. I am using a 32 gb micro card now but will be upgrading to a 128 or 256 soon because I am only getting about 6 hours of loop recording at 1080 with the 32 gb card.

  31. HL

    Good camera at a reasonable price point.
    The first one stopped working after a few months, but was promptly replaced by seller free of charge. The replacement camera has been working great for 2 years now.
    Excellent customer service. I recommend.

  32. Rob Nelson

    This is a great dashcam, although the mounting hardware for the rear camera leaves much to be desired. I ended up temporarily using some spare velcro buttons I had lying around to attach it, since the provided double-sided pad was dried out and kept detaching from the plastic surface I tried attaching it to.

    Living in Seattle, I’ve already caught a couple of crashes on camera and the picture quality is excellent, as is the audio.

  33. lunchboxwarrior

    So far I enjoy this camera, it has most of the features I wanted (relatively low profile, 1080p front camera, simple to use, rear camera that sits at the back, auto on with the car). I avoided other cameras because I wanted something that would actually sit on the window with out a suction cup, or clip my rear view mirror, but I also wanted a rear camera without it seeing my passengers.It’s pretty easy to install, and so far they seem to have good customer service. I do wish the rear camera was the same quality as the front, but overall I am happy with the balance of quality and price.

  34. herbert goben

    as expected

  35. J. Boucher

    The installation was easy, the instructions were very clear on how and where to mount the unit. The instruction book was good in the description of the settings and how to change them but it lacked detail in the actual operation of he unit. For example it has a section for Photo Settings but it doesn’t actually tell you how to take a photo. The manual pretty much doesn’t tell you anything about the actual operation and the web site isn’t much help either. I will explore this more and update tis soon.

  36. Peter Slocki

    so far is working OK

  37. Glenn

    Great little dash cam. East to use and install. Easily ran the wires in a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica so they are completely hidden. Video quality is simply incredible.

  38. K

    Excellent product, easy installation.

  39. Jason Dorrell

    Decent for the price. The first one stopped working after about 6 months. It would lockup on the “Rexing” screen and not record. All attempts to fix failed. Contacted Rexing and they sent a replacement at no cost with an updated software version and also sent a UPS return label for no cost shipping back the broken one to them.
    The Cam itself I would give 4 out of 5 as the clarity is not quite as good as I would expect but is very sufficient. The 5th star is for outstanding customer service.

  40. KG

    I bought this for my husband who is thrilled with it. It came recommended from a friend and it didn’t disappoint. The installation was simple and the ease of use is good. Good value for the price paid.

  41. Vinh Nguyen

    Amazing camera. Super easy to set up and install, took just minutes, and the video quality is really good. I like it so much I’m planning to buy another one for my wife’s car.

  42. JimKTX

    I bought the Rexing V1 for my car and used it for a good 4 months without issues so far. I just bought another with the front and back cameras for our other car (which seems to be invisible to people thus the need for cam). Overall, once you learn the buttons and such, operation is a breeze, especially if you wire to the fuse box so it turns on and off on its own. Tested out the motion sensing modes for when I valet my M5 and those work great to keep an eye on the whip and to hopefully prevent some Ferris Bueller joy riding! I’ve followed the directions about formatting and such when pulling the memory card. Videos are easily watched on PC and Mac without any special software, Windows Media and QT.

    The rear camera install was easier than I thought tucking the wire around the trim and headliner up to the front. The hardest part was pulling rear hatch trim off and working the camera wire in thru the wire loom rubber grommets and such. Make sure to plan ahead and think the wiring thru feeding the connector from camera location all the way up to the front.

    CONS: This is not only an issue with this unit, but all cameras in general. Low light or rainy conditions or super bright sunrise/sunset shining into the cameras. I drove around and tested the unit in all of these situations and watched the recorded videos. Not bad but not great. We’ve had only 1 incident so far, coming back from Austin to Dallas, as we hit the south side of downtown I saw a pickup truck fish tail on the entrance ramp to the right, and he lost control and shot across all lanes and put a car into the center concrete wall. It was dark and raining and while that truck was only about 10 car lengths in front of us, you can clearly see the accident happen but color of the truck and license plate were not legible due to the poor highway orange glow lighting. As we came up on the accident the dude shot back off the highway and bailed but I was already past the exit at this point, but I would have had to chase him down to get a license plate in the dark. I guess I bring this up as a caution, you will get the video of the at fault person, but if they hit you and bailed, you may not get the license plate. Heck with headlights and such, if someone would have rear-ended me in that incident, I do not believe the front license plate would have been visible with the headlights shining on the camera.

    Overall, I am extremely satisfied with these units and will be buying a 3rd for my truck and trailer setup. Also be sure to set your expectations and be careful to not think you captured someone in a hit-skip in odd lighting and such.

  43. Amazon Customer

    Great product!! I drive for a living and have tried three other dash cams. Cheaper ones. Don’t waste your time. The Rexing is the one to buy! It is quality, and I trust it. Really works and does what it says it will do!!

  44. prcdt


  45. Huy

    The camera is easy to use and supplies a clear view front and back. I have only been using it a few days so I can’t comment on longevity but, will update this review as time proceeds.
    The product works well as advertised and all the included cables are long enough for me to hide them along the interior trims with a little bit extra length.
    I wish the rear dash mount was like the front one, where I could get a new adhesive mount for it if I got a new car (or just needed to change cars), though.
    The rear camera is low resolution (as everyone has said) which is why I give it 4 stars. When it records, the video quality is acceptable in the day time but extremely lacking at night.

  46. Amazon Customer

    The picture quality is great. This is my third Rexing camera and they all work great, no problems so far. I like how the camera is compact and can be hidden behind the dotted parts of my windshield. It is barely noticeable from the front. The adhesive holds well, better than suction cup cameras that always seem to fall off eventually. The only negative is that the camera doesn’t have a tight fit with the mount, so it moves a bit when pushing the buttons. I was afraid the looseness would make the video shaky while driving, but it’s a steady picture. I still give it 5 stars.

  47. Orlando

    It’s a great camera! Easy to install and easy to use! Recommended!

  48. Angela

    Love it!

  49. Michael Coholich

    I’ve just installed this dashcam. So far I’m very pleased. No issues. I feel very secure about other bad drivers flinging their cars around me knowing that if I’m hit and it’s their fault, I’ll have proof. Once I’ve used it a couple weeks I’ll post an update here.

  50. IndyDave

    Exactly what I wanted in a dash cam!

  51. LRM

    I purchased the V1P since I felt the extra $30 was worth having the option to install a rear camera as well. The camera arrived promptly with clear instructions, good online support including a downloads section. From that the first thing I did was obtain the pdf version of the manual and updated the firmware in the camera. The unit is well constructed yet very light and should have no problem staying on your windshield with the supplied 3M double stick mounting tape. You really hardly notice it is there inside or out with it’s location behind the rear view mirror.

    I own a GMC Terrain and running the power supply and rear camera cords was pretty easy. I used the rear seat console 12V lighter plug and the power cord was just long enough to run alongside the console, under the carpet (with a diagonal short cut), up the side of the dash, under the window gasket and along the edge of the headliner. Plenty of length for the back camera along the window gaskets, the top of the pillar fascias, and rear hatch gasket. I just tucked the excess cord in to one of the pillar cavities.

    The camera is easy to use and supplies a clear view front and back. I have only been using it a few days so I can’t comment on longevity but, will update this review as time proceeds.

  52. steve prozinski

    The camera had an initial issue with the rear one, but was replaced quickly at no charge. Thanks Much!

  53. Alan

    Records amazing in the front camera but the back camera not so well , but great product tho i have the loop time at 3mins but every time i start recording new video it always glitches at the beginning .

  54. Amazon Customer

    Awesome product! Arrived on time and in perfect condition! For the money and quality this is the BEST dash cam on the market!

  55. Pablo

    Good company to work with.

  56. So far it’s working great. Love it!

    So far it’s working great. Love it!

  57. boggy


  58. Amazon Customer

    preformed as expected when in my accident had great quality

  59. Kermit

    Nice camera. Looks factory in the car with its design. The only negative I guess would be the angle of the screen makes it not viewable unless I duck down to the shifter. Not worth a star deduction because I really don’t need to see the screen because I really should just be driving. I like the piece of mind in case someone tries to say i did something wrong.

  60. Vlad Pop

    I was in an accident and my dash-cam saved me from in insurance fraud the person hitting me tried to do. After the accident I decided to replace my dash-cam with one that records in the back also, to better keep a record of what is going on. I read the reviews that are on here and decided to go with it, very good decision (very crisp video). I did see that there used to be issues with the secondary camera (flickering) but an update fixed it and the unit that I got worked great. The only thing that I strongly advise is to update the camera as soon as it is delivered, before using it, that will help you fix any issues you may encounter from past firmware and the update process is simple also. Hope you enjoy your camera the way I am.

  61. CEEZRR

    works great. extra protection for my car.

  62. 9

    Very easy to install and works great. I followed the instructions, which were surprisingly great, and updated the firmware. It immediately took my Kingston 32gb sd card without issue. Can’t really be much happier with the install and configuration and appearance. The video seems to be quite good and I think for the money the product is totally worth it.

  63. Antry

    So far this dash cam has been working great with no problems for the 1st week I’ve had this. Great quality, easy to use, and easy to set up. The quality and imaging are really good. The camera captures wide range and angles. The microphone captures all conversations.Will update this post if any problems arise.

  64. Ulises Chavez

    This camera is great. At first i thought it wouldnt really help much but after a couple days i realized how helpful it is. I nearly got rear-ended 3 times and someone ran a red light and almost hit the front of my car but luckily the camera recorded everything just in case anything bad had happened. I have already purchased 6 of these cameras and i will definitely ve ordering more in the future

  65. MC??

    I really like this V1P camera. It is small and it doesn’t block my view next to the rear view mirror. I put in a 32 gig card, powered it up and it works great! I like how you can adjust the camera angle. The cords are long and didn’t have to worry about length when installing it. I like the fact is has a rear camera and can use it as a back up camera. It is almost hidden behind/next to the rear view mirror and I can remove it when I leave the truck. This camera is replacing my GoPro that I have been using and it looks so much better mounted on at the top of the windshield almost out of sight. The resolution is outstanding. I am going to get the Rexing Hard Wire Kit and replace the plug in charger.

  66. Perry Gentry

    Great Quality Camera, mine is set to loop for day to day driving. I also purchased multiple 128 GB micro sd to be able to record long road trips to keep as memories.. Have not hooked up the rear cam yet..

  67. Howard Josephen

    Very good, I like it!

  68. Newtyp

    Solid performance with the front and rear camera. Though the rear is not as vivid and of high quality as compared to the front camera. Both videos with the aid of a GPS antenna (bought separately) has been an excellent tool in my or my wife’s daily commute. Installation is a simple plug in play, though if you wanted to hard wire its a simple source of taps or fuse distribution block. Both video data and metrics collected is excellent and Rexing is one of the better companies out on the market. Customer service is excellent when inquiring setup or

  69. Amazon Customer

    Great value just what I was looking for!

  70. Alicia

    The footage comes out clear during the day. The night time footage needs to be improved especially the rear view camera; the headlights from the vehicles behind you come out as big blobs and cannot identify lisence plates well which it what I needed and was looking for. The front footage at night is much better, but could still be improved. The footages at night are generally worse when it is raining. Overall the product is great and works well, but the overall night vision needs major improvements to help clearly see other vehicles and things like you can in daylight.

  71. Chaz

    Only have the front camera in use so far but works great. It took a little searching to figure out how to use it because it doesn’t come with a manual but it is available on Rexing’s website.

  72. Timothy C Wells Jr

    A camera so nice I ordered it not twice but three times!!! I am also givint these as Christmas Presents to members of my family.

