Rexing V1P 3rd Generation Dual 1080p Full HD Front and Rear Dash Cam with Wi-Fi


170 Degree Wide Angle | Supercapacitor | 2.4” LCD Screen | G-Sensor | Loop Recording | Mobile App

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  • FULL HD DUAL CHANNEL RECORDING - Front and rear cameras each record 1080p video @ 30fps. WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE allows each camera to perform optimally in low-light situations by carefully fine-tuning the exposure. 170 DEGREE ULTRA WIDE ANGLE LENSES on both cameras open up to capture sweeping views of their surroundings.
  • WI-FI CONNECT - View, save and share dash cam recordings wirelessly on your mobile device with the use of an app interface.
  • SUPERCAPACITOR - Power is delivered by a supercapacitor, a premium alternative to a lithium-ion battery that features enhanced temperature resistance to hot and cold climates.
  • LOOP RECORDING - Recordings are split into segments. When the storage limit is reached on the memory card, new recordings will automatically overwrite the oldest recordings. Supports class 10 or higher micro SD cards up to 256GB in size (not included).
  • ACCIDENT AUTO-DETECTION (G-SENSOR) - When the G-sensor detects a collision, the current video is locked, ensuring important footage is kept protected.
  • Absolutely Trustworthy: Certified by FCC, CE, RoHS (FCC ID: 2AW5W-V1PGEN3)
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Innovative Features
V1P 3rd Gen Full HD Dual Channel

Full HD Dual Channel

Reliable Design
V1P 3rd Gen Built in Wi Fi

Built-in Wi-Fi

V1P 3rd Gen Ultra Wide Angle

Ultra Wide Angle

V1P 3rd Gen Supercapacitor


V1P 3rd Gen Wide Dynamic Range

Wide Dynamic Range

V1P 3rd Gen Temperature Resistance

Temperature Resistance

V1P 3rd Gen Loop Recording

Loop Recording

V1P 3rd Gen Collision Detection

Collision Detection

24-Hour Parking Monitor

Auto switch the dash camera to Parking Surveillance Mode, when it detects vibration the camera will start recording instantly. Smart Hardwire Kit needed (Sold separately)

V1P 3rd Gen A Content 2

Camera Requirements

Class 10 / UHS-I or higher MicroSD/SDHC/SDXC memory card up to 256GB (not included).

Card Recommendations

  • Kingston Canvas Go! MicroSD (pictured above)
  • Kingston Canvas React MicroSD
  • SanDisk High Endurance MicroSD

NOTE: Please don’t use SanDisk Ultra cards with our cameras.

V1P 3rd Gen A Content 4

Kindly Reminder

  • Please format the SD card on your camera directly. Before you start using a new memory card, you must format the card within the camera using the format function.
  • The built-in supercapacitor is just for emergency file backup, please always keep the dash cam plugged in.
  • The car USB port may not support enough power for the dashcam, please use the car charger that comes with the dashcam, or Rexing hardwire Kit. (Sold separately)
  • Firmware Updates: In order to meet your feedback, we are constantly improving our products through firmware updates.
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Max Video Resolution
Camera Type
Rear Camera Support
GPS Logger Support
Battery Type
V1 4K New Main
2160p (4K)
Super Capacitor
Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
V1p Pro 1 1
V1P Pro
2160p [Single] 1080p [Dual]
Front + Rear
Super Capacitor
Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
170° + 170°
V1P 4K 1
4K + 1080p
Front + Rear
Super Capacitor
Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
170° + 170°
V3 Main Image
2160p [Single] 1080p [Dual]
Front + Cabin
Super Capacitor
Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
170° + 170°
81mo2Oz7u9L. AC SL1500
V1P 3rd Gen
2160p [Single] 1080p [Dual]
Front + Rear
Super Capacitor
Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
170° + 170°
V1P Max New Main
V1P Max
4K + 2K
Front + Rear
Super Capacitor
Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
170° + 170°

50 reviews for Rexing V1P 3rd Generation Dual 1080p Full HD Front and Rear Dash Cam with Wi-Fi

  1. Jason M.

    This is my second dash cam from this company?? I thought it was important to put one on my 16 year olds car. Too many people are quick to take advantage when they see it??s a 16-year-old driver if there??s an incident.

