Rexing V1 MAX 4K Dash Cam with Wi-Fi and GPS


3840X2160@30fps UHD | Car Dash Camera w/Night Vision | Supercapacitor | 170 Degree Wide Angle | Mobile App | Loop Recording | G-Sensor | Parking Monitor | Support up to 256GB

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  • REAL UHD 4K SINGLE CHANNEL RECORDING - Front single-camera records REAL 4K video while utilizing WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE allows dash cam to perform well in low-light situations by F/1.6 6 glass lens carefully fine-tuning the exposure. 170 DEGREE ULTRA WIDE ANGLE LENSES on camera open up to capture broad views of their surroundings.
  • BUILT-IN GPS, WIFI, and MOBILE APP - Use our mobile app to view and manage dash cam recordings instantly on your iOS and Android devices. By using the app you can download your recorded 4k videos directly to your smartphone and easily share these on social media. GPS accurately records your driving location and speed. View your driving route and tracker on google maps via Rexing GPS Player or Rexing Connect App.
  • G-SENSOR & LOOP RECORDING - Video can be recorded in 1,2 or 3-minute intervals. When the storage limit is reached on the memory card, our dash cam automatically overwrites the oldest recordings. Accident Auto Detection happens with the built-in gravity sensor & when it detects a collision, the current video is locked. Locked video will be kept safe from being overwritten in case of an accident dispute.
  • SUPERCAPACITOR & PARKING MONITOR - Power is delivered with the help of a supercapacitor, a premium alternative to a lithium-ion battery that features enhanced temperature resistance to hot and cold climates. With the parking monitor feature, the dash camera will automatically turn on and record a 20-second video when the car camera detects vibration OR the dashcam will capture frames for a time-lapse video 24/7. (Smart hardwire kit is required)
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION - Simple & easy to mount on the windshield which makes for an overall straightforward installation process. Need help? Email or call our personal LIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT. We stand behind our products with a***18 Month Warranty ***
  • Absolutely Trustworthy: Certified by FCC, CE, RoHS (FCC ID: 2AW5W-V1MAX)
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Real 4K Resolution + Superior Night Vision


Built-In GPS


Built-in Wi-Fi & Mobile App


24 Hour Parking Monitor


High Temperature Resistance


Collision Detection


Loop Recording

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Rexing is an American startup from Connecticut with Headquarters in New York. We design, test, and manufacture our devices to guarantee the reliability and longevity of all products.

Rexing V1 MAX

Real 4K Dash Cam – 3840 * 2160 @30 fps

The V1 Max has a discreet camera design that captures REAL 4K 3840 * 2160 video. Around the clock, parking monitor ensures that if there is ever an issue, you are properly well prepared. Built-in GPS features vital important information including your speed, location, and more for your reference. Have flawless access to this information through our own Rexing connect App. This wide-angle dashcam has got your front view covered.

Kindly Reminder

  • Please format the SD card on your camera directly. Before you start using a new memory card, you must format the card within the camera using the format function.
  • The built-in supercapacitor is just for emergency file backup, please always keep the dash cam plugged in.
  • The car USB port may not support enough power for the dash cam, please use the car charger that comes with the dash cam, or Rexing Smart hardwire kit (Sold separately).
  • We are constantly improving our products through firmware updates.
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What’s in the box?
  • Rexing V1 MAX Dash Camera
  • In-car power cable (12ft)
  • 3M adhesive mount
  • USB computer cable
  • User manual
  • Contact Card

Card Requirements

  • U3 or higher MicroSD/SDHC/SDXC memory card up to 256GB (not included)
  • Recommendation: Kingston Canvas Go! MicroSD / Kingston Canvas React MicroSD / SanDisk High Endurance MicroSD
  • NOTE: Please don’t use SanDisk Ultra cards with our cameras
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Max Video Resolution
Camera Type
Rear Camera Support
GPS Logger Support
Battery Type
V1p Pro 1 1
V1P Pro
2160p [Single] 1080p [Dual]
Front + Rear
Super Capacitor
Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
170° + 170°
V1 Max 1
V1 Max
2160p (4K)
Super Capacitor
Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
81mo2Oz7u9L. AC SL1500
V1P 3rd Gen
2160p [Single] 1080p [Dual]
Front + Rear
Super Capacitor
Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
170° + 170°
V1P Max New Main
V1P Max
4K + 2K
Front + Rear
Super Capacitor
Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
170° + 170°

15 reviews for Rexing V1 MAX 4K Dash Cam with Wi-Fi and GPS

  1. Makoto S. (verified owner)

    Great product, the 4K resolution is exceptional. This is my 4th dash cam.

  2. Jeffrey L. Dedeaux

    I just got my Dash Cam today. I set it up, had it mounted, and connected to my tablet in less than an hour. I am very pleased with the ease of use and quality so far!