  73. Will Rolke

    Very good dash-cam for the price. It is impressively small, well designed, and well thought out. Great camera quality, and having the rear camera is very helpful. The cables for the power adapter and the rear camera are very long which is perfect for running to any cigarette lighter and rear window in any car. It records video files to the SD card in a ring-buffer style, and automatically protects files if it senses a crash (so if the camera is still powered on for a while after the crash it won’t over-write the video of the crash), and you can also press a button to write-protect the current file if you see something you want to save. Very useful in south Florida where people do stupid things on the road all the time. Now I have plenty of good, humorous (but also terrifying), footage to show friends 🙂
    Most importantly it is a great gadget to have as a worst-case scenario backup. It’s so small that it hides very well behind any rear-view mirror, so you don’t even notice it and you can forget it’s even there. But if someone hits you, you’ll have footage of the entire accident.

  74. Rocksolid1989

    I checked reviews before I bought my dash cam and the Rexing V1P is rated top in 2016 and I am giving it my AAA approval also ! Fast shipping, well packaged and does everything it says it does ! When I checked the recorded video on my computer it is like watching HD TV ! I am very impressed and recommend if you’re going to be getting a dash cam, get a Rexing V1P
    Thanks, Greg

  75. Amazon Customer

    I have been using for about three weeks and so far so good. Unit cost more than units I have had in past, but this also appears to be a much more sturdier, and I hope durable unit. The rear cam fit nicely to my btake light assembly so not only is it mouted right at the back, it is completely discrete.

  76. Robert N.

    Well I have used it about a week. Have had problems with it powering up when it’s supposed to. I have a hardwire kit. Gps works. Rear camera video is very pixels. Have checked connections. Overall the front view video is awesome in daylight. A little harder to see at night but it is clear. Good for the price. A better rear camera would be helpful . The user manual could be a bit more clear as to how the functions work and onscreen icon meanings but I was able to figure it out on my own

  77. Amazon Customer

    Easy to install, fast start time, reliable, good quality. Like the added rear camera for additional evidence. Support is fast and responsive. Tried the expert firmware with parking mode and it’s a nice added feature. Only negative is the rear wire connector is a little thick for tight squeezes such as the rear lift gate tubing.

  78. MoonMaiden

    After researching for a moderately priced dash cam, I finally made the decision to give the V1P a try. Installation was very easy (even for this 71 year old female) … however, instructions for setting control options could be better; hence the 4-stars. I have been struggling with my desired options being accepted and actually changed … I believe the answer is to depress and hold the set key for a moment. I stumbled on this while reading Q and A’s on Amazon and will give it a try shortly … keeping my fingered crossed; otherwise, I will contact Rexing for some help. Both cameras are working fine, and I am impressed with the clarity of the main camera. The rear camera does not provide the same quality as the front, but still provides a good image. “Time” will be the final judge … I’ll update if necessary. Thinking positive 🙂

  79. B R Texas

    Rexing is a quality product supported by outstanding customer service. I have two Rexing Dash Cams and I couldn’t be happier with them. They are very solid and capture quality audio and video that is easy access.

  80. Fernando Gonzalez

    Excellent design, I’m still testing works correctly.

  81. Peter

    I have had the dash cam for about 2 week and its great , The front camera is HD 1080 nice and clear rear camera is VGA 480, I had someone cut me off then started to threaten me . I call the Police and made a report the Police asked me if i could recognize the guy if i saw him and I told the Police I have him on video. Video was easy to download and put on a DVD as evidence. I am so happy that I can prove what happened.

  82. Angela

    Great product! Will purchase again if needed.

  83. Cherry

    I’ll give this product a 3 star, the clarity of the video is clear but it’s not smooth (like frames per second). I’ve noticed when passing light pole, signs, trees etc… So I looked up videos on youtube and notice the same issues. Some videos by the way are smooth. Looking through a lot of videos I’ve noticed that the V1 is smooth but the V1P is not, in my opinion I think it’s a V1P issue. I don’t know with other owners if they notice this. I was actually excited when I got this, but disappointed. Honestly the rear cam with a poor video quality is smoother.

    Updated review:
    Received a replacement product from rexing. Product now is functioning properly. Thank you rexing for a fantastic customer service.

  84. Amazon Customer

    Great product, i had other dash cam before but the quality and angle are not as good as this one. I checked my friend’s Rexing, i was impressed. Easy to set up. I bought one for my dad and he is happy with it.

  85. Scott

    There is a lot with this unit that I like, including the rear camera and the mounting style of the main unit. I had some initial issues with this unit, but Rexing contacted me and offered to replace the unit at no cost to me. The new unit was expedited to me. Very good customer service.

  86. S. Kilpatrick

    Just installed one of the two I purchased. The resolution is great and it’s pretty simple to use. This exactly what I was looking for after my wife got into a third car accident a year, the last being a hit and run. Well worth the money.

  87. Jack Roberts

    Took a firmware update and reformatting the micro card a few times but has worked great for better than a month now.

  88. AAA

    Love this. Does exactly what I need. Only thing I don’t like is that the rear view camera has a pretty hard time staying where you put it. Better adhesive would probably do the trick.

  89. Amazon Customer


  90. James

    So far I’ve purchased 2 of these, and will be buying g another soon. They’re so please to use and have easy options. Just make sure to set the g sensor to medium. The rear camera needs work.

  91. Mihaela S.

    pretty good camera. It took me a few minutes to set it up, and install it in the car. I still need to install the back camera.

    Went through previous comments. What can I say? People do not read the manual. It is recommended you update the firmware. Moreover, the manual tells you that once you update the firmware, you can use a higher memory card.

    I never had an issue with the cam. Works great.

  92. Kindle Customer

    I have only used this dash cam for about a week but so far I am very impressed. I chose it over other models primarily because of the size and unobtrusive mounting- and the good reviews. I installed a 64Mb card and made several local trips and one 200 mile round trip from one side of L.A. County to the other and back and it performed as promised. After watching the videos on the computer I would say that the quality was outstanding. Even the night videos were clear. I WILL follow up with a revised review if this thing doesn’t hold up to the high heat and sun it will undoubtedly face but for now I am very pleased.

  93. Giri Klausner

    This is a solid dashcam. I’ve had it for a few months and I’m happy with the quality of the recordings. 1080p quality is crisp and readable and you can eve read a license plate number if you ever need to. Highly recommend to anyone!

  94. Amazon Customer

    very satisfied customer

  95. DusterLag

    Great product, works as expected.

  96. norbert dereg

    The product works perfectly. I had a minor issue with the double side adhesive tape sticking in the heat but I was able to just bind the mount to my dash. That’s not a product defect or quality issue but rather a realistic moment when heat and glue / tape are mixed. Otherwise the quality is perfect, look no more and buy this product. I have a 64GB memory card and it loops (over writes old with new) approximately 50 recorded sessions later.

  97. Hugh

    I have been using this dash camera for a couple of days now. So far so good. I like the picture quality of the forward facing camera. The rear camera is 640×480 so the picture quality is not as good. The menu is intuitive. Very easy to use. I wish the rear facing camera had an adjustable mount. Looks like you have to bend the bracket to change the elevation. The hardest part of installing this camera system was running the rear facing cameras cable under the headliner of the SUV. A fish taper really helps ( Overall I am pleased with this dash camera and plan on adding the GPS receiver ( and buying a second system for my other vehicle.

  98. Harry

    This is a great camera, in terms of its user interface, screen size, and image resolution. The existence of the additional rear view camera is a also a big plus and something that other competing cameras do not have. The unit I received worked for a month and then died, but the Rexing customer service was very prompt and sent me a replacement. Very impressed with the product and the customer service! I have installed other dash cams in my other cars, but this is by far the best and worth the money.

  99. Leo

    Very good product… Video is clear and mounts discretely on the windshield.

  100. Amazon Customer

    I’ve been using the dash cam for about a week now, and I am quite pleased with the product so far. Installation and set up were fairly simple, and after I upgraded the firmware, all the settings (that were explained in the manual) were present and able to be used. I’ve found it fairly easy to navigate through the settings and I’ve been able to transfer video files to my laptop without any issues. Personally, I find the video quality to be very good. I would not hesitate to purchase this dash cam again.

  101. M N Vermeylen

    Piece of cake to set-up. The instructions could have been a little clearer, but it’s fairly intuitive to use with the on-screen prompts. I haven’t had cause to watch any footage via a tv or computer yet, but on the small screen it appears to be of great quality, and captures a surprisingly wide field of view. I recommend this product

  102. bigeugene

    I’ve burned through several other brands of dash cameras (Cobra, EPrance 0801) and they were both severely flawed and unreliable. This Rexing is amazing and much more reliable. I have one in my wife’s car and one in mine. Once it’s set up, it loops well, records well, and is small enough to become unnoticeable once you’re used to it. It’s never given me the dreaded “SD Card Full” warning the other two brands constantly did. These cameras are supposed to loop, so you shouldn’t ever get that, unless you’ve locked up too many files (I hadn’t and the other brands when I had them were set to loop). This is the camera I recommend to my neighbors.

  103. Christopher Louis Mabbett

    The new camera is working great! I really appreciate the efforts by the team.

  104. Amazon Customer

    I did a long research before buying it. After installing everything, I found out that the internal plug at the main unit for the rear camera wasn’t working. Front camera works well, but I was expecting a fully working device and ended wasting lot of time in trobleshooting with a professional installer who showed me how no power was going out for the rear camera.

    For my wife’s car I purchased the Nucam A712W which took very little to be installed and works like a charm. I wish I knew before.

    Vendor contacted me proactively and offered a replacement at no charge. They handled the problem well. Thank you.

  105. vwabbitman

    the mic on this camera is better then i thought it would be. the front camera is clear and license plates are readable. the rear camera is lower quality but good enough for a rear camera.

  106. Amazon Customer

    Works good! Simple to install

  107. Troy Gomez

    Quick shipping and extremely happy with the product.

  108. Amazon Customer

    Need to get the GPS antenna asap to make this unit perform to its fullest. Quality is awesome easy to install and work with. This is a must have for anyone that drives a car in this day and age

  109. ID Adam

    I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks and it’s worked great so far. The kit installs easy and all the features, memory card formatting, etc, functioned perfectly. I used a hardwire kit to get rid of the hanging wires (you can see the photos along with my radar detector mounted to my mirror). I just checked the video quality and I was pleasantly surprised how nice it looked. What does that mean since I’m not a video guru? – it means its more than enough to provide clear evidence in an accident, and I found watching the clips was entertaining (kind of like an episode of Top Gear). I was worried that the wide angle might make the surrounding s a bit distorted (it does make it look like everyone is driving fast, IMO), but it wasn’t bad at all and having the wider coverage is nice. I haven’t checked the night time footage yet. The rear camera is very low resolution (as everyone has said) which is why I give it 4 stars. So far the double sided tape has held perfectly in the California summer. In fact, be careful when mounting it, because you can’t readjust it at all ! (It’s very aggressive adhesive – which is good) I ended up ordering an additional mounting pad from Rexing, because I forgot to check the position with my mirror adjusted for my driving position. Nice product for a great price.

  110. Apocalypse334

    I purchased a V1 dash cam and a GPS recorder for my CRV 2016 based on reviews I read in the internet and true enough, all the features I was looking for in a dash cam is packed inside this very small gadget. Installation is not a problem as there are lots of DIY videos from YouTube as guide. The user manual is easy to follow. I enjoy viewing the footages especially with the crisp and clear background music from my radio recorded during my trips. The GPS tracking is also an added feature I also enjoy. It shows my actual position on an overlay map during playback. I showed the cam to a visiting friend, who is also a dash cam user back home, and was so amazed with the video quality. We parted ways taking with him my 2 week old dash so I have to buy another, but this time i got the V1P.

  111. Washburn

    Has all the features I want. I had an issue with one unit, but the second unit works great. Recommended!!!

