Rexing V1PGW-4K Dual Channel Car Dash Cam 2160p Front + 1080p Rear w/ Built-In GPS and Wi-Fi


2.4” LCD Screen | 170° Wide Angle Dual Channel Dashboard Camera Recorder Car Dash Cam with Rear Cam | G-Sensor | WDR | Loop Recording | Mobile App (2022)

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  • 4K DUAL CHANNEL RECORDING - Featuring our best selling V1P model with upgraded 4K Crystal clear recording and Built-In GPS. Capture important video from two separate perspectives via our classic low-profile, discreet, 4K Front Camera and 1080p Rear camera.
  • BUILT-IN GPS & WIFI - Enjoy the added benefit of showing exactly where you were and when including the speed of your car trips by uploading your dash cam videos to our GPS logger Software powered by Google Maps. View, save, and share video recordings by connecting your mobile device through WiFi to our Rexing Connect App.
  • 170 DEGREE ULTRA WIDE ANGLE LENS - The 6 layer glass lens opens up to capture a sweeping view of your surroundings. The superior WDR technology allows the camera to perform optimally in any lighting situation by adjusting the exposure to create balanced images and footage.
  • SUPERCAPACITOR & PARKING MONITOR - The dash cam uses a supercapacitor that can withstand extreme temperatures from -20 to 176°F, which prevents the risk of overheating, extends the life span and reliability of the camera. With the PARKING MONITOR feature, the dash camera will automatically turn on and record when the car camera detects vibration OR the dash cam will capture frames for a time lapse video 24/7. Please connect the smart hardwire kit to activate the parking mode. (Sold Separately)
  • LOOP RECORDING AND G-SENSOR - Video can be recorded in 1, 2, or 3-minute intervals. When the storage limit is reached on the memory card, new recordings will automatically overwrite the oldest recordings. Supports high-endurance micro SD memory cards up to 256GB in memory size. When the built-in gravity sensor detects a collision, the current video is locked, ensuring important footage is kept protected. Locked videos will be kept safe from being overwritten
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION - Simple & easy mount on rear view mirror setup which makes for an overall straightforward installation process. Need help? Email or call our personal LIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT. We stand behind our products with a leading ***18 Month Warranty ***
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V1PGW 4K Super Night Vision
V1PGW 4K Parking Monitor
V1PGW 4K Super Capacitor


More reliable than traditional battery-operated dash cams where the camera can operate smoothly in temperatures as high as 176°F and as low as -20°F.

V1PGW 4K Loop Recording


New recordings will automatically overwrite the oldest recordings when the memory card is full. When the G-sensor detects a collision, the current video will be locked.

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Get quick answers and customer support via email or live chat options.

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Rexing is an American startup from Connecticut with Headquarters in New York. We design, test, and manufacture our devices to guarantee the reliability and longevity of all products.

Rexing V1PGW-4K
Our newest update to the V1P series dash cams.

Featuring all the best functions of its predecessors however with upgraded 4K Front + 1080p Rear recording and Built-in GPS. Record sweeping views both front and back via the 170° Wide-Angle lens and share those videos wirelessly via WiFI and our mobile app.

All of our products come with a Rexing backed by our online support team and 18-month support.

Card Recommendations

  • Kingston Canvas Go! Plus MicroSD
  • Kingston Canvas React Plus MicroSD
  • SanDisk High Endurance MicroSD
  • NOTE: Please don’t use SanDisk Ultra cards with our cameras.
  • Please format the SD card on your camera directly. Before you start using a new memory card, you must format the card within the camera using the format function.
  • The built-in supercapacitor is just for emergency file backup, please always keep the dash cam plugged in.
  • The car USB port may not support enough power for the dash cam, please use the car charger that comes with the dash cam, or Rexing Smart hardwire kit (Sold separately).
  • We are constantly improving our products through firmware updates. Absolutely Trustworthy: Certified by FCC, CE, RoHS
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Why Rexing?

Rexing is an American startup from Connecticut with Headquarters in New York. We design, test, and manufacture our devices to guarantee the reliability and longevity of all products.

Package Content:

  • Rexing V1PGW Dual Dash Camera
  • In-car power cable (12ft)
  • 3M adhesive mount
  • USB computer cable
  • User manual
Other Accessories :
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Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
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Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
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Super Capacitor
Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
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Super Capacitor
Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
170° + 170°

176 reviews for Rexing V1PGW-4K Dual Channel Car Dash Cam 2160p Front + 1080p Rear w/ Built-In GPS and Wi-Fi

  1. Ted Springer (verified owner)

  2. Robert Reid Photography

    Rexing V1PGW-4K camera system is high quality unit and great video delivery. Great customer service and product delivery. I am very pleased with this camera system.

