Rexing V1P Max 4K UHD Dual Channel Dash Cam 4K 3840×2160 Front + 2K Rear with Wi-Fi and GPS


Car Dash Camera w/Night Vision | Supercapacitor | 170 Degree Wide Angle | Loop Recording | G-Sensor | Parking Monitor

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  • 4K DUAL CHANNEL RECORDING - Best FRONT & REAR camera record REAL 4K Front + Rear 2K. Simultaneously record and display the road in front and the road behind you with the camera and LCD screen. Enhanced night vision also allows dash cam to perform well in low-light situations by F/1.6 6 glass lens carefully fine-tuning the exposure along with 170 DEGREE Ultra Wide Angle lenses.
  • BUILT-IN GPS, WI-FI, AND MOBILE APP - Use our mobile app to view and manage dash cam recordings instantly on your iOS and Android devices. By using the app you can download your recorded 4K videos directly to your smartphone and easily share these on social media. GPS accurately records your driving location and speed. View your driving route and tracker on google maps via Rexing GPS Player or Rexing Connect App.
  • G-SENSOR, LOOP RECORDING - Video can be recorded in 1,2, or 3-minute intervals. When the storage limit is reached on the memory card, our unit automatically overwrites the unlocked & oldest recordings (support up to 256GB max). Accident Auto Detection happens with the built-in gravity sensor & when it detects a collision, the current video is locked & saved.
  • SUPERCAPACITOR & PARKING MONITOR - Power is delivered with the help of a supercapacitor, a premium alternative to a lithium-ion battery that features enhanced temperature resistance to hot and cold climates. With the parking monitor feature, the dash camera will automatically turn on and record a 20-second video when the car camera detects vibration, OR dash cam will capture frames for a time-lapse video 24/7. (Smart hardwire kit is required)
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION - Simple & easy to mount on the windshield which makes for an overall straightforward installation process. Need help? Email or call our personal LIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT. We stand behind our products with a***18 Month Warranty ***
  • Absolutely Trustworthy: Certified by FCC, CE, RoHS (FCC ID: 2AW5W-V1PMAX)
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V1P Max 4K2K dual channel recording

Real 4K + 2K Dual Channel Recording


Super Night Vision


Built-in GPS Logger


Built-In & Mobile App


24 Hour Parking Monitor




Loop Recording


Gravity Sensor

V1P Max New Main

Rexing is an American startup from Connecticut with Headquarters in New York. We design, test, and manufacture our devices to guarantee the reliability and longevity of all products.


Ultra HD 4K + Full HD 1080P Dual-Channel Recording

The V1P MAX comes with two cameras, a front camera that captures REAL 4K 3840 x 2160 video, plus a rear camera that records in 2K (2560p x 1440p). Around the clock, a parking monitor ensures that if there is ever an issue you are properly well prepared. Also, the built-in GPS features vital important information including your speed, location, and more. Have flawless access to this information through our own Rexing connect App and rest assured with one of Rexing’s best cameras.

Kindly Reminder

  • Please format the SD card on your camera directly. Before you start using a new memory card, you must format the card within the camera using the format function.
  • The built-in supercapacitor is just for emergency file backup, please always keep the dash cam plugged in.
  • The car USB port may not support enough power for the dash cam, please use the car charger that comes with the dash cam, or Rexing Smart hardwire kit (Sold separately).
  • We are constantly improving our products through firmware updates.
V1P Max Breakdown
What’s in the Box?
  • Rexing V1P MAX 4K Ultra Dash Camera
  • Rear Camera + cable (20ft)
  • In-car power cable (12ft)
  • 3M adhesive mount
  • USB computer cable
  • User manual
  • Contact Card

Card Requirements

  • U3 or higher MicroSD/SDHC/SDXC memory card up to 256GB (not included)
  • Recommendation: Kingston microSDXC Canvas Go! Plus
  • NOTE: Please don’t use SanDisk Ultra cards with our cameras
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Max Video Resolution
Camera Type
Rear Camera Support
GPS Logger Support
Battery Type
V1p Pro 1 1
V1P Pro
2160p [Single] 1080p [Dual]
Front + Rear
Super Capacitor
Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
170° + 170°
V1 Max 1
V1 Max
2160p (4K)
Super Capacitor
Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
81mo2Oz7u9L. AC SL1500
V1P 3rd Gen
2160p [Single] 1080p [Dual]
Front + Rear
Super Capacitor
Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
170° + 170°
V1P Max New Main
V1P Max
4K + 2K
Front + Rear
Super Capacitor
Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
170° + 170°

24 reviews for Rexing V1P Max 4K UHD Dual Channel Dash Cam 4K 3840x2160 Front + 2K Rear with Wi-Fi and GPS

  1. Marlene B. (verified owner)

    Service center was very helpful. Gave very quick replies to email conversations. Fast delivery of product. Very happy to have the Rexing V1P Max 4K Dual Channel Dash Cam with Wi-fi and GPS

  2. Lucilio (verified owner)

  3. Eam Kong Phour (verified owner)

    equipment is very good. am satisfied.