  112. Donald W. Bruce

    Wish GPS was already included, rather than an add on
    rear camera cable length may be too short for suburban (according to Best Buy)
    a wireless rear camera would be nice

  113. Sambodee

    Work like it should paired with SanDisk ultra 64gb. I haven’t install the rear cam. Still deciding if exterior or interior rear mount.


    It’s great, I just wish it works when I turn off the engine.

  115. A. N.

    So far I have been able to come home and review the footage I’ve gathered. It took some reading to figure out how I wanted to power it and get it mounted correctly, but it has worked flawlessly. I have it hard wired on a 2015 Toyota Camry. The card I went with was a class 10 – 128GB micro sdxc and it is compatible with this dashcam. I was worried if I got the right one or not. I haven’t figured out where to mount the rear camera yet but I know it works just as well. The video from the rear cam is mainly for context and hasn’t had any issues. The GPS logger is sold separately but interfaces with the camera and software from the Rexing website very well too. I have it mounted to the backside of my rear view mirror. Overall very satisfied, happy to have my dashcam.

  116. Ronald Y. Stewart

    Pros: Quality of the optics are good, is very light, not obstructive, screen saver option is great.

    Cons: Rear camera is not adjustable

  117. Cory A. Dahlinghaus

    I have only had the dashcam for a week or so but so far I really like it. It is very easy to get up and running with the included cord for your cigarette lighter. I have chosen to hard wire the camera to the car since my cigarette lighter stays powered all the time.

    It has a nice picture since it is 1080p resolution. It tucks up behind my rear view mirror nicely.

  118. William

    After I installed the camera in my car, I haven’t needed to do anything else. I check my memory card regularly to see if all is well and it is. The camera automatically turns on with the car and shuts off 5 seconds after the car is turned off.
    The older videos are automatically deleted once the space is filled up.

  119. Lenny Vazquez

    The Dash Cam is great, but the adhesive part has lost its grip and It was professionally installed 2 weeks ago.

  120. Kalid

    About to Receive a new updated version of this dash cam model. Really good customer service . Thanks

  121. Aaron

    The rear cam is nearly useless. Very poor quality. Should have skipped it and saved $30

    Update: the rear cam now causes the unit to crash on start up. Power down, unplug rear cam, unit works fine.

    Front cam is great. If you need a rear cam, buy two.

    Update 2: very impressive customer service team at Rexing. They replaced my unit a couple months ago, and it is working flawlessly. The rear camera quality is poor, but def better than nothing. Would buy again.

  122. Scott E

    The clarity and resolution of the front camera is outstanding and the menus are easy to navigate. If I had one complaint, it would be with the rear camera. At only VGA resolution, it’s difficult if not impossible to read license plates of cars behind you. Overall I am still really pleased with this camera and a good value for $129.

  123. erikiksaz

    I finished my V1P install a few days ago and these are my thoughts:


    1) Easy to install. You can plug the cigarette lighter into the proper port for simplicity sake, or you can disassemble the cig lighter and hard wire it into your car with an inline-fuse.
    2) The video footage, while not great, works for my intended purpose. I’m not using parking mode, and I also sit in a lot of traffic, so capturing hit and runners isn’t very high on my priority list (knock on wood). Otherwise, for general situational capturing, it works great.
    3) Conspicuous enough, you can’t see it mounted at night. They should really remove the red and white silk-screened lettering, that part makes it much more visible.


    1) The screen is optimally viewed if your windshield’s rake is about 45 degrees, or if you have a very tall windshield. I don’t have either of those, so I am forced to view the footage off-angle, which really degrades the image quality. Maybe in a future version the lcd can be rotated slightly upwards.
    2) I would have paid 20-30 dollars more for at least a 720p rear camera. 640×480 is barely doable.
    3) Video footage playback is a little choppy, with some overlapping frames. Not a huge deal, I’m not making home movies here.

    Tips for install:

    1) Install the rear view camera as far back in your car as possible so that it can be used as a backup camera if your car doesn’t have one built in. You’ll also want to point the rear-view camera slightly downward to avoid glare from headlights, and to also gauge bumper-to-bumper clearance.
    2) I removed the included tape and used my own 3M double sided super strong adhesive. It’s gray and holds somewhere around 5lbs per square inch, at least.

  124. thomas lin

    works fine. does the job. good for this budget. if you have enough budget, i would recommend you to try their new product V1 4K. the image quality is impressive.

  125. Loland

    I am happy with the V1P dash cam. Updating the firmware (recommended) was straight forward, this should be done before changing the setting. Testing both cameras; they both performed well. One thing not mentioned in the manual (I could not find), with the rear camera plugged in the menu button is disarmed. You have to unplug the rear cam to change settings. Customer support was responsive and helpful. My camera was missing the adhesive pad needed to mount the cam to the windshield. CS responded quickly and sending a replacement.

  126. Frank Snyder

    I got this because I drive a lot for my job. As a systems integrator and network administrator I am on the road a lot, I’ve done 6k miles in 3 months.

    My boss has a dash cam, and so does my other co-worker, and I wish I would’ve had one about 6 months ago, road rage incident…yeah..

    The front Camera is 1080p and can be set to 720p. The back camera is just VGA that’s 620 x 480.

    Installation took less than an hour, and was a breeze. I am using the 12v car adapter. I routed the cabble inside my headliner and to the back and tucked it up into the headliner.

    Overall I am satisfied with the product, but I do wish that the back camera was a bit higher in resolution, like maybe 720p, because at night you cant make out jack s***. During daylight, you can see the cars, and some details, but you wont be able to get the license plate readable unless you can enhance the image.

  127. PJ92

    It’s good

  128. Amazon Customer

    I read from various reviews that the camera was easy to install. They were right! Not only was the car installation easy but so was formatting the system. the setup pamphlet gave a step-bt-step account of what needed to be done. it even made suggestions. it took about five minutes to format the camera. I love it. you can’t see it from the outside and it gives me a sense of security whole on the road.

  129. SPIDER

    Easy to install and works very well. Hope I don’t have to use it but it’s nice knowing it’s there.

  130. Amazon Customer

    excellent product

  131. normarie

    I purchased the V1 through Amazon and had it for several months before I was contacted by Rexing when they came out with the V1P. They offered me the opportunity to upgrade to the V1P since it was brand new. The only difference between the two is that the V1P has a rear camera. I received the V1P and got it all hooked up. The first thing I noticed was that the video quality for the rear camera was terrible. It was VGA quality and was not capable of being increased. I called Rexing just to make sure I was not missing something and they confirmed the rear camera quality cannot be increased from VGA.

    I had decided I was going to just live with it since any kind of rear camera is better than none, especially at the price it was offered to me for which was just $40 above the cost of the V1. About a month into using it, the main head unit began freezing and would appear to be recording, but wasn’t actually recording. I contacted Rexing directly and they were very good about sending me another head unit. Once that one came in, we had the same problems. I changed my SD card and still had the same problems. The video would work great for about 10 minutes, but then freeze and stop recording. I then updated the unit with the newest firmware. Afterward, the problems continued. Due to these problems, I contacted Rexing again and they finally offered me a refund for everything.

    Overall, I was completely satisfied with Rexing for taking care of me and agreeing that their product was just not there yet. That being said, I could not recommend this product to anyone. They need to fix the problems with the head unit and they need to offer a better quality rear camera. Every other camera out there with a rear camera option have at least 720P.

    Rexing reached out to me and offered to see if they had gotten the unit right this time by sending me a new camera. I tried it out and sure enough, it seems to be working great. For them to reach out to me out of the blue and offer to send me a new camera to make it right was pretty awesome. Thanks Rexing!!!

  132. Z. Gelnett

    I purchased this camera after having a previous one that didn’t work well. The camera is easy to setup and you can get a mini-usb adapter from Amazon that will let you wire it directly to the fuse box so no wires hanging across your dash/plugged into the lighter. It’s smaller than i was expecting from the product pictures. This is good as I like that it’s not distracting or blocking my view as I drive. I was able to hide it behind the rearview mirror so you don’t notice it while driving.

    The video taken is great quality with one exception, videos taken in the night are a bit dark dark. I’m going to mess with the settings to see if there’s an adjustment. Basically you can see whatever is brightly lit by your headlights or other lights but not much else. So things right in front of your car but you loose anything beyond that. This should be fine for most situations as you’ll see what you run into before you run into it, but it would be nice if the video was a bit brighter.

    I haven’t yet installed the rear camera but plan to this weekend, I understand it records a second video at the same time that it’s recording the main video where one is A and the other is B so it’s easy to line them up.

  133. you guys should updated more often

    Easy set up and manual is easy to read and understand.Day time video is fantastic and clear. Took me about 10 minutes to program to my liking and install in my F150. Push button feature to dump ‘incidents” into separate folder works great. Bets value for money. Night time is ok for what it does, you can see traffic lights and other vehicles which is all I need. During the day time license plates are easily seen and when you use the snapshot feature you can recall later. I have not installed the rear camera yet.

  134. MrLocker

    Easy to install. Simple to use. Works every time. Tough little baby! Survived 100??F days in Fresno, CA

  135. Eeeek

    Without a doubt, the best bang for the buck available. I have had other dashcams. The cheap ones seem to have poor resolution and spotty software. The more expensive ones are nice but are expensive. I took a shot on this one because it had dual cameras, a great price point and very good reviews. I have had it running for about two weeks, and so far I couldn’t be happier. I seem to have the same resolution as the more expensive cameras, the software works great, and a far better price point. I’ll break things in for a few weeks and follow up with a more detailed review.

  136. J.S.A.

    Clear, crisp, recording in a small discreet package, it’s also easy to install and operate which are big +++.

  137. stryder

    This dashcam is amazing. The picture is very clear, making it no wonder why they have a secondary pc cam use for it. The setup is pretty easy. The cord that goes from the front to the rear is very long, almost too long for my little Impreza. Being able to use a 64GB microSD card means saving a lot of video, so one does not need to really worry about space. The rear camera does not come off the windshield once attached, but it is very discrete so it won’t be the easiest target for thieves to see. Overall, I am extremely happy with this product and can not recommend it enough.

  138. Jeff

    Installation was a breeze for me, I have had some experience with running wires through cars. I left the cigar lighter intact though in case I get a new car in the near future. Setting it up was not an issue, the manual is pretty straight forward, it’s just a matter of working on what settings you like and how the glare beams in, etc. It does take some trial and error, but that’s not a bad thing. I like the idea of having a rear facing camera (DO NOT USE IT TO BACK UP) for those people that sneak up on you from the back. My problem is my windshield, it faces an odd angle and so the screen isn’t as clear as I want it to be. I shouldn’t be watching the screen while driving anyways….what I need to see is right in front of me! Overall I think it’s a great bit of insurance in an accident. However, I do have to point out, it does freeze at times if you need to record things. I may have to update the firmware, so I do hope it goes away.

  139. Tbone

    Received the unit right on time, nicely packaged. The user manual is clear and concise, easily followed (unlike many other electronics coming over from China with poorly written manuals). Installation is very straightforward with the cigarette adapter included in the box (although this would only record when your car is powered). For a hard wire approach, you can purchase this kit from Amazon,, that allows the camera to record even when the car if powered off. Unlike what’s written in the manual, where it says the device accepts memory cards with a maximum capacity of 32GB, you can put in a 128GB card and have the unit format it for use without problems. Love the HD picture quality of this front mount unit, so clear, and smooth, non-jerky motion at all. The rear video unit is a very welcome addition. All in all, am very satisfy with the device and looking to purchase several more as Christmas presents for my family.

  140. GILMAR

    very good camera 😉

  141. Jasonspink

    The front video quality is great on here…. When it records. The rear video quality is acceptable in the day time but extremely lacking at night. Every once in a while it will randomly stop recording, not the best thing if it happens to be the moment you actually need it!

    ::UPDATE:: This camera lasted all of about 4 months until it died! I was then tasked with the unfortunate job of removing the adhesive off of the window ????.