  3. Kris

    I have been buying Rexing products for a few years now. I have one for both my cars and decided to get this new one for my mom’s car. Any product I get from Rexing works great including this camera. It’s easy to set up in the car. I have had this camera in really hot weather and so far it is working really well. Great customer service as well.

  4. Joshua carson

    Frt camera is good quality back is ok enough but the screen is small and hard to see. It also doesn’t angle any so if your windshield isn’t flatter like a van it’s hard to get at an angle you can see the screen. Besides those few things it’s a fairly decent option. Just not easy to see on a car windshield especially during the day.

  5. MMColli

    Bought this camera as an upgrade to an older Rexing Dash Camera.
    What a difference in picture quality! Greatly increases the range of license readability.
    I highly recommend Rexing Dash Cameras!

  6. the bookhunter13

    This is my third Rexing dash cam. I have them in both of my vehicles. All have been quality cameras that seem to function as advertised. Fortunately, I have not needed them to dispute anything as of yet. I’m either extremely lucky or a fantastic driver. Probably the former. The picture is clear and the built in GPS feature is nice. License plates are easily readable within a reasonable distance. However, my last camera (V1P Pro Dual 1080P) had a memory card error and never displayed it on the screen. I didn’t know until I took the card out to review something I saw while driving, and my computers told me the card was unreadable. Not sure if it was a card error or camera error but everything seems to be resolved after replacing the card. I’ll be checking the card more often to see if the issue persists. This is the only reason for the 4 star rating. Other than that I like these cameras, they are easy to use, and I would recommend them to others.

  7. BLCol

    This is by far my most favorite Rexing camera yet. This is my third Rexing camera, with no complaints on any. However, this one has a nice screen size that lets makes it very easy at a glance to view. Rear camera allows you to rotate it so you can see any angle from where it is mounted.
    Very improved camera with more features and functionality in the larger screen.
    Very clear pictures. Nice access to the micro SD card which is on the side instead of the top.

  8. Dou Her

    Finally upgraded my V1 Rexing to this 4K Rexing! Nothing wrong with it, just thought it was time, it has withstand years or recording. Super reliable. Will gift my old Rexing to my nephew. Best part about the 4K Rexing is the GPS logger, speed, and the back-up camera!

  9. Hank_007

    I started using Rexing 3 years ago after my old dash cam finally died. My biggest concern when researching a replacement was whether it can handle the summer heat and long-term reliability, as I had bad experiences with some cameras not lasting a year. I can proudly say my cameras (three cars) are still going strong and my family members and neighbors who I have recommended (at least 8 additional cameras) are also still working. I was given the opportunity to upgrade my current V1LG to V1PGW-4k and wanted to share my experience. First the picture quality is much better, as you can see from the two photos, the color of the sky and the house on the left show better color. I also noted that the file format in the V1LG was .mov and the new V1PGW is .mp4. Overall, the user interface is relatively the same as the previous model, so no significant learning curve is required. The footprint of the main unit is much smaller than the V1LG given the smaller display size (see photo). Based on my cumulative experience with both the old and new model, I am comfortable recommending Rexing’s dash cams for people looking to add one in their vehicle. I also recommend using the hardwired fuse kit during install as sometimes the lighter plug loses contact with the power socket.

  10. JD

    This is my third rexing dash cam for the third vehicle. I will not have a vehicle without a dash cam after one saved a huge ticket for my family (the person blamed us when they merged into our lane of travel and the dash cam footage clearly showed they merged into us). This one is just as good as the other two we have and I see no reason to buy any other dash cam brand! We are also in Phoenix and have zero issues with the heat and these dash cams after a couple of years of use!

  11. Greg

    I’ve had a couple dash and the only brand that is consistently functional and I never have to worry about is Rexing. I decided to upgrade my camera (still running great after 5 years, going to pass it on to my brother) and I’m so glad I did. It was just as easy to set up but now I have a rear cam and the parking monitor. Videos look great and now I have the benefit of built in GPS and speedometer.

  12. MDB Dash

    Personal use, I’m a road warrior.