  2. Amazon Customer

    I have installed 6 or 7 dash camshaft in the last few years. This one was the easiest.

  3. Rexing Customer

    After purchasing a new car, I decided to go with this Rexing dash cam since it comes with a back facing camera. Within a few days of installing this dash cam a car almost hit my car because they didn??t check their blind spot. I played the clip back on my phone and the video and the audio was extremely clear.

  4. Neumann

    No need to do any programming on your computer. Just install it in your vehicle, then do the setup.

  5. Gary D

    Very nice dual camera. I had an older single camera version I sold with my car. This one is bigger, of course, but I much prefer the way it mounts to the windshield compared to other camera brands. This one has the super capacitor in place of the battery – much more reliable. It is a bit tricky to do a good job of running the wire back to the rear camera. No fault of this product – just the way it is. If you are not comfortable working with interior trim and want it to come out looking good, I suggest you watch some YouTube videos or have a professional do the install.

  6. Todd (verified owner)

  7. Abdulrahman Obeid (verified owner)

    Camera is too big compared with v1

  8. Denny C

    What a great dash cam for the price. Setup was easy. Video quality is fantastic. Should have purchased it sooner.

  9. Rexing Customer

    it came with all the stuff

  10. Henry

    Great dashcam I have three because I really like the idea of transferring video from the dashcam to my laptop. I shared a video with the local police and they were impressed with the picture qualify. Crappy software Connections are not a strong point and once established, connections are slow, taking several minutes for each file transferred. Rexing would be better off dropping the glitchy software and adding an easily accessible USB cable for file transfers.

  11. Alexis Eck

    I had a Rexing dash cam (front only) and had such good luck with it I decided to stick with them when upgrading to the dual camera. I saw there was this one with the WIFI capabilities and jumped on it….no regrets! The quality and clarity of the pictures and videos are great. The user interface for the menus and operation are very friendly…I didn’t have to refer to the manual but once (to figure out how to toggle from viewing the front vs the back…it’s holding down the MIC button btw). I GPS tracking seems to work. I haven’t viewed the results on the software they provide yet but the camera itself tracks my speed accurately so I’m confident it’s working. The WIFI is a GAME CHANGER! Once connected to my phone I can review photos and videos and easily transfer them without having to take the card out. Speaking of…if I HAD to find something to fuss about it would be the power cord placement being directly over the memory card slot. It makes getting the memory card in and out impossible without unplugging the cord to the camera BUT that’s not an issue for me since I get the footage via WIFI. It’s a great, quality product for the price…buy it!

  12. Kindle Customer

    This is the second Rexing dash cam I??ve owned, the first one lasted through the Georgia summer for several years

  13. Peter

    Good quality and amazing price! Highly recommended!

  14. Yulia Rumalean

    I got this as a Christmas gift and just installed it and very happy with the performance and how easy it is to install. Very good setup instructions. I have to order a longer cable for rear camera since i have a big suv. Very good product.

  15. JerryF.

    This is my second Rexing camera setup I am very pleased with the brand.