    ::UPDATE:: I recieved a replacement camera a while back, the camera has been operating much more reliably than the previous one, it seems as though my original camera may have been defective. I have had no missed videos and the video quality is just as good. I highly recommend rexing dashcams, these are great cameras for the money and the company stands behind their products.

  142. Mom of Boys

    Operated exactly as advertised. Worth the purchase!

  143. redhead4lyf

    The camera started out good but it stopped working a little bit after I paid to have it installed. Then I contacted Rexing and no questions asked they sent me out a replacement camera. They have some of the best customer service I?€?ve experienced. I have now upgraded my camera to the 4K version. Just beware the 4K version doesn?€?t work with a rear camera.

  144. michael simon

    Yes love this device hard wiredrive to my car it’s great thank you

  145. Yong

    Easy to set up and a good quality video. Recommended.

  146. T. TRETTER

    The camera is very easy to use, easy to set up and very lightweight. I updated the firmware before installing it and that was super easy.

    I like the ease of the buttons on the front to toggle recording/sound/camera views.

    I opted to hard wire in the system by purchasing the wiring harness separately, there is plenty of extra cable for power and installing the rear facing camera. The only drawback I have found, is the resolution of the rear camera is lower than I had hoped. Other than that, it is well worth the price!

  147. Alex00

    High definition for real. Great wide angle lens, good sound, good night vision. 95% good stuff. The mount a little but different from other cameras I had before

  148. Stuart C Lathrop

    After one family member was wrongly accused in an auto accident I realized that I probably would never win the he-said, she-said without evidence. I bought a set for both my car and my wife’s. Fortunately, I’ve not had to use them in an accident context but, given my test videos, the truth would certainly emerge. Recommend!

  149. SechoDB

    This is an updated review, downgraded to a 4 stars. Unit died in less than two months. It started glitching and showing vertical lines on the screen, and some other times the video would freeze and stop recording. A quick press of the reset button would bring it back to normal operation but as of today the unit refuses to even turn on. When plugged in, the buttons light up blue but the screen will not turn on and there’s no chime for start up. Contacted Rexing and after some quick troubleshooting they shipped me a replacement unit, which has been working fine so far. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    >————–Original review—————<
    1.- Easy to Install and unobtrusive.
    2.- 3M tape is strong but wished there was an extra one, as you only have one chance to set it up.
    3.- Front Camera Quality seems great (working with a 64GB mSD card, on a 5min cycle)
    4.- Can enable parking and/or motion sensing to detect
    5.- Rear Camera cable length is great.

    1.- Instructions are pretty bad. No mention on optimal Parking/Motion sensor setup. In my experience, they will not activate unless you manually take the dash-cam from the holder… which is pointless because I want the parking sensor to detect any cars bumping my car while parked. Seen a few do it but the camera will not turn on.
    2.- Dash-cam has HUGE RFI emissions (radio frequency emissions). I have the car's built in Navigation GPS unit encased in the rear view mirror center "column" and, if the dash cam is on, the Navigation system will not link it's GPS data to any satellites. As soon as i turn off the dash-cam, the GPS links immediately and Navigation works. This is a HUGE letdown because I'm having trouble positioning the dash-cam to a place where it will not interfere with the built in Navigation system.
    3.- The screen flickers every second (at the same time the red dot indicating recording comes up). Which can be annoying if you're stopped and trying to see what the video feed looks like.
    4.- Did I mention instructions? The unit can be "hardwired" to the car's power system but there are no instructions on how to do so, nor on how to set up the unit so it is not on at all times recording and eating away the battery while the car is off…

    1.- Because the Rear Camera's quality is low (though exactly as advertised), to make up for it, point it very low so you can read the plates of any cars tailgating, etc. If you point it straight back or a little high you will not be able to read their plates because they are too far, and the viewing angle will miss the plate as they get closer.

  150. Andrew O

    Nice camera. The only one issue: LED lights on buttons flash randomly during recording when rear camera is plugged on. Really annoying.
    Front camera resolution is pretty good.

  151. Shelly

    Great dash camera. This is exactly what I was looking for. Pretty easy to install and works well.

  152. Joe Smith

    Waste of money. This camera will not last a week. Junk like every other cheap Chinese camera on Amazon.

  153. Amazon Customer

    this is second time I buy this product. great price, great quality

  154. Joe

    Loving it!!
    I ordered one for my Wife, and a front and back up camera for my truck

  155. Carl J.

    My first dash cam purchase, very impressive, works well as advertised, instruction manual well written and easy to follow, have not hooked up rear view camera yet

  156. Elijan Avdic

    Good shipping time to my house. The camera was even smaller than I thought it was. As others have mentioned, it does not come with a suction cup mount but with a double-sided sticky mount. Although more of a permanent install, using this method instead of a suction cup allows for a more concealed install on your windshield as it is flush mounted. With power from the ignition, the camera starts recording after a couple of seconds to boot up. I did not see it stated anywhere, the front buttons on the unit are backlit so you can easily find that REC button if you need to save a recording of an incident that just happened. Very convenient. The rear camera comes with a proprietary connector so you cannot use any other camera. That is a small con but it would have been nice to be able to use any other camera with an RCA type of connector. The cigarette adapter comes with a very long cord so I was able to conceal the wiring up the A-pillar with plenty of wire leftover so it should be easy for any install. The plastic case does feel a bit fragile and cheap but so far it has held up well and the hot temps have not affected operation so far…hope it stays that way. Otherwise a very nice kit for the price. Planning on buying more for other cars.

  157. Daohaus

    I got this as a replacement for the V1 because I was experiencing problems with the first unit. The customer service is really great they allowed me to pay the difference and upgrade to this unit.

    Fast forward about 2 months when I noticed that I was not getting any more video recordings for some reason. I tried to do a reset etc but to no avail. I did notice that after the reset, i got a notice that I need a Class 4 or higher memory card for this to work. I have a Class 4 micro sd card but for some reason it didnt work for this unit as it worked on the previous one. Anyway, went out and picked up a class 10 32GB Samsung EVO msd card for a crazy clearance price of $10.99. Installled it into the V1P and voila, it worked. So for some reason the class 4 didn’t work on this or was of lower quality. Now I’m a happy camper again.

  158. Hunter

    Rexing V1P with GPS antenna is Great..
    Easy to Install and Hide wires. Neither Cameras/Mounts fell off Glass ( Tinted.)
    Very Small Compact Size that Passengers do not even notice that it is mounted..
    Ordered another for Girl-Friends car..
    I could have used it one month earlier to show not my fault in accident due to a No Headlight / Did Not Stop at Stop Sign..

  159. ChrisC

    Received a second unit from manufacture due to Phoenix heat being so harsh. So far this new one is holding up in the extreme summer heat of Phoenix, after placing the unit in a different location.

    When installing in a hot climate:I found it best to keep the unit as much covered as possible and not in direct sun light. In fact do not install on the windshield directly but if you have to then keep it up in the darkened area except for the camera lens itself.

    Added unit to the dash instead of the windshield this time. This way I can cover the unit with a sun shade while not in use.

    Good: Power wires included and with a lot of extra length.
    Rear camera is pretty well made and easy to place.

    CMOS sensor makes any movement a bit blurry but definitely useful. Vehicle has to be fairly close to make out the license plate# but was able to. Will put up samples of both front and rear shortly.

  160. Oleg SHALAEV

    I was unlucky with my previous purchase REXING S300 (it was overheating even during a cloudy day in Rochester NY). With this one I am fully satisfied (have it for a week now). Uploading videos to youtube or amazon means re-coding them with quality reduction; I have uploaded videos for both front and rear cameras to […]
    The front camera has 170 degree view, and I would not need more. You have only one attempt to mount both cameras; I suggest that you mount the front camera while it is powered on so you can see the area which will be monitored on the screen.

  161. saltytop

    Working great so far no problem
    can not find where to find another cord for rear facing camera would have like to have two

  162. Ralph G.

    The front view camera has a great picture and a very wide angle. The rear camera is just ok and could be better, it’s a little grainy and the picture could be a wider. I would consider buying a rear camera up-grade if one was offered. Overall it has worked great without any problems. The instructions could be more clear on some functions, but this is normal for most imported electronic equipment. I may purchase another one for my other car.

  163. GEB

    This was indeed a good purchase. I have this unit installed in my car for a week now and it’s working very well. The unit is easy to installed and operate, producing clear detail front and back videos day and night. I wish I had this installed in my car when another motorist side swipe me by coming into my lane, causing over $3,000 in damages and $500 deductible. Since the motorist had admitted to the accident been their fault and provided me with all their insurance information, I did not bother to call the police, but later, they stated that it was my fault and since I did not have a police report to prove otherwise, I am out of my deductible, and possible an increase in my premiums. If this unit was installed in my car, I would have had proof to show it was not my fault and would have recover my deductible. I am impressed with the back camera capturing the type of motorist who like to tailgate. So far the unit seems to be holding up in this heat wave we been having here in the NY area because I do keep the unit attached to the car windshield when parked. I hope Rexing will be upgrading their “Pro 300” series to have a back camera operating feature in the near future. I would upgrade to it. It’s worth the investment. I now recommend this dash cam to family and friends, even offer to installed it for them in their vehicles. I purchase this unit at full price and no discount was given to me for my opinion.

    the near future, I would upgrade to that unit also. This is worth the investment.

  164. Amazon Customer

    After reading a number of reviews about dash cameras I decided to purchase Rexing model. And after using it for some time I think that it was a good purchase.
    1. Good build quality.
    2. Good quality of front camera movies.
    3. Easy menu and setup.
    4. Very easy mounting and wires arranging. Check video on their website for tips. It took me less than 10 minutes to connect front and rear cameras, as well as hide all wires.
    5. Good price.
    1. The movie quality of rear camera is rather low. However, it was expected and described on the website. Since most of the dash cameras come only with the front opton, and those which contain rear camera are also suffer from the same problem, this is not a major complain.
    2. The dash camera kit lacks micro card. It is not a big problem, but it would be nice to get it as an option

  165. David V.

    High quality video and audio. Very easy to install. It does act a little funky on very hot days (it has been a very hot summer in the Northeast) so sometimes it freezes up and I’ll have to reset it a few times but it isn’t constant so I just think this unit is super sensitive to direct sunlight in prolonged driving situations. I don’t leave it on the mount when I’m not driving. I have wondered if rexing would send a replacement front camera because of this near-issue. The product itself is awesome though! For the price i would recommend it to others.

  166. Amazon Customer

    This will be my third dash cam but my first camera from Rexing, Gave the first one to my daughter, and the second one goes to the husband. I have researched cameras for one year and the Rexing V1P is my favorite so far. I love how small it is and it can’t be seen from the outside of the vehicle. I really like the one button to turn the mic on and off, and love the auto shut off after 3 minutes of the record being turned off. The footage is crisp, clear, and clean. I have not had time to set up the rear camera yet so I will post about that at a later time. I had a question about the memory card, the website said 128gb class 10 but the owners manual said 32gb, I e mailed and they responded within 24 hours, very good customer service which is important to me. The owners manual has a mis-print, the camera will take the 128gb memory card. I will give it six months and update my review. For now, I really love this camera.

  167. Annette Botzum

    Very good product and very reasonably priced. Easy to install, good quality video. Was disappointed a camera chip was not part of the packet.

  168. Florence A. Naeve

    The Rexing V1P camera was quick to install, and the instructions for settings were straight forward enabling me to get on the road for a test drive in less than 30 minutes. The video quality is very good, and the mounting is unobtrusive and allows me to remove the camera easily when I park the vehicle and don’t want the camera to sit in the hot sun or be visible to passersby. I’ve used the Rexing V1P for several weeks and overall, I’m very pleased with the device and it’s performance compared to other dash cams I’ve used.

  169. Dave Sterling

    Good product, easy to use and i would recommend.

  170. Amber

    after browsing and carefully reading reviews, I opted for the Rexing V1P, and I love it.