  3. Victor Muller

    The 4K picture quality is really clear on playback and the free app makes transferring clips to my phone easy

  4. non cook

    works well but needs a larger screen …..

  5. Michael

    The large screen works great to play ack videos. With an upgraded 256gb memory card I can store large amount of videos.

  6. Andrei

    pretty good dash cam.

  7. Alejandro

    I like the conserned about their product I read a lot a good about it I recommended

  8. AL

    Camera works as advertised, clear picture.

  9. Randy H.

    Updating my previous review. The Rexing V5 has a great quality video. Unlike other brands I’ve tried and sent back this is the very best. I wish I had tried this one first. Does everything like it is supposed to including remembering all the system settings, license plate # etc. Easiest cam to operate and review videos. I will recommend this camera to anyone wanting a quality product that works properly.

  10. Tim C.

    Overall, nice camera with wifi and GPS.


    I am always skeptical of buying electronics stuff on Amazon especially if I’ve never heard of the brand. However, Rexing is one of the few that the risk was worth it. I saw it on Amazon, but then I ALSO saw it at Best Buy. So that’s good, cuz you have to meet standards to sell there. I have bought electronics in the past where if I had seen it before I ordered it, I wouldn’t have. However, Rexing is legit, what you see is 100% what you get, there are no shenanigans here and no photoshop trickery. Pros and what I look for when buying stuff like this on Amazon: -manual quality. Is it well printed? Color? Is the translation high quality? Is the text sharp and easy to read? OR is it some blury nonsense you can’t read. -finish quality. Is there glue or manufacturing junk still on on the item? Do all housings sit flush inside themselves? Are the bevels even? Does the texture match what was shown in pictures, or is it actually cheaper substitute? -presentation. Does this item look like something you would see on a shelf in a store, or does it look like something you’d only see on amazon… -quality of craftsmanship and branding. Is it all generic chinese sleeves, brown cardboard and tape? Or is everything including the boxes, manual, and sealing tape branded? These are expensive, and it means the company is funded well and cares about brand reputation, not just pump and dump electronics -does this product exist in retail stores? I would say the vast majority of brands on Amazon don’t exist in retail stores and probably couldn’t even pass the QA checks to do so. But Rexing is 100% legit, on the shelves at Best Buy, real products. -support. Is the support a real US phone number, or a WeChat alias? -company address. Does the company even provide an address? If so, is it a real, and an actual complex on Google Maps? Or just something made up? -company website. Does it have one? If so, is it well made, and have a valid SSL? Like actually has some effort put into it? Do the links work to manuals and stuff like that? Rexing passes all those test. I had an issue with the first one I got and actually didn’t even try to get support, because I figured I would just get ignored. So I returned it and left a mediocre review and just figured that was the end of it right? Nope! Rexing reaching out to me, to see what the issue was and get me an updated/new model. Sure enough, a week or so later, they sent me a new unit! I was a bit surprised since, I mean who does that?

  12. Susan j

    Rexing Dashcam and the folks at Rexing offer amazing customer service. When purchasing from them please know that they will ensure that you are completely satisfied and happy with their products. Customer Service is so important, and this company has it! Great product and amazing people.

  13. EH

    Seems like I’m late to the dash cam game, but never too late, as my drives in and out continue to get worse with people returning to work. A number of friends have been on Rexing, so I decided to give the Max 4k a try. As everyone has and pictured in the instruction, you usually place it a little to the right of the rear-view mirror, on the passenger side. Clean windshield where you plan to mount (can mock it up before committing to the VHB), stick, and you’re ready to go. Downside: Rexing’s Amazon offerings and their website are completely out of sync. There’s a number of models offered on Amazon not on the website, so understanding the differences is challenging. I wanted a 4k device that had GPS inside or the ability to add and front-view camera only. Upside: Simple setup. Plug SD card in, plug-in, format and go. I didn’t setup the WiFi or motion, as I only want this to record while driving. H265 codec, 4k, etc. I have nothing to compare this to, unfortunately, but so far it’s very simple/easy to setup. I do work in tech, but this could be accomplished by anyone who can follow instructions. I’ll update after some usage, as that’s the only way to tell.

  14. bader abdulaziz

    Good quality

  15. Brian Cushing

    I bought 2 for my new truck and as of yet ,I don??t have any issues with these cameras. I really don??t expect to either being this order takes my number of Rexing cameras owned to 5. I have not had any issues with these dash cameras other than the adheasive used to mount as well as the suction cup seperating from my windows due to the extreme Arizona heat. All I??m gonna say is it was extremley hot, 120 plus. It was 115 outside that day and my windows were up and my car was parked the whole day.

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