  16. Eod_machine

    This is the second dash camera that I have owned and I like it a lot better than the last one that I had. It is a great camera set up. First off the buttons are a little larger than some of the others that I have seen and the previous one that I have owned. The screen is larger and easier to view when parked to see what is and isn??t covered by the cameras during initial installation. Linking the camera to the phone is really easy to do to view recordings and share if needed. The camera system is super easy to set up and has a small tool that comes with it to help make the install easier and help hide the wires. It only took me twenty minutes to install to include linking the phone to it and setting the date and time stamp. i like that it is pretty easy and user friendly to use at any time you need to do something or check something on your ca

  17. Rexing Customer

    Overall this is a great dashcam. I did extensive research and despite my older Rexing lasted only two years, the Rexing appears to be the best there is. I had erratic storage issues on my older unit…sometimes the unit recorded, sometimes it didnt. Error messages were related to the chip. Disappointing but somewhat understandable in the harsh heat and humidity of South Carolina summers. The new unit features improvements that seem to address complaints about the older units like the use of a super capacitor instead of battery, higher quality images and new features. Settings seem easier too. I added a rugged, microSD chip rated for high temperature environments in hopes of avoiding data storage issues. The ability to use the app to grab recordings is great.

  18. Pibe

    I had a great experience due this new Rexing Dash Cam, Great video and recording

  19. Suha a.

    I did like the product it is very clear and very easy to build .

  20. blkeyewrx

    Great camera. Very clear picture, even at night in heavy rain. Make sure you get a memory card that is rated very high, choose the one Rexing recommends or use it to choose one with the same specifications. My original camera (which I’ve had for two years stopped working recently. I was out of warranty and had contacted Rexing customer support to try to troubleshoot the problem. We were unable to fix it, and I was about six months out of warranty. Rexing offered me 40% off any dashcam on their website. They didn’t need to, I was out of warranty and they had no obligation to offer me any discount but they did. They offered great customer service, though understandably slow because of the pandemic. I’m very happy with my purchases, and will definitely be looking to Rexing in the future if I need another. ********** Update… Now have bought three of these cameras. Love them. Helped my girlfriend assist a stranger on the road when a landscaping truck ran into an older woman and attempted to say that the damage to the woman’s vehicle wasn’t caused by the truck. My girlfriend was right behind them and caught it on her dash cam, so it saved the woman a lot of money and court time. Helpful Repor

  21. Rexing Customer

    I’ve had my camera for over a month. The install process was very simple. I tucked the power wire behind the door seal gasket and it blends in great. The camera video quality is surprisingly good for a camera in the price range. Pulling the video from the camera via WiFI and the app was very simple too and only took a few minutes. Hopefully I will never need the video, but I know I am protected if I do.

  22. Brett G

    The device itself is sturdy and is so far the most reliable dash cam I??ve owned. The videos are clear and even pretty good at night. It actually ends up seeing more clearly through bright headlights at night than the driver can. Their customer service is very good and they are willing to help you out with any device issues you might have. The App is terrible. It is almost impossible to use as it is just a mess that asks you to upload videos to some strange public website. You are better off just pulling the card and plugging it into a computer.

  23. Christian G La Serna

    I give this dash camera 5 Stars. I have a Rexing V1P-3rd Generation in my car. Best dash cam ever, 100 % recommended

  24. kennethbland Bland

    I love that it’s compact yet it’s big enough to solve some of my driving problems

  25. Mikey B.

    Above and beyond my expectations! This is my first and probably only dash cam purchase…very simple to set up and use (right out of the box) quality is amazing. The only thing you would need, is a memory card…other than that, this is an all-in-one package.

  26. Adrian Tanwongprasert

    love this product. would highly recommeded…it very good

  27. Rexing Customer

    Pretty good camera, especially for the money. My only issue is I have two more Rexing cams and this one is huge compared to those.

  28. Rexing Customer

    Initially the files could not be read by my computer. I formatted the memory card a second time and it works. I did not have to update firmware.

  29. Graham mozingo

    This is a great dashcam, easy to install and setup. The app was very easy to use and sync with the dashcam. Would recommend this dash cam to family and friends.

  30. Stan D.

    This was a gift. It does exactly as advertised

  31. John Milton

    I got the camera installed in my car by a mechanic professionally, so as not to have cables dangling everywhere. It works great now, and the camera is easy to use.