    I hardwired it to my car battery, set it up and go tit running in about 3 hours and I have been a happy camper since then. I’m really impressed with its auto exposure and HD really is amazing, the camera performs great even if the sun is directly on the lens.

    I read a few bad reviews about the rear camera, but I didnt want a rear camera to start with..I just got it bcz I found that little extra feature very cheap..yeah it flickers and the quality isn’t that great..but it still does its job.

    I highly recommend the Rexing V1P.

  171. Amazon Customer

    Good A+

  172. David Young

    First of all, the product works well as advertised and all the included cables are long enough for me to hide them along the interior trims with a little bit extra length. Before receiving the product, I was concerned about how I will hide the wires as I have no experience with it at all, but after watching a few youtube videos and trying it out myself, it wasn’t hard at all.

    The missing star is because my car didn’t have a back-up camera, so I was hoping to use this product as a back-up camera. I tried to install it right near the rear view mirror, but due to the display screen has poor angle of view, it’s not really usable as a back-up camera. You’ll have to look at the screen straight on for you to really see what’s being displayed. Since it still works well as a front + back video recorder, I’m still keeping it.

  173. He Wang

    it is a very good camera for sure. however, it doesn’t have perfect resolution as front camera. it still very good and useful.

  174. Daniel Leebove

    Seems to be all that it is advertized to be.

  175. david morales

    So This is the first car cam I’ve owned, and I like it. It is not too big, and I’ve mounted it on my windshield just beside the mirror and it barely noticeable. I’ve had some close calls, and it was nice to be able to refer to the video. The only issue I had with this product was the adhesive. I’m guessing that after being in the sun it melted, but they were kind enough to replace that and advised that I just slide off the car on those hot days.

    This camera activates with motion detection and turns on and off when the car is on or off. ?€?

  176. Gjay

    Really decent for its price but $30 extra for the back camera is not all worth it mainly because the video quality is not good. I would pay $50 extra for a back camera with the same quality as the front camera. I really wish that was an option. Or at least give us a discount for buying a second camera.

  177. Nicolas Rafiner

    Great dash cam. Took a risk on a cheaper one without all the features and it paid off. Highly recommend, video quality was way better than I was expecting it to be for this price range.

  178. G. Jenkins

    This is my second Rexing V1 series camera, and was excited to see the addition of a rear view lens on this model. I read some comments about the low video quality of the rear lens, but I personally don’t have an issue. I bought the system as a secondary insurance policy against reckless drivers and the potential for my word against theirs in case of an accident. I personally don’t need to see enhanced details, and didn’t expect cinema video quality from a $129 device. The quality of the video of the main unit is great, and the video quality of the rear camera serves the purpose in which I purchase the unit. The small form of the main unit & secondary lens is what attracted me to the Rexing units to begin with, and the ability to remove the main unit from the vehicle is an added benefit. I would not hesitate to purchase this unit again, or recommend it to others looking for a dash camera system.

  179. David R.

    I really like my Rexing dash cam system. This one has both the front windshield and back windshield cameras. I love everything about it, and would give it five stars but for one complaint. It is extremely difficult to be able to get my videos off of it. I assume because it was Wi-Fi that I could connect to it with my phone and wirelessly retrieve video. That doesn?€?t seem to be the case, or if it?€?s possible they don?€?t tell me how. The only way I found to be able to do it is to take the SD card out put it into an SD reader get an adapter so that it fits to my phone and then directly load them into the phone. One of the reasons I bought this particular camera was to avoid all that. However disappointing that is, it?€?s still a superb high-quality recording system. I just have to buy more pieces and parts now to be able to use it the way I?€?d like to.

  180. Craig

    It was easy to install. Seems to work well. Only complaint or suggestion I have on this product is the viewing screen does not tilt and the way my windshield slopes it’s near impossible to see screen but then again I don’t need to unless something happens.

  181. Luis

    Great quality dash cam for a great price. I got the regular V1 back in December and got this one with the rear camera for my wife’s vehicle. Great quality video. I am able to read license plates from the recording if needed.

  182. Oolon Colluphid

    As good as the other reviews state. This is a decent quality dashcam. I’m undecided whether a separate unit that also records in 1080p would be a better solution as the rear camera is definitely a lot less useful being 640×480 resolution and quite grainy. Having all the files in one place is handy however.
    Make sure you use a class 10 CF card; I used a slower one initially from a previous dashcam and it would stop recording after a few minutes unless the rear camera was unplugged.

  183. Kbizzle

    I was shocked at how small this unit was. I was thinking it was much larger and I’m happy it can be tucked behind my rear view mirror. The video it captures is incredible. Super clear. I did notice some of the video is choppy at times but it does clear up. Seems to be an intermittent issue when traveling at higher speeds. I also noticed it locks up sometimes and needs to be restarted. I wish the menu was a little easier to get into and navigate. I’ve only had this camera for a week so maybe I can get used to the in’s and out’s of this camera with a little more time.

  184. Jason M.

    Just received this yesterday and installed it today?€? So far it appears to be great quality?€? I used a 132 gig micro memory card The quality of the videos so far appeared to be great when I checked them out on my computer?€? I wish I would’ve had this unit two years ago when This lady decided to make a right turn from the left turn lane and crushed my fender and front bumper. They called it a 50-50 fault accident which ended up costing me about $1000 in damage. If I would have had this camera installed I could have proven that she was in the left lane with her left turn signal on as I pulled up in the right lane with my right signal on

  185. Eduardo Sambugaro

    Small, easy to use, great quality

  186. LIANG, H.

    Fast shipping from seller, great video quality from dash cam.

  187. Don

    Bought two sets of V1P from Amazon, one for wife’s car and the other for mine. Easy to install and mode set. Front cam is very clear and the real cam is just for fun. Parked the car outside house at ~100C, and V1P still performed well. The only thing bothering me is that the real cam wiring interferes car radio AM, making annoying noise. When I unplugged real cam from the front cam, the noise gone. This affects AM only, not FM, so not a big deal.

  188. M. Robba

    I’m old enough (and a female to boot) to barely know what a dashcam is, but after having had problems with a driver hitting my car, I decided to have a gadget that would record, front and back, what was happening around me. I am very happy with the Rexing V1P I ultimately settled on and would recommend it to anybody who asks for advise. It also is easy to install, very discreet, and fun to watch (though NOT while driving). If I had a second car, I would not hesitate to buy another Rexing dashcam again.

  189. Esther

    Very easy to use and install. I’m not electronic savvy, my husband installed in about 5 minutes, I formatted the memory card and off I went. I am really glad I got this camera. So many close calls on the roads lately and I like having it watching out for me. Quality for the main dash cam for both night and day is very, very, crisp. It’s easy to mount, and dismount, the device. Do leave an inch of room so that you can wedge the device out. It hardly takes any force at all, so no worries about it being a struggle to remove it when needed.

  190. Jason Casey

    It took a while to get it hardwired in, but I am liking it pretty well. Be sure to take your SD card first and go to the computer and download the firmware update and put it on the SD card before anything else. That way you have the most up to date when you first turn the unit on.

  191. RL

    Great front image, rear could be better but use able. The battery is crap but I hard wired mine, not an issue. Would recommend to others.

  192. Great stuff


  193. NSM

    I really like that the camera and screen are one unit. Other cameras I have dealt with have an arm the attaches to the screen, but these broke off easily. I also love that it came with a rear view camera and allows for GPS capability. I wished that the mount that clips on to the camera pushed the camera away from the windshield a little more, or was adjustable so that I can just glance at the screen and see what it is recording. Right now the screen looks dark until I move my head down and in front of it to see a clear picture, but that is ok it prevents me from being distracted I guess. Other than that I really like this camera.

  194. LazyCodeMonkey

    Like the simple design, 170 degree of view, good night vision and motion capture. Easy to use GUI menu. So far so good, will need to do a follow up in a few months to see how it over time.

  195. Michael Turner

    So far this camera has exceeded my expectations. Video quality is excellent and after installation the unit is so sleek, its almost not visible from the outside.
    I also found Rexings software for reviewing saved footage to be very user friendly.

  196. Amazon Customer

    Camera Works Great!!! Very Clear and does not distort with loud Music

  197. Minja

    Have used this camera for a week now and reviewed the files today before giving this review. Image and audio quality is pretty decent, easy to use and set up. Included wiring is super long so it’s easy to line inside the car. I wish the lenses captured an even wider angle-I can’t record anything other than what’s directly in front of /behind the car. Will purchase this unit for our other vehicles. Good enough for the intended purpose. Tried a 360?? camera for my desired purpose and my idea was brilliant but the camera wasn’t meant for drive lighting & changes. Only thing I’ve seen that’s better is using multiple GoPro cameras but if that’s not within your budget then this unit is the way to go.

  198. Steve

    I received this product timely. Its appearance is very sleek and it stays out of my field of sight. I have had a Dash Cam for the past 2 years, and I enjoyed my prior one as well. The addition of the rear camera is nice, but the picture quality is not overwhelming. It is good as an establishing shot.

    Installation was fairly easy. The only issues I have had thus far are with downloading the firmware onto the SD card, and then having the unit properly load once putting the SD card in. Yesterday was frustrating as the unit kept stopping every 13 seconds. It was also turning itself off every so often while I was driving. What I ended up doing was turning the settings off for both the Parking Assist and Motion Detection, then the function and continuous recording returned to normal. I will re-try the download soon. For the money paid, this is a great dashcam. If it continues to perform well, I will be buying another for my fiancee’s car.

    -Update 5/8/17: I continue to use this item on a daily basis, I have had a few bumps in the road, but each time has been easy to resolve. What I have found is that a best practice is to format the SD card once a month (or more), as the unit will occasionally freeze up if you wait too long between formats. I had one more difficult issue over the winter where I could not get a visual to appear, and the unit was locked in startup mode. I ended up putting a backup SD card into the camera and it loaded fine. I ended up having to take my normal SD card and plugging it into my computer. From there, I formatted the card, and it functioned fine again. I also purchased the GPS unit in the fall, it is a worth-while addition to track speed and location.
    **CLIFFNOTES: make sure to format your card on a regular basis (1-2x per month recommended)

  199. Fred

    Excellent product. Easy to use.

  200. Tiny Lens

    After reading the reviews and doing my research I decided on this cam over all the others. I am not disappointed, I actual orders three of them. One for myself, one for my girlfriend the last for her son who is heading off to college in a few weeks.

    The new firmware adds a lot of power to the unit and I’m so glad that support for the cam is ongoing. I especially like that the manufacturers respond to most of the technical questions asked here so we all know we are getting the best answers possible.

    If you are looking for a front/rear dash cam setup, this Recing unit is hard to beat, especially for the cost.

    For those of you complaining about the quality of the rear camera image, didn’t you read the specs?


  201. Alex Guzman

    This is One of the best dash cameras I’ve ever owned. It has easy setup features, easy navigation through menu. Clear picture. This is a good solid buy. I recommend it.

  202. stephen c dettle

    Looks great,,, hides cleanly behind mirror !! Got it installed at Best Buy !

  203. Ron Weiss

    It worked right out of the box. No fuss no muss. It’s low profile and doesn’t block my view. And the quality of the recordings was very good — from both the front and rear camera. Highly recommended.

  204. Sabrina

    I am so happy with this dash cam!! I wish I would have bought one sooner! It was very easy to install and so was the camera set! The video quality is great! Living in the DMV where traffic is insane and accidents happen daily on my commutes, this dash cam definitely gives me peace of mind!!!! Do yourself a favor and buy it!