  4. Dave v. (verified owner)

    This is my third camera for my third vehicle! They are super easy to set up easy to understand, easy to install, and provide a great recording every time I have needed it! Great product, great price!

  5. Chevaughn (verified owner)

  6. Richard R. (verified owner)

  7. Luca Moleri (verified owner)

    Very nice camera and performance. A problem is that the microphone turns on and off by itself, and the clock lags all of a sudden by tens of minutes.

  8. Harry Cassel IV

    The video quality it’s absolutely amazing! Crystal clear video for both the front and the rear. This camera has already paid for itself since I’ve gotten rear ended. You could see crystal clear I was stopped at the red light in the vehicle come up behind me and hit me. Also bought the Rexing hardware kit which is very easy to install and now I have the parking monitoring turn on. I purchased a second one for my new vehicle and already installed it. I can definitely say I don’t think I will no longer be driving without a dash cam ever again. Truly a money saver with having proof and evidence of anything that happens.

  9. DMD

    works well, and has good quality.


    I liked everything and there was nothing to dislike . Top slef the whole products.

  11. James B. (verified owner)

    Pros: decent resolution, relatively easy install, moderate price compared to other mass-marketed options in its class; easy to adjust lens for your vehicle/preferences; intuitive and accurate file system
    Cons: big-overly large, in fact-especially when compared to its competitors; cheap-feeling (and looking) plastic body; reflations from windshield can be problematic, and unlike competitors, no polarized filter available to mitigate them; maddening menu navigation; Wi-Fi operation so nasty bad it will make you want to commit random crimes, kick cute puppies, and cause young children harm so they begin to scream uncontrollably JUST so you can get relief—even if only momentarily—from how awful this clearly not-ready-for-prime-time “feature” is.
    My advice is just pretend it doesn’t have Wi-Fi and never, ever attempt to use it. You will understand if you ignore my advice, so please take my word for it.
    (And Rexing— What in God’s name have I or anyone else done to merit this torture? Really. If I hadn’t already paid to have it installed, I’d return the camera — not because I can’t live with the dash cam, but because I can’t believe a company would be “ok” with developing and marketing such a universally bemoaned and abysmal excuse of a feature as you have. Yes. It really is that bad.
    …Ignore that feature and you have a decent camera—not perfect, but not awful—hence the 3*s.

  12. Thomas D. (verified owner)

    I was a bit disappointed because all of the unboxing videos I watched show how you provide a much nicer tool to help bury wires, but what I got was very different and literally useless. The other item which was not provided was the fitting for connecting to a powered fuse which in my case is an absolute necessary item to have, had I known it didn’t come I would have bought it at time of purchase. All in all these are relatively trivial complaints otherwise I LOVE the unit, it’s video is great, install was pretty easy and it works out of the box as described. The app is okay and I use it for some settings only, for me watching videos on a larger screen is better then using the small screen on the unit plus i can see the real 4k quality on my pc much better. Now with Rexing stepping up their customer support response, I feel good about my purchase and can recommend this to a friend for sure.

  13. Leonard (verified owner)

    Great 👍 Front + 2K Rear cam AAA+++

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    After owning the V1P Max dash cam, I can honestly say it’s the best dash cam I ever owned Graphic too good that my laptop couldn’t read the file, it’s no big of a deal since I can just download a free software to read the file. Don’t waste your money on cheap dash cams instead get you something like this V1P Max.

  15. Aaron T Whitcraft

    Installation went well. I used the hardware kit so I could use the parking mode. Unit powers up quickly and the menu system is easy to navigate. Video is good quality and videos are easy to retrieve. This is a great unit with lots of options at a great price. It is definitely a value to add a dash cam to your car or truck to give you some extra insurance in case something happens.

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

  17. fahad alqahtani (verified owner)

  18. Daniel R. (verified owner)

    Easy installation, I only wish the on screen displays were explained a little more. Example “OSD”, it took me a while to figure out what it means

  19. Joe Watkins (verified owner)

    Everything went as planned.