  32. Mark

    Overall a great dash camera. I have 3 of them, 2 for over a year and they continue to work well. They hold up to the Texas heat and to the cold. Rexing has provided a number of FW updates with bug and feature improvements which is nice to know they are actively supporting their product. I used an “Add a fuse” to supply power via the fuse box. Running the USB cables can take a little planning and patience. In general I am running the wires tuck underneath the front windshield and for the rear camera tucked underneath the rubber door seal. Most vehicles the rubber seal simply pulls off and generally there is some space to tuck the cables in. The rear camera cable is long and be prepared to find a way to tuck away or bundle up the extra length of cable. In the truck I doulbed up the extra inside the rear door seal. Ended up with a bit extra but not too bad.

  33. Samir

    Great quality product and video resolution. Very satisfied with the product. Highly recommend.

  34. N. Cordova

    This is my 4th Rexing purchase. They are good performers, I always use the hard wire kit to ensure I don’t miss a beat in recording.

  35. Alex Hronek

    Got my first Dash cam and it works really well! Setup does take some time, but thats probably just my car, the cables are long enough where it shouldn’t be an issue. As a recommendation to Rexing, I would include 3M or some kind of sticky tape to put against the windshield, as that is not included.

  36. Rexing Customer

    Although tempted to include the video of the accident that the rexing dash cam recorded, I shall refrain. Opposite driver ran a red light…I was in middle of intersection and I had the green light when I was struck…there was no question of my liability due to Rexing dash cam. The video is compelling. We played the dash cam for the officer on the accident scene by inserting the chip I paid extra for into a chip reader which we attached to laptop. I would give Rexing 5 stars but the difficulty I had in keeping the Rexing dash cam attached to the windshield is understated by the company. To keep dash cam attached, I had to crazy glue velcro to the windshield and attach camera to the opposite (male) velcro strip. Because the suction cup was totally useless, this accident was almost not recorded. Company has to do a better job of providing means of attaching camera to windshield better. This is a major shortcoming and Rexing company must now escalate its attention to solving this persistent problem they have yet to resolve.

  37. Rexing Customer

    Great setup overall! I have the front and rear camera and love both! My only reason for giving this 4 stars is the cable being Mini USB. I wish it was micro USB that way I could use a wider variety of cables for figment and hiding of wires in my Tacoma. However, the peace of mind I get from this device is worth the minor cable suggestion.

  38. Rexing Customer

    I have had the Rexing V1P set up for almost a week now and it works very well. The install was easy. Rexing provided a plastic trim tool that came in handy when hiding the power wire and the rear cam wire. One negative is the Wifi feature. The cam sometimes freezes while using it also it was a but tricky getting the phone to sync to it at first. The GPS is great; ours nice having you speed and location stamped on each video. So far I dont have much negative to say add only time will tell on how durable this little unit is, and by the feel of it I for have any worries.

  39. CHM

    This is my second purchase of this type dash cam. Quality product, great picture and audio. Beat value. The best out there.

  40. michele iverson

    I had been looking at dash cameras for quite awhile, but was waiting for that one camera that had all the features that i wanted, had good reviews, and would work without having to put a lot of effort or thought into it to use. Installation with the he hard wired kit was straight forward ( i bought the hardwire kit & Kingston memory card ). The mount for the windshield attached easily with the 3m tape. Routing the power cable, the rear camera cable was not difficult, the inclosed tool was a nice touch. It took all of maybe 30 minutes to complete installation in my 1998 Ford Taurus. The menu on screen was easy to navigate, I formatted the card, configured the date, time & time zone, set my preference for video quality. The app for the phone was easy to install, and connect to the WiFi, but it took a little longer to figure out how to use the app. File transfers via WiFi are a little slow, but acceptable. Updating the firmware to most recent version was straight forward, and worked as described in the process exactly. I have used it for a few days, the video quality is quite good, the speed indicator, a benefit of the built-in gps let me know that the speedometer on my car was off by 5 mph at 60 mph. It captured a car that made a u-turn in front of me from a parked position on opposite side of road, a couple of times of cars attempting to impede my entrance to the freeway from the merge lane during rush hour. My experience with the Rexing v1p pro has been beyond my expectations. I really expected to have to babysit it a lot to insure that it was working. In reality i forget about most of the time, and it just does its thing. I also like the fact with the extra included mount i can use it in both of my cars.