  13. JL Johnson

    On my way to the airport recently an older lady side swiped me. The police said it looked like it was my fault but thankfully I had the video to prove she was at fault. Her insurance company accepted full responsibility. I saved thousands and an insurance hike thanks to my rexing cam, and that’s why I upgrade every so often and give older ones as hand-me-downs to friends and family for their own piece of mind and protection.

    This model has built-in GPS unlike my older model and to my pleasure the time and date set automatically.

    With older versions I spent a lot of time going through menus to get things just right but with this one all I needed to do was turn off the key beeps.

    The enclosed 3M pads are great. I’ve used cameras with cheaper pads and they come off in the summer heat.

    The included rear camera is a nice touch and while I haven’t set that up yet I do plan to in the coming weeks.

    Overall these products keep getting better and better.

    This is a premium camera with a premium price tag but it’s worth it.

  14. Chris

    This is my second Rexing Dash Cam and first with the rear view camera. I finally decided to pull the trigger on a dash cam for my second vehicle and given my great experience with my first Rexing Dash Cam, I of course directly searched for another Rexing for my second.

    Compared to my original Rexing Dash Cam, they made many significant upgrades that are extremely nice to have and well worth the price. As always, the camera was extremely easy to install and use. Looking forward to testing it more and add some photos showing the quality of the camera image.

  15. Ares

    I have used Rexing V1 for several years, I was satisfied. But it’s time to use the new version and new technology. I found it worth to upgrade from V1 to V1PGW. It has better video quality and also GPS. Besides, parking monitor means a lot in big city while the parking space is super small.

  16. Purchaser

    So this is an upgrade from a previous model I had that was not 4k and about 3 years old. This model here is really nice and it’s great to have something that just works and does what it needs to do. Some other cameras and companies will try new things but this model is tried and true and I really enjoy it. The picture quality is great, and the frame rate is clear too. You can see street signs, license plates and other items very clearly while moving and reviewing. The ONLY way to improve on this would be to somehow have the back camera connect via Bluetooth or something rather than a wire, but I haven’t seen anyone do that. I wouldn’t hesitate to get this if your thinking about it. Side note: customer support is pretty good with Rexing too, so keep that in mind if you’re on the fence.

  17. Ray

    I asked a question, they answered in about a day, way better than most. Quality seems good. Installation was easy. I strongly recommend the smart hardware kit. I like my dash cam to watch while parked. I purchased the rear view mirror “M2” model for my wife’s car so she withdrew have blind spot detect. So far I’m happy with Rexing and their products.

  18. Giorgi Kalandadze

    I’ve had a rexing camera for over two years now and I recently upgraded to this one to have read dashcam and Wi-Fi connectivity. Great camera, easy to wire, and comes in handy. Camera has Really good video and audio quality. Previous camera hasn’t had any issues for more than two years and has come in very handy at times. Camera is also small and can be hidden behind the rear view mirror.

  19. Jimmy Yau

    Very simple installation of the rear and front dash-cams, I ended up getting a hardwire kit with it so the install took a tad longer. Adhesive is super sticky feels like a storm couldn’t break it off. Camera quality is amazing, been observing the camera quality and everything for the past couple days and it’s nearly flawless. Great product! Highly recommend this.

  20. Dave

    I have been a Rexing customer for about 8 years, and keep coming back, because they’re a known entity and they continue to make high quality, durable products.

    I bought this camera in the wake of having had a V1 MAX for two years. The reason that 98% of us have dash cams in “insurance”. We want dash cams because we reliably want good images in the event that something goes wrong. In that sense, the V1 MAX has performed admirably.

    The V1PGW-4K builds upon those successes incrementally. The design of the unit has changed slightly, but it still produces those exceptionally high quality images and comes with a slew of features that have become something of a standard in Rexing’s range (GPS logging, supercapacitor, crash detection, wi-fi access). The V1PGW-4K levels me up with the addition of a rear camera which I haven’t had to date. While it’s only in 1080 (as compared to the front camera @ 4k), it helps to add another dimension to the story.

    Where I would hope Rexing would make some improvements is in the menus/settings and the mobile app. While they technically work, they’re not very well thought out and could do with some UI/UX love. With that said, I go back to my earlier point: the reason we have dash cams is to get the footage when it matters. At the end of the day, I rarely interact with the mobile app or the menus, because I’m still waiting for the need to. The point is that if that day comes, I want high quality footage of the incident, and I will have it.

  21. ATR2156

    I previously owned the a Rexing but only with 1080 video. The upgrade to 4K plus the 170 degree wide angle view offers additional capability to catch mischief on the roads. The picture quality is definitely desired. I have not setup the rear racing camera to date. The GPS being added to the camera is also a nice welcome.