  20. David Vargas

    i’ve been using this for 7 months now, works great so far but sometimes once in a while or maybe when i have it connected for too long it reboots itself up and wont stay on until i unplug it wait a while then reconnect it and it works back again quality of te picture its great but non of the computers that i have can seen to play the video but when i send it to my phone works fine maybe because my computer is not fast enough to play 4k video, wifi tranfer doesnt work way toooo sloooooow thats the only down side i found on it….UPDATE…awesome seller he reached me and replaced my camera at no cost, now this replacement works great, I would def recommend

  21. BAB

    For the price, I don’t see why so many people complain. I’ve been using their brand for a few years now. It gets the job done. And this 4K is great! Built in GPS is also a plus. It’s easy enough to use for me.

  22. Nikolay Georgiev

    Wow Rexing, you nailed it again with your new V1P MAX 4K.
    I received my new dash cam on the mail a couple days ago to replace my old Rexing V1p 3rd Gen which works perfectly fine but I wanted to try their new 4K camera. Actually this is my fourth dash cam that I buy from Rexing and I’m impressed. I’ve been using their products for more than 2 years without having any bad experience. Heat and cold resistant is impressive. I live in Illinois and the winters here can be very cold and as I said no complaints. Also I was on a road trip 2 years ago to Las Vegas and the dash cam performs during the hot days very well.
    The package comes with everything that you need: as you can see from the picture:
    – Front and Rear unit;
    – Power cable 20ft long for the rear camera and 12ft long from the front to your cigarette light port.
    – Double sided tape and 2 base mounts for the front unit;
    – Cable mounting clips;
    – Additional micro USB to USB cable to update the software of your dash cam;
    – Plastic pry tool.
    Both rear and front cameras have 170 degrees wide view angle and there is an option named “Distortion Correction” which will slightly reduce the wide angle and gives you more realistic view.
    There are two resolution options you can choose from:
    – 3840×2160(4K) Front & 1920×1080(FullHD) Rear;
    – 2560×1440(2K) Front & 1920×1080(FullHD) Rear.
    The loop recording is between 1 and 3 minutes and also there is an option for Normal or Time lapse recording.
    You can ease monitor the speed and location coordinates with the integrated GPS module.
    If you want to watch, download and even edit your recorded videos just download the Rexing app. I tried it several times and it works perfectly fine. You can also use the app the adjust the camera angle and point it directly to the center of my hood or trunk. It’s way more easy than looking at the cam screen. When I mentioned the screen is 2.4in and I love the fact that there is on option to turn it ON/OFF or activate screen saver mode. As I know some of the dash cams on the market don’t have the option to keep your screen always ON or OFF. You can also switch the view between front and rear, only front and only rear by pressing the MIC button. With OK button you can lock the current video footage. REC button is for “Pause” and “Resume” recording, press and hold MIC is going to “Mute” the microphone, MENU button once will take you to “Media Settings”, twice to “System Settings”.
    About the parking monitor you have to buy Rexing hardware kit if you want to use it. It’s 15$ and it’s totally worth the money. There are 4 levels of G-Sensor sensitivity Off, Low, Medium and High and if the dash cam detects shaking while driving or on parking mode will lock the current footage and secure folder and won’t be overwritten once your SD card is full. The SD card that I’m using is S**disk extreme V30 A2 128gb and there are no complaints at all. Boot up speed is also very good, it takes couple of seconds for the dash cam to start recording after you fire up the engine.
    Let’s talk about the video quality. It’s very good. Day and night footage are crystal clear you can easily see the license plate number even while driving down the road.
    Compared to my old V1P 3rd Gen the video quality is highly improved, you can see the difference between the both dash cams on the images down below. I’m not saying that the old one is not good. It depends from your budget but if you really want to enjoy the 4K quality I totally recommend to spend a little bit more and get the new one.
    If you want to see my full review on you-tube you can find it on my account: TheLastBear under the name: Rexing V1P MAX-The best Dual 4K Dash Cam from Rexing.
    P.S. Before I ordered my dash cam I had some questions about it and Rexing team provided great customer services. As soon as I texted them I received email back on the very next day.

  23. Ivan Hidalgo

    Soy un cliente extranjero, desde Ecuador envío saludos!!

    Es un buen equipo para seguridad dentro y fuera del vehículo, acabo de instalarlo y es super bueno

    Espero se mantenga la calidad a pesar del ambiente que se encuentra expuesta la cámara debido al calor de mi zona. Si se presenta alguna novedad desfavorable actualizaré mis comentarios.

  24. Jose Picon

    Took me about an hour to set up on a Nissan Rogue, and still had plenty of cable length left on my rear camera. The video is the sharpest I’ve had from a Dash Cam, and interface is easy to work with. On the display screen, you can swap around between from camera, back camera, or both at the same time. The fact that you can download the videos via Wifi to your phone is extremely useful, specially in situations with you’ll need to do a playback quickly! I highly recommend this product!

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