  41. Rexing Customer

    This dash cam is great. Both front and rear cameras are mounted to glass (not on a pedestal) so no vibrations. The picture quality is great. I like the ability to take pictures from both cameras in addition to the videos. The built-in GPS keeps track of time and place. Areas for improvement… There are many menu options but, with only a few buttons, they are hard to navigate. The night vision is not good. The front camera is ok because of the car’s headlights, but the rear camera is very dark. Retrieving videos via WiFi is clunky.

  42. Simon

    I owned 4 Rexing V1LG dash cam in the past year. 1 in my reg. Prius, 1 in my Prius plugin, 1 in my Lexus IS250 and 1 in my Honda Accord. All have no issues at all. Very Happy with my purchase. Now I order 2 Rexing V1P 3rd Gen dash cam. I installed both of them. 1 in my neice 2018 Toyota Camry and the other my nephew Carmy. Rexing dash cam is very easy to install. Just double side tape, front windshield and back glass. Installation take about 1 hour each.

  43. John Espir

    Second Rexing product purchase. Happy with prior. Easy to install, worked from get go. Expect long life. Prior purchase still in use.

  44. Amazon Customer

    My fianc?? bought one for me and I absolutely love it. I previously had an older model of the V1P on my last car and she decided to get me the Gen 3 with wifi for my new car. Rexing makes an amazing product. It??s worked in single digit degree weather so far with no issues whatsoever. If you want added security for your car this is the product you want.

  45. bleedingpool

    They gave me everything I needed in order to install my DashCam. I love the dual camera setup. I have had it for about few months now and everything seems to be working fine and haven’t had any issues with it. Great Product!

  46. Jennifer L. Lloyd

    This is my second Rexing camera. I couldn’t even consider looking at another brand I was so happy with my first one. I love everything about it. The size, the quality, the ease of use, there really isn’t anything negative to say. I’ve had one for the past 3 years.

  47. Rexing Customer

    This is my first dash cam and I’ve already learned a lesson or two. I like it overall it is relatively easy to use, good quality video, front and back camera, nice features. However two features that this model does not have which would have saved me in my recent hit and run in a parking lot. It does not have a battery back up nor motion detection/G-force activation while idle. There are many others that do and could have helped police during my report. Rexing does not currently have a model that does this. The gen 3 reviews were very good overall so I went with them vs one with more features.

  48. rsreviews

    Install took me about 20 minutes on my truck. Once there, set and forget. I’ll check every 30 days or so just to make sure its working unless I go somewhere cool. But for now, crisp video front and rear. The WiFi allows me to get the videos from the camera without having to power off the unit and remove the SD card. I love the ease of this! Will be buying one for the girlfriend’s car.

  49. John Barry

    I have been using my dash cam for over 2 months now and I’m very pleased with the product. Installation was a snap. The cables provided were plenty long enough for both the front and rear windows. Picture quality is excellent. I have really forgotten that it is there but I have the peace of mind that it IS there if I ever need it. The only problem I had was the adhesive tape for the main camera gave way after only 4 days of use with the car parked in a garage. The material just separated. I replaced it with a double sided tape from Lowes (item # 394705) and have had no problem since. Also, I purchased hardwire fuse kit for a more professional looking installation. I definitely recommend this dash cam for anyone.

  50. Nick J

    Great camera. Love all the features yet I??m still figuring out how to use some. Relatively easy to use after messing with it for a few minutes. Picture quality is great and is smooth. No lag. Only downside is you kinda have to put your head way down by your dash to aim the camera correctly. Other than that, awesome all around.

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