  205. Gman

    In its price range you can’t do better works very well

  206. Robert Sodman

    I’ve wanted a dashcam for quite some time and dove in with the Rexing V1P. It was easy to mount and to run the cabling. The only issue I had was getting creative with the excess cable. Once mounted, there was little to no configuration needed. Just plug in the memory card and go. Within the first 48hrs I had a couple of collisions that I was not a part of captured. The device makes it very simple to lock in a video as it shoots in 3min,5min and 10min loops until the memory card is full and then it overwrites the oldest. On a roadtrip I was on over the weekend it allowed me to capture some wildlife crossing the road. The video is clear is upfront and the audio pickup is great.
    My only issue with it is I haven’t found a video player that will play both clips at the same time from the front and rear camera if I just want to watch my footage. The other is the device being listed as Prime eligible. I guess I’ve become spoiled and when things say Prime I expect them in 2 days. This took a couple of days to fulfill and then another couple to ship. Granted it does say it takes 4-5days to receive on the product page, which I completely glanced over since I saw PRIME.
    All in all, very small qualms with the overall enjoyment of the device. If you’re looking for an easy setup and installation, this is your device.

  207. Soldier

    I bought the Rexing V1 2.7 and was really impressed, so I decided to upgrade to the Rexing V1P 2.4 and I must say it was money well spent absolutely no regret and I will recommend this brand to anyone who is interested in buying a dash cam.


    Camera works great. Nice that angle is adjustable. Backup camera is mirror image though. whats on right, shows up on left and vice-versa. Other than that happy with purchase.

  209. MLM

    Very easy to use and install. I’m not electronic savvy, my husband installed in about 5 minutes, I formatted the memory card and off I went. I am really glad I got this camera. So many close calls on the roads lately and I like having it watching out for me.

  210. James M.

    Great product the rear cam feels flimsy but delivers super quality footage.

  211. AuroraBorealis

    Overall have been pleased with the unit although agree that the rear camera resolution leaves a lot to be desired. Main issue has been with head unit mounting plate delaminating from windshield after sitting in the sun all day (even with a full sun shield inside the windshield)–the heat causes the glue in the double sided tape to soften resulting in the unit falling away and dangling from the headliner by its cords (interestingly enough, the rear camera has remained solidly in place). On the hunt for some stronger double sided tape, but you may want to take this into consideration if you live anywhere south of the 60th parallel in the summer….

  212. Ivy Guan

    nice dash cam.. great quality…the rear camera is ok

  213. oo0hNoo0

    Very impressed with the camera thus far. It’s decently made and it seems like they put quite a lot of thought in it’s design.

    One minor thing I wish they included was more notches on the camera angle. One click views too low on my dash, the next click up views too high. I wish they implemented a twist and lock mechanism to get the perfect view.
    Oh wells the notice too low still does the job, and I’m very happy with it.

    Update: Almost got into a car accident, and when I played back the video it wasn’t there. The dash cam is 3 days behind in storing videos… I don’t know what that’s about, but luckily I caught this error before anything major happpened.

    Re-Update: I discovered the issue wasn’t with the Dash Cam, but with the SD card. I replaced the old SD card with a level 10 SanDisk microSD, and the unit is back to recording High Def footage.

    I uploaded recent recordings so you can see can see for yourself.
    1) Front Day
    2) Front Night
    3) Rear Day
    4) Rear Night

  214. Jim Bertschy

    Flexibility of rear camera — up/down is excellent — right to left can not do — have sliding rear window in my truck tinted .can not put in center.

  215. Brett

    After my wife was involved in two hit and run accidents within 4 months where the “hit and runners” were never caught, I decided to give some serious thought regarding acquiring some dash cams. I decided on the Rexing V1P due to the (mostly) outstanding reviews coupled with a reputation for excellent customer service. I bought two units, one for my car and one for wifey. I have my V1P paired with the Rexing GPS logger, latest firmware, and the $8.95 Dash Camera Vehicle Hard Wire Kit available here on Amazon. My wife has the same set up without the GPS logger. The first thing I did was to check the firmware, which was already at the latest version. I used to install car stereos, so installation was a breeze. My experience up to this point has been nothing but positive. As previously mentioned, the front camera is 1080P, while the back camera is VGA (640×480). The front camera is outstanding, the rear adequate for video proof in case of a rear collision. Definitely worth the extra $30 to me. YMMV. My one experience with customer service over a non-problem was positive. V1 or V1P, you can’t go wrong at this price point.

  216. Bowler Hat Guy

    Great camera! I would highly recommend to anyone. innately had issues but worked everything out with the seller. Top notch customer service.

  217. Amazon Customer

    Records well. Be careful about leaving car parked in sun. Best to take camera down when you park the car and put it back up when ready to go. Easy to install and hire wires. Would have been 5 stars if the charger had an extra USB port in it so I didn’t lose a charging point in my car.

    Update 7/7/16
    Rexing is a great company. They saw my 4 star review and offered to not only send an extra mount but the upgraded charger for no extra cost. Wish I could give 10 stars because that’s amazing customer service.

  218. S. K

    This is my second car dvr. I very like the feature of the rear camera. The user interface is good enough to understand and effective for selecting menus. It would be better if the cable to the rear camera is longer.

  219. Static FL

    Took an hour to install inside of a older model Toyota Pickup truck with extended cab. The video quality of the dsh camera is amazing and worth it. The quality of the rear camera seems to be SD and not HD. Nonetheless it’s an awesome purchase. The windshield double stick tape worked perfectly. I had my reservations with the tape being that it’s mid 90s during the summer here in Florida were the car inside can get up to 130 degrees. So far it’s still stuck and mounted perfectly. The auto start feature when the car powers on is nice. You dont have to touch it at all. Just drive. My wife now wants one for her car.

    I installed a 32bg card in there and its set to loop when out of space. On the highest setting is something like 2gb of video for over 20mins of driving. Mostly all the quick trips out it records separate videos and doesnt overwrite unless it has to. The 2nd camera also dual records with the primary. The files will be named A and B.

    Audio can be disabled so you wont be embarrassed with conversations with yourself or singing along to the radio. If there was a incident that needed to be saved, all you have to do is tap the Lock button, and it’ll flag that entire drive as read only, and it’ll save it under a separate folder named “RO” so it wont be overwrote(both videos A and B will be flagged). Hope that helps.

  220. Amazon Customer

    Very reasonable price. The screen with the auto loop is a plus. I used the back up camera as my interior camera and the quality of the video is better that I expected. The front camera is very clear but at night it could be more clear. Still a very good quality camera for the price. I totally recommend this camera.

  221. Amazon Customer

    1) This DashCam is fine. The front cam is very clear, however the resolution of rear cam is not good. 2) The Amazon website says this dashcam supports up to 128G miniSD card, so I bought a 64G miniSD card together with this dashcam. However, when I received the product and read the manual, it says this cam supports only up to 32GB. You know what I feel about this.

  222. Patrick J. Zollo

    Great product, the video is outstanding I just hooked up the rear camera today and have not had a chance to test it. One thing I would caution is before you mount the rear camera make sure you look at the screen before you attach it. I put mine on upside down and had to pry it off. Not an issue with the product but myself not checking first.

  223. MichaelS

    So far I’m VERY HAPPY.
    I’ll post an update I’d that changes.

  224. B. Weinstein

    As described , Good value and easy to install.

  225. OldBaldGuy

    Exactly what I wanted – I am on the road a lot and this device fills the requirements. I use it in 720p and get slightly over 9 hours on a micro SD card. I’ve not hooked up the rear-view camera as yet, will update when I do so.
    I would recommend to a friend.

  226. claudia rodriguez


  227. Micah K.

    I have used this device for about two weeks now, and I must say, I am very pleased. I bought this to replace a dashcam that mounted to my rear view mirror, because it was causing my mirror to drop down when I hit bumpy roads. Potholes are a drag. I also wanted one that had a rear view camera.

    I read the reviews on this camera, including all the ones that people wrote bad reviews, and I took a chance. I’m glad I did. Yes, the rear facing camera doesn’t have as good a quality as the front camera, but since I didn’t have a rear camera before, I think it is fine. The angle of my rear window does cause me to get the reflection of the interior on the glass though, but that’s not the camera’s fault.

    One new thing I’m having to do, per the recommendation, is remove the camera when I leave my car. I didn’t have to do this for the mirror mounted one, but it makes sense since this one mounts directly to the glass. The sun would be beating down directly on it inside an already hot car.

    I really like how it records two separate files for the two cameras. My mirror mounted one put both videos in one file as a side by side. I like being able to look at which every one I want, and not have to see the other one right next to it. Just my personal preference.

    I haven’t updated the firmware yet. That is something I need to do. The instructions for that make it look really easy, just download the file, put it on the card, install the card, power up the unit and viola, it updates. Then you reformat the card so it doesn’t keep updating the firmware every time you power up.

    I would definitely recommend this camera. In fact, I have recommended it to my office mate who is seriously considering buying one for his pickup and his wife’s car.

  228. Michael Pinion

    The product recorded my drive and the quality was great. It shuts off when I turn the car off and comes on when started. I do not have to touch anything. works great.

  229. Bobby

    Good reviews and fits my purpose

  230. Scott M Texidor

    I bought this upon many reviews, and I am happy with the purchase, because it does what it says. My only issue is the manual that comes with it. In some cases it shows other programs that you can use and yet I’m unable to find them. I think they should have an updated manual via online as in a PDF file, so when they update the firmware they update the manual.

  231. jason chi

    Great camera, Easy to setup. The hardest part was running and hide the cable. Everything is plug and play, even the rear camera. Just plug it in and go.
    Will get another one for my other car.

  232. hesam


  233. “QUICK”

    Great video and pictures to view, what all of the crazy drivers on the road today. It is always good to have that third eye. Great buy.

  234. PCFRED

    Easy to setup, read the directions before install and it installed very easily. Very good picture. I like the fact that it turns on and off with the vehicle so I don’t have to touch it. I was a little confused about what model I have, the V1 or V1P, my statement says V1P so that’s what I went by and did not do the firmware update which is for the V1 ONLY.
    Rear camera is very good even through my tinted window. I like the fact that there was plenty of cord to run down the window frame and under the dash and also the cord for the rear camera was plenty long enough which was great. It would be nice to have a little coil at the end of the cable (by the rear camera) for those of us that have SUV’s with rear doors and/or flip glass.

  235. James Mitchell

    I bought the V1 as my spouse drives for work but after seeing how it performs I decided to upgrade hers to a V1P and put the other in my new car. It provides a sense of comfort knowing it is all caught on camera and stopping anyone bending the truth of an accident did happen.

    Front camera works great, back cameras quality is okay but not great. I wouldn’t say you could capture the license plate number of the person in the front camera without being 10 ft away. The back camera will probably never capture a license plate but capture other identifying details and vehicle activities.

  236. Jeffrey S Walls

    Installed easily and has survived numerous 90 degree days with the windows up with no effect.
    A little complicated but the available features make that a necessity.
    Over all , with the backup camera a real deal.

  237. sasan

    it has good quality

  238. Myke Griffin

    I initially purchased the V1 unit and later upgraded to the V1P unit via Rexing’s upgrade program. They’ll ship you the new V1P unit and you have to ship back the original V1 unit with the additional cost upgrade.

    Initially, the first rear camera didn’t work. Contacted customer service and they sent me a new one. Thank you Rexing! The second camera worked perfectly.

    The front camera records in 1080 and the rear camera records in 720. On the SD card, (not supplied), the files are separated by “A” for the front camera and “B” for the rear camera. The cables are plenty long enough to tuck in around the interior trim to hide dangling cables.

    My car, Hyundai Tuscon, has a tinted rear window, so the video is darker for the rear camera. It’s not much, but it does effect the clarity of the video. It’s still overall a decent video. I installed an additional V1P unit in my wife’s Honda Civic, which doesn’t have tinted windows, and the rear video is fine.

    In order to read license plates, you have to be somewhat close to the subject vehicle. Also, because the camera sits directly on the windshield, the video does have a slight “fish bowl” look to it depending on the curvature of your windshield. Again, the video still looks great.

    Overall, this is a great dash cam for this price range. Well worth the purchase. Excellent customer service. Received it quickly.

