REXING Wireless Multimedia Receiver RoadMate CPDuo – CarPlay + Android Auto + Dash Cam Feature

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Multimedia Receiver W/ Built-In Dash Cam | Auto Back-up Camera | Apple CarPlay | Android Auto | 6.25” HD Display | Touch Control | Wireless Connectivity | Stream Media | FREE 78W Car Charger + 32GB Memory card

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  • Built-In Dual Dash Cam - Built for complete protection and peace of mind, the REXING RoadMate 6.25" Wireless Auto Display comes with a 4K UHD front camera, recording the road ahead. Plus, a Full HD rear backup camera to boost your parking and reversing confidence. This dual-channel driving recorder allows you to easily stream and save footage, whether it's for reviewing incidents or preserving your travel memories.
  • 4K UHD Recording Capabilities - Record the road ahead as you drive in crystal clear 4K UHD resolution. Be ready for any unexpected event on the road. Capture crisp and detailed video footage that can protect your innocence in the event of an incident.
  • Apple CarPlay & Android Auto - Mirror your phone screen onto the 6.25-inch touchscreen and transform your ride with easy access to all your favorite apps and media. The REXING RoadMate works seamlessly with both Apple and Android devices, enhancing your driving experience with features like turn-by-turn directions through Google Maps, hands-free calls and messaging, and compatibility with popular music streaming apps like Spotify and Apple Music.
  • 6.25” Touchscreen Display - Experience clear and precise visuals at your fingertips. The 6.25-inch HD touch screen of the REXING RoadMate provides crystal-clear images and responsive interaction, whether you're browsing menus, watching movies, or using navigation apps. The vibrant colors and fine details bring your car's interior to life.
  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connectivity - Connect your devices effortlessly through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for hands-free calling and internet access. Whether you're enjoying music or making important phone calls, the REXING RoadMate lets you stay connected while keeping your hands on the wheel.
  • Hassle-Free Installation - Start using it easily with a simple setup. The Rexing RoadMate 6.25" Wireless dash cam receiver comes with a Type C Power Supply Interface that easily connects to your car's cigarette lighter. No need for complex wiring or technical know-how – just plug it in and enjoy the benefits on the go.
  • Dashboard & Windshield Mount Included - Enjoy the flexibility of two included mounts and two installation options, allowing you to securely place the multimedia receiver on either the dashboard or windshield. This versatility ensures a customized setup tailored to your driving preferences, providing an added advantage for your convenience.

6 reviews for REXING Wireless Multimedia Receiver RoadMate CPDuo - CarPlay + Android Auto + Dash Cam Feature

  1. Jose Escobar (verified owner)

    Amazing product, first time buying REXING priducts , good price and fast shipping

  2. Richard Smith (verified owner)

    Great system been looking for this for alone time. Great job.

  3. Robert Z. (verified owner)

    I bought this dash cam to have car play as well in my minivan. Works great! I can use steering wheel functions still.

  4. Jesus Serna (verified owner)

    I hope it works as good as you advertise because I am having trouble installing….you don’t make it easy or provide sufficient instructions…I may have to hire professionals to install which adds to the overall $$$!

  5. Richard E. (verified owner)

    Very nice addition to our 2012 Prius that did not have CarPlay. The screen is big enough that it is easy to see and functions just as well as an OEM installation. Plus our prior dash cam was a front view only and this unit has the extra protection of a rear view camera with parking assist.

    It was easy to install, with two mounting options. I mounted it on the dash and not the windshield (It’s common in this area to have rocks hit your windshield so a dash mount avoids having to remount the unit if the windshield requires replacing).

    One item I wasn’t crystal clear on when buying the unit was; would it allow streaming music via CarPlay to come through the car’s audio when in CarPlay mode and using maps? I’m happy to report that it does, again just like an OEM setup. We are using it in bluetooth mode. I did test it with an aux audio cable and that works too.

    Lastly you can still charge your phone and use CarPlay via bluetooth.

    All in all this has met and exceeded all my expectations. I think it’s a high value unit to have 4K front and rear cameras as well as CarPlay all in a well designed easy to install unit. (Oh and it does Android Auto as well, although I didn’t test that)

  6. Mariusz (verified owner)

    Does what was expected. I got it to address couple ‘issues’ with my older car – add carplay, update dashcam and add reverse camera. Carplay works like expected, the only counter-intuitive thing is, it picks up calls, then I need to switch it back to the car’s bluetooth (that was anticipated); dashcam, I wish it had sort of a zoom lens, V1 has the lens really close to the windshield, CPDuo does not, picking up reflections and part of my dash in the frame; mount needs more flexibility, it will not work in cars with nearly vertical windshield, like Wrangler; screen glass needs to be bit less reflective, I get glare from the lights of car behind, including daytime lights; reverse cam, that is still work in progress for me, need afternoon to finish mounting and wiring, unfortunately my car’s reverse light is in the fender, not trunk lid. One thing got me a bit off-track, carplay’s music streaming – it can get connected to AUX input (wire included), in my case I got clicking noise in speakers due to ground loop, waiting for filter to arrive. Once that comes in, I will be able to play music and gps instructions through speakers (my car has bluetooth for phone only, no music streaming). Overall, money well spent, I would buy it again. Oh, one more thing, this camera WILL delete locked videos!!! Unlike older models, once card is full and locked video threshold is reached (based on card size), OLD LOCKED videos go bye bye.
    Another thing, manual mentions ‘time lapse video’ in parking mode – I do not have that option in my software – I have PARKING MODE and it is impact sensor settings.

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