REXING W1 Multimedia Receiver W/ Backup Camera (Exclusive Pre-Order Deal)


7″ IPS Touch Screen | Apple Carplay | Android Auto | FM Transmitter | Dual Band WiFi |Aux Port | GPS Navigation | Voice Control | Spotify |Phone Calls | Phone Mirroring


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  • Multimedia Receiver - Transform your driving experience by automatically connecting your phone and displaying it onto our 7” high-resolution touch screen every time you get into your vehicle. Mirror and cast exactly what’s displaying on your phone to the screen, including movies, Youtube, and other 3rd party apps.
  • CarPlay/Android Auto - Utilize all of your favorite phone apps from your iPhone/Android and display them onto your car’s console, such as Apple/Google Maps, Music, Messages, PodCasts, Audiobooks, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and much more.
  • Auto Backup Camera - With an added crystal clear rear backup camera, use the Parking Assist Function to automatically display the rear view onto the screen every time the vehicle is in reverse. Enjoy seamless parking with a clear vision of your rear that helps you park straight and safely away from curbs and objects.
  • GPS Navigation - Keep your hands on the wheel and transmit your phone's Apple Maps / Google Maps / Waze onto the screen to better navigate while driving. Make edits to your driving route by using the touch screen or Siri Voice commands .
  • Bluetooth/ 5G Dual Band WiFi - Upgrade your vehicle to have advanced new Bluetooth capabilities and connect your phone to the console via WiFi to play music/audiobooks etc., from your phone.
  • FM Transmitter - Transmit audio such as phone calls, music, etc. through your car stereo from your phone by using an FM Radio station or the built-in 3.5mm AUX port.


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