  239. Stan A.

    My wife got me this dash cam for our second car, my other dash cam is a DR650GW which is triple the price. The difference in image quality of the front units is honestly negligible, kudos to Rexing on that one. The night recording for both is “eh”, I guess dash cam technology just isn’t there yet.
    You can’t see the (local) license plates unless the cars are stopped… The real difference is in the quality of the rear units videos and I definitely think that paying extra $200 (minus other DR650GW features with questionable usability) isn’t worth the 1080p in the back. In my opinion as long as you can use the video footage to review an accident the camera pays for itself.

  240. john

    Easier to install (running the wiring) than I expected. The long power cord let me take advantage of the space between windshield and trim to stuff the wire under the trim. This allowed me to hide the wire until I brought it out from under the dash and plugged it into the lighter socket. The unit itself appears to be working well. This summer the heat will be the true test of durability and reliability of function. I purchased two units and look forward to not needing them however I feel more secure knowing they are there to record any adverse actions of other drivers.

  241. Rizwan Virani

    this is great and so easy to use. i have hardwired mine and run the cable through the car molding. looks very sleek and professional. great product !

  242. Tomas Falschnamen

    I drive over 800 miles a week to travel for work, sometimes anywhere from 5 – 11 hours a day. It’s currently hitting around 100+ degrees multiple days throughout the week. So this dash cam has been put through its paces. Not one instance of the devices overheating or the adhesive mounts falling off or pealing. I wish the rear dash mount was like the front one, where I could get a new adhesive mount for it if I got a new car (or just needed to change cars), though.

    Initially I was wary of getting the rear dash cam, as some users have posted that it’s garbage quality or doesn’t work. The video cord is run through an audio jack cable, like you’d use for your headphones, so honestly it’s pretty good quality for using such a medium. For me, it’s worked great and I absolutely love having the rear cam. It’s very much worth and I’m glad I opted to get it.

    Quality for the main dash cam for both night and day is very, very, crisp. It’s easy to mount, and dismount, the device. Do leave an inch of room so that you can wedge the device out. It hardly takes any force at all, so no worries about it being a struggle to remove it when needed.

    How do you view video from your computer? Well, I’ve read that some users have plugged in the cable via USB to their computer, selected “Mass Storage” and were able to view the video files there, but I had no such luck (tried both Mac and Windows). I eventually just ordered one of these ( and then used the software from Rexing’s site (here: to view the video playback. I’ll add screenshots and video playback when I have some more spare time.

    Here are the issues I’ve had, and how all of them were easily resolved:
    1) The main dash cam got stuck on a constant reboot, rebooting every 3 seconds.
    2) The rear dash cam video feed went bad, giving it a grayed and broken image, like a VHS with bad tracking.
    3) At one point during a 5 hour drive, the audio recording (or perhaps just playback) got stuck over the same 3-5 second loop.

    These problems were resolved by (in corresponding order):
    1) I was using the wrong charger than the one provided. When I plugged in the one provided, the dash cam no longer had the reboot issue. This is probably because the other charger I was using provided too low an amperage.
    2) Either reboot the device, or just unplug and replug in the cable. This has only happened to me twice.
    3) This only occurred once, and I suspect it had something to do with the bad charger that I was using.

    Additional points:

    So, this could be coincidental, but ever since I put up the rear dash cam, I’ve never been tailgated. Cars have flown up behind me right on my tail, but then suddenly backed off giving me proper space. Again, I have no proof that their seeing the dash cam in the window is the reason, but it was certainly noticeable that after all the driving I’ve done, there is now a drought of any tailgaters.

    Driving is a lot more relaxing now. If you’re like the many who get angry watching other drivers do stupid and dangerous things, your blood pressure may go down like mine did, now that these things are being recording in front of (and behind) you, and that any dumb actions that may lead to an accident will have evidence to the fact.

    While unplugging the rear dash cam cord, the display suddenly showed me the backup cam lines that you see on other cars. I can’t figure out how to get those to display when I’m in reverse. I’ll revisit the instruction booklet again just to be sure I didn’t miss something (which is likely the case).

    Overall, I’m definitely happy with my purchase!

  243. Thomas H208

    I purchase two Rexing V1P units through Amazon. One for a Ford Fusion and one for a BMW Z-4 hardtop convertible installation.
    Installation: In a word, easy, with one qualifier. Recommendation – Watch a few of the install videos of any dash cam on you tube. See how the narrow USB cable is hidden. It is as easy as depicted. Fun, too! It?€?s like following a three dimensional puzzle maze with narrow cable. Conversely, it wasn?€?t easy for me to place the adhesive backed mounting plate on the windshield so that I could achieve a level horizon in my video. I found that even with care and marking the position I wanted the plate to be on the windshield, I needed to be precise to less than a 1/16th of an inch. Relying on the small viewing screen of the unit to establish level, while holding the unit against the windshield and marking the position of the unit on the windshield with a black sharpie pen; was awkward for me and did not work to my satisfaction. The parallax error between my two eyes was enough to skew my horizon. It is not a fault of the camera or design. I can straighten the horizon of the video, post processing, if it really makes me crazy, but I would never post process anything that I wanted to use for documentation. My word of caution would be, do your best to achieve level horizon placement. It is one of the first steps you do in the install and is critical if you want level horizon.
    Controls of the unit are nearly intuitive. There are two set-up screens accessed with the ?€?Mode?€? button on the side of the unit. Mode 1 is activated by first turning the ?€?Record?€? function off by pressing the ?€?Record?€? button when the unit is recording; then pressing the ?€?Mode?€? button; the other is reached by two presses of the ?€?Mode?€? dial. In both Mode screens it is a simple matter to scroll forward and back through the selections with the adjacent buttons marked, ?€?Record ?€?(Up) and ?€?Mute?€? (Down). The manual is easy to understand for English speakers. I power the unit from the cigarette lighter. My power at the cigarette lighter is available even when the car isn?€?t running, so making the unit a parking ?€?attendant?€? dash cam is as simple as not turning the unit off when I park.
    Camera output quality: I found the quality of the forward facing camera output very clear in ideal conditions; which would be driving with the sun behind me at the 2 – 5 o?€?clock position. Driving into the sun with the sun at my 12 – 6 o?€?clock position the videos suffer from reflected glare off of my dashboard. My dashboard is a semi-gloss pebble grained black/grey faux leather and casts a reflection on the windshield that mimics ISO noise, (in the sense of the pebbled graininess of the material of my dash), in my video. The reflection cast doesn?€?t affect the underlying clarity of the recording, but is an annoying over-lay. I haven?€?t thought of a solution for that annoying reflection. Not a fault of the lens or camera. The rear camera is not HD. It is clear enough in daylight to see license numbers of cars directly behind and close to you. I might also mention that, surprisingly, the rear camera video loops have an overall brighter view in low light, (twilight and dark) than the front camera, albeit very noisy. In the future I may adjust the EV of the forward facing unit while driving at night. Or not.
    Video replay on computer: (I use VLC media player, available for free, I believe) and also run an HDMI cable between the computer and the 45 inch TV. Picture quality is crisp and clear. The depth of field is more than acceptable. Sound quality from the tiny microphone is more than acceptable. The firmware Version number I received, (2nd week of June), is -B50_655.2016.0523.V0.8 On replay of recorded loops there is a flicker issue, at the beginning of loops with a duration of up to 3 ?€? 5 seconds. It has been described by others, and is still present in my firmware version. It is my understanding that a firmware update is due this month that is to address this issue. I haven?€?t found the flicker that annoying. If I click my mouse button anywhere on the playback screen while viewing a loop on my computer a few times it seems to stop flickering. No biggie and I will install the new firmware when it?€?s available.
    Conclusion: After speaking with few neighbors who had been involved in traffic accidents, where they were not at fault, and how they discovered how dishonest others drivers can be, I decided to buy a dash cam. I purchased these units in order to have some peace of mind knowing I have documentation in the event of an accident. I?€?m convinced that for that purpose the Rexing V1P will fill my needs.
    As a side note, on the second V1P that I purchased from Rexing, because the BMW Z4 is a hardtop convertible, mounting the rear camera in the Z4 has become a no-go. So the second V1P unit will be mounted without using the rear camera.

  244. Vue Lee

    It was well packaged when I received it. Setup and installation were easy to follow. I got mine hooked up in about 10 minutes, to include front and rear cameras and tucking in the wires in between.

    The front camera is a lot bigger than I imagined but that wasn’t an issue. It seems pretty light but we’ll constructed. The buttons are easy to get used to.

    Video quality for the front camera is excellent. Very clear video and the audio recording is ok.

    The rear camera video quite is decent but it is what you get. It was a bit grainy.

    All in all, I like the product very much and plan to use it for a while.

  245. Amazon Customer

    All the other reviews that I read about this dashcam were pretty much spot on.

    The front facing cam is great. There’s some very minor artifacting in the video but the quality at 1080p is quite good and the camera adjusts to changing light conditions well.

    The rear facing cam is pretty much the worst quality you could get away with to still be useful. It doesn’t adjust to the current light conditions at all as far as I can tell, and I think this contributes the most to the poor quality. The video tends to look like cel-shaded CGI, and despite what I’ve seen some people claim I can’t make out license plates; however, it’ll still give a general idea of what happened in a collision so it works well enough for me. I just wish it wasn’t SO much worse than the front cam; the difference in quality is shocking the first time you see it.

    The cigarette lighter power adapter for this cam puts out some interference for FM radio which may matter to you, but I used Dash Camera Vehicle Hard Wire Kit – Mini USB Compatible with G1w / G1w-C / G1WH / GT680W / Mini 0801 / Mobius Action Spy Tec Camera and More | Car DVR Camera Recorder Dashboard Dashcam | Black Box Video Recorder | with a fuse tap from Advance Auto to hardwire the cam into my fuse panel anyway.

    I’m using SanDisk Extreme 64GB MicroSDXC UHS-1 Card with Adapter (SDSQXNE-064G-GN6MA) for storage and I get something like 8 hours of 1080p front + rear footage with 3 minute looping enabled.

    The mic on the front camera is decent and the audio is recorded into both the front and rear camera video files.

    The controls and interface are also quite decent and easy to navigate. You can lock the currently recording segment (if you have loop recording on) with one press of the OK button.

    Overall I’m happy with it. I knew what I was getting since I researched before hand and it fits my needs, but if Rexing ever comes out with a newer model that upgrades the rear cam I’ll be upgrading immediately :).

    Disclosure: Rexing has offered to send me a replacement adhesive mount for the front cam in return for an honest review of this product.

    Edit (2016-06-24): I said I get around 16 hours of footage on a 64GB card but it’s actually 7.25+. Also, some of the 3 minute segments start with about 20 seconds of glitched video; it’s not that bad but seeing squares in the video jump back and forth through time while it starts the new segment is a bit strange.

  246. Doug MacDonald

    Great camera for front and travel views, great quality, I had two of the lesser value cameras and ithey both stopped working after three months and six months. This is better quality built and controls, easy to use and set up. I bought a second one after getting my first one.

  247. Amazon Customer

    This camera is very sleek so that I can place it behind my car’s rear view mirror. it is very easy to set up and I can record both front and rear video at same time. The software of this camera also can be updated on Rexing’s website when it is available. I also particularly like the 170 degree wide angle view of this cam ( most of dash cams have only 120 – 140 degree angle), and it can record much wide angle images. If the resolution of the rear view cam can be improved, it will be a much nicer dash cam. It is a great dash cam and I am very happy with this product.

  248. Darren

    One of the best dashboard cams so far. Easy to use, setup and install.

    Unit is just the right size and nice options for setup.

    Two gripes so far : my unit does not plug into the USB to read recorded data so I need to remove the card and use a micro SD reader.
    Gripe two: wish the camera recorded a better low light image but it will be improved as dash cams are getting more popular.

    Update. I decided to check the looping and found out it is only recording the first three minutes then stops.
    Update 2: i flashed the unit and it might be working. I will continue to test and report back.

  249. Travis

    Works just as advertised. Seems to work just fine with a 64GB card. Good clarity and wide field of visoin

  250. Gia15

    Product arrived real quick so I was pleasantly greeted. The sleek design makes it easy to hide behind the mirror and the long wire for the backwards facing camera makes for a easy integration. I wish that I didn’t have to buy the hardwire kit and that the option came with purchase. Also supplying an SD card wouldn’t hurt either. Cards are fairly cheap so sending a $2 16gb card wouldn’t hurt , just my $.02.

  251. Bill

    I love the dash cam. The Rear View Cam is not as clear, but otherwise good. It would be nice if it could handle larger than 32gb SD cards.I am not a big fan of adhesive mounts. I would be nice if there were alternatives, such as suction cup, or mirror clip-ons. I realize there are too many different makes and models of vehicles, so to design a mount as universal as possible would be the suction. Also, for the rear camera, it would be nice if there could be mounting clip designed where it could slip inside the interior window seal or soft frame. A lot of rear windows have defroster filaments taped to the glass and the adhesive will destroy the defroster.

  252. Amazon Customer

    Very pleased with the V1P. I think it’s a great “insurance policy,” given all the crazy drivers out here these days. This offers perfcet “defense exhibit #1,” or “plaintiff’s exhibit 1” in any court case,. And there are times when it’s enjoyable to put the recording on a large screen TV to see places you been that you want to remember, sll safely hands-off.

  253. Mike P

    3rd Update 8-11-2017
    Rexing USA reached out to me and sent me a new dash cam to replace the one I was having issues with it. It has been working very well. It did freeze on my once the other day and it has missed one or 2 events I wanted to see because it stops recording for about 3 seconds in between clips but other than that I am very satisfied

    2ND UPDATE: took a look at the camera today after driving and the screen was just white. Not sure if it recorded or not but I will be looking into a new dash cam. The point of a dash cam is to capture footage of an accident if it happens and the fact that this one just stops working quite often scares me

    UPDATE: Reduced to 2 stars from 5
    First off, there is a software update for the V1P out but early models of the V1P aren’t able to be updated so the camera has to be sent back and rexing sends out a new one that can be updated.

    Next, and most importantly, I was almost in an accident today and when I checked my dash cam 20 minutes later, there was no footage of it. It stoped recording 30 seconds after I started driving. So if there had been an accident, and I needed the dashcam to prove it wasn’t my fault, I would’ve been screwed. Not sure how many times this occurred because I normally don’t check for a recording unless I need it, so who knows if it wasn’t recording on other occasions.

    In addition, when the screen is on it flickers slightly. I am using the included power adapter and it is hardwiried behind my dashboard. I tested another power supply and it still flickered. A few minutes later I plugged the original power adapter back into it and the flickering stopped but I have a feeling it will start again. I’m going to try to keep an eye on the recordings and if I notice it’s missing more then I’ll be shopping for a new cam.

    Great dash cam, make sure you use the included power supply because if not you will have issues. Quality for the front is great and the back camera quality is eh but it gets the job done just fine. Wish I could shorten the cables because I have the camera watching inside the car not out the back windshield so there is a lot of unneeded cable that I can’t hide very well.

  254. Amazon Customer

    I’ve had the camera for about a week and so far I’m very happy with it. The only issue I’m having is regarding the SD card. I’m investigating the issue to determine if the card is bad or if the “card error” message shown on the display has something to do with the unit itself.

  255. ARM

    I like it. You can just view the rear camera if you haven’t a rear camera built in/ pre-packaged with the car as it record both front and rear. However the rear camera takes a long second before turning on compared to the front camera. For the price of both, I recommend it.

  256. Anita M.

    After being rear ended twice in the same month while sitting in line at red lights, I decided to get a dash cam for extra documentation in case of any future incidents. After researching on line I decided to go with the Rexing V1 based on a blend of favorable reviews, price, 170 degree wide angle front view, internal battery, mount style (adhesive was recommended in one youtube review since I have the kind of car with the darker , grid pattern on the top of my windshield glass and the reviewer stated that the suction cup won’t stick well to that), one year warranty and comparatively discreet (not shiny and flashy) looks. While looking on Rexing’s website I noticed the newly released V1P with the added feature of the rear camera and went with that even though there were no reviews on it at the time. The front camera captures a great wide angle view where you can read license plates and other details. It is the main device and is removable from the windshield, which is convenient. I plan to bring it inside when the weather is extremely hot or cold. The rear camera gives a good overall picture of what is happening behind you and it all plugs into one outlet. The wires are easy to hide. One thing I would change is that I would have put a small mount on the rear camera so that it could also be removed from the car as needed. I’ll have to see how the rear camera (and mounting tape) holds up to the elements. The device is fairly easy to set up and use but some of the directions were tricky for me. I’m not sure it’s worth it to download their Driving Recorder Player (especially if you don’t have the GPS attachment) because after all that, I just ended up viewing the videos on my computer directly from the SD card. I can view the videos, copy, burn to disc right from the microSD card when I plug it into my computer so I don’t see the need to upload the videos into their driving recorder player. Also, while following the directions for “formatting the memory card” nothing seemed to happen except it asked me if I wanted to delete all the files on the SD card (the part in the directions that says “press OK when the word yes is highlighted in blue” never happened for me). That seemed unnecessary. “Updating the firmware” also gave me some trouble because when you get to step 8 it says to remove the memory card and test the device with another memory card. I only had one memory card so after trying to follow all the initial steps it seemed like maybe that was a waste of time because everything worked fine regardless. I read that the customer service is great so I’ll call if necessary but since everything works, there is no need right now. I chose the recommended 3 minute clips and so both cameras record and save as 3 min clips on a loop until the card fills up and then it writes over the old clips (unless you lock a file then it won’t get written over). Overall, I am very happy with this product and recommend it.

  257. Amazon Customer

    Easy to install and not too hard to operate.

  258. George

    This is the third camera I have bought, I have one in my car and and one in my truck the third made a perfect gift for a friend !

  259. danny l.

    My second one Good dash cam

  260. P M.

    I recently purchased this dash cam and so far it has worked great. I was easy to install and the video quality is very good.

  261. Amazon Customer

    Ample cable for installation in compact wagon (Volvo V50). Easy to use and instructions are adequate. Display screen remains in fixed location, thus making it difficult to see clearly when driving; although once aimed in appropriate direction there is really no need for continuous viewing.

  262. Reuben D.

    This is my 3rd dash cam and this last purchase of Rexing V1P 2.4″ is by far the best. Planning to get another one.

  263. Aaron M

    Love this dash cam. I owned the previous V1, but have upgraded on my vehicles to the V1P that has the rear ram as well. More leverage for me when some douche rear ends me while texting and it’s all caught on camera. Thanks Rexing for listening to customer feedback about wanting a rear cam addition.

  264. Pete

    I’ve been running the camera for a few days now – this is my first dash cam so I have nothing to base it off of.

    Setup/installation is straight forward. The manual is written fairly well (the only thing that isn’t listed is LDWS – lane departure warning system, and a Yellow warning sign – no idea what it means).
    Front camera resolution is pretty sharp
    128GB micro SD card works fine

    Rear camera resolution isn’t great – can’t make out license plates, etc).
    Rear camera video is choppy (every 2-3 seconds, it looks like the video rewinds for half a second).

    I took off a star because my unit might be defective. Last night, I re-positioned the main unit, and it when I plugged it back into the car’s power source, it would just go into a boot loop (restarting after being on for 2-3 seconds). I powered it off and plugged it to a 120V source and didn’t have any problems, looks like it is working now.

    Edit: Yellow caution indicator I don’t believe this is listed in the manual) is for the LDWS.

    Another minus (or plus depending on how you look at it) – if you turn off the LCD, a the record LED flashes – which would be fine, except it lights up the whole front side of the unit.. it’d be nice if it was a more discrete LED.

  265. anonymous

    The main camera has a very good picture quality and is easy to install. It is not the smallest one, but therefore you have a good display and easy to use menu.

    For the marketing of Rexing is a little bit confusing, because on the first view the difference between the V1, V1G and V1P is not clear. You have to be careful, because the V1P is different than the V1 and V1G. It uses a different firmware, but up to know there is no new firmware available. I still wait for a new firmware, because the screen saver can only be started in the moment after 1 minute and not 15s like it is written in the manual. I guess, the V1 is able to do it, because there is a newer firmware available.

    But the customer support is great. The replies are always good and they said, the new firmware should be available soon.

    The second camera is a great idea. The quality of the rear cam is bad, the resolution is only 640x480px! I don?€?t understand why. Every time I hit my brake, I have a flicker in the rear cam picture. I have no other possibilities the rearrange the wire from the main cam to the rear cam, so I have to live with it. But it is still better than no rear cam.

    The rear cam view mode is very easy to use. You have the possibility to see only the main cam picture on the display, or the rear cam or a picture in picture mode, where you can see in the top left a small picture of the rear cam, while the main cam picture is shown.
    Overall for that money a very good cam, but there has to be done some work on the rear cam, especially on the hardware to have a higher resolution!

    The cameras recording simultaneously, so on the SD Card are different files, one in the filename with an A at the end for the main cam and one with an B at the end for the rear cam.

  266. Amazon Customer

    best,covers front and back,easy install

  267. David

    This camera is fantastic. The camera clearly hides from view underneath my rear view mirror. I am satisfied with how it can record videos automatically without having me think about it. A couple things I think they can improve are 1) make the rear view mirror smaller since it is larger than what I expected compare to the picture, and 2) increase the limit of for sd card capacity to 64 mb, since sometimes I take longer drives than 5 hours.

  268. Heidi Parragil

    So far the v1p camera has been great. I previously had the a118c and this one has better with the user functionality. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is the rear camera is a little grainy. Overall for the price it does a good job!

  269. Tyler Christensen

    Impressed! So far. I’m anxious to see how it holds up during the summer months.

  270. rasj

    The cam is super sleek, its fits nicely next to my rear view out of my view it fires right up and i haven’t had any problems . All the buttons are responsive and direct. no hitting the wrong button. I put a 64gig card with no problems, i just used the cameras format option to see the 64 gigs. The screen is very sharp , and easy to navigate with all the options you need . Even time lapse which i will be testing soon .

    V1P has been installed for 1 week in my 2015 Chevy truck.

    Rear Cam , there isnt much info on the rear cam out there so i bought this unit without any reviews or questions answered about.
    Its plug and play.
    Power cord is very long and fits nicely in camera and unit securely, Keep it all up high and you will have extra to hid.
    Picture is clear during the day, haven’t tested the night quality. But will very soon.
    Interior use only in my opinion, i would not install outside the vehicle. My opinion

    I do not know if there are any software updates yet , i plugged this unit unit in and its has been working fine out of the box . When i start my truck the unit is on and recording , super happy to have video protection from front and rear. No more camera hanging down with a suction cup .

  271. Tony S.

    Very easy to use. There are two cords that connect the back camera. It is a split screen and is easy to use. I have yet to put it to a field test but it is working. You need a SD card for recording (would recommend 64 gb).

    Edit: I have been using this for a few days now. The camera turns on automatically when you start the engine and will turn off after a while when you shut off the engine. The camera sticks to the window like a charm. I will upload a video later on when I get on my computer and add photos. The only downside is that you need to have a charged camera to operate on battery because it will shut off if there is not enough juice.

    Update: one guy apparently said there is only one wire. There are two cords that connect the front camera with the back and I can show the pictures.

    Update 8-1-2016: The camera has been shutting off by itself a lot. I have to take out the charger and reinsert it to work. After a few seconds it shuts off.

    Update 9-30-2016: It needed a software update. It works fine now. Word of advice: the camera overwrites itself. You should backup the data every now and then if you want to. Also, try to get a 64 gb SD since it will record longer

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