    The size of the camera is smaller than the previous one I had but no issues as the quality picture, as noted previously, is a lot better. The quality of the camera itself still meets my expectations and I have no concerns of product issues.

    The menu on the camera is very similar to that of other Rexing products as it is very easy to navigate and figure out.

    One downside like others have mentioned was the installation. I was hoping to just remove my old rexing camera, leaving the mount, and just install the new one. The bracket on my initial rexing ended up being different. Not a deal breaker, just more of an inconvenience as I had to remove the old mounting bracket from the windshield, clean the area, let it dry, and then install the new one.

    Overall, I’m glad I upgraded to this new camera.

  22. Chuck

    Great camera quality. Easy to mount and install. The cable running to the rear camera was well designed and easy to tuck away into the trim. Excellent build quality. The WiFi app could use some work – the interface is not intuitive. The big downside to this camera, and it is a big downside, is that when plugged in to an always-on socket, the camera can kill the car battery due to parasitic draw. I had to replace my car battery, and I now have to unplug the camera every time I park the car. This should be worked out by Rexing.

  23. Jeo

    This is my 3rd Rexing camera purchase and it is a great camera, as always. Replaced the front only camera in one of my cars for this dash cam with front and rear view. Only the front view is 4K but the rear is still great quality. I definitely recommend using the smart hardwire kit for the cleanest look. The app is very simple and easy to use so it makes saving clips a quick process. I definitely recommend this or any Rexing camera.

  24. Marvin R.

    Me encanta esta camara, es la 3ra que compro. La verdad la recomiendo 👍

  25. Pete

    Rexing offered me the opportunity to upgrade my 2019 V1LG Dual Channel Car Dash Cam to this V1PGW-4K Dash Cam and I jumped on it.

    So far, no complaints. My older unit recorded in 1080p for the front and 720p in the rear, which I was content with. The upgrade to 4K in the front and 1080p is however a stunning upgrade.

    Other noticeable upgrades is the size of the camera (picture included). This camera retains many of the same features/functions but in a slimer body. While the display screen is smaller, its not a downgrade. The screen is more clear and this model allows me to view recordings on my phone, which is convenient if needed.

    The only downside for me was the installation. I was hoping to just unplug my old model and replace it with this one. Unfortunately, both the power cord and the rear camera cord have different input plugs, so I had to remove the old cords and re-route the new ones. I also had to remove the 3M window mount and replace it with a new, smaller mount.

    For those installing this for the first time, I recommend you take an hour and do it right by tucking the cords along the interior molding/headliner of your vehicle. There are plenty of YouTube videos out there to assist. It makes the install look much more tidy and professional in my opinion.

  26. D

    The unit offers very good image quality on the front facing camera. I notice the improvement over my previous Rexing models that offer only 1080 video. Additionally, the 170 degree wide angle view offers very good coverage as it can sometime be difficult to optimally position the unit when mounting.

    The units low light capability is acceptable; however, I would very much like to see the inclusion of a true “night vision” feature on future models. GPS capability is also a welcomed feature. The unit is quick to acquire signal and it results appear consistent and accurate. The method by which the unit displays this information is also good.

    As is typical with Rexing the menu is well designed and the controls are generally intuitive. Last, I do not care for the provided 2 sided tape mounting method, as a result the inclusion of a compatible suction cup mount would be bonus.

  27. adrian acosta

    Installed directly to fuse box and was able to run very discreetly within car edging for a very smooth look. Quality of videos is great even at night. Being able to prioritize recordings is helpful since you can set to auto delete the rest of recordings as the memory card fills. Only complaint is since I installed the cameras on my weekend car if i skip a weekend of driving, the camera can drain the battery but under normal circumstances it’s not an issue. To fix I usually have to leave the power cord unplugged when I garage the car for the week.

  28. Nelson

    This is my 4th Rexing dash cam. I have a V1, a V3, the M1 duo pro, and now a V1PGW-4K. It’s a very easy to use and very simple to use dash cam. It gets the job done and records both front and rear. Hopefully in the future the rear comes in 4K as well. Camera picks up video and audio pretty clearly and I also bought the hardwiring kit to hook it up to my fuse box. If you’re looking for something practical, then I would say look into Rexing. Their products, button layouts, and scrolling thru the menu and options are very easy for anybody to use to.

  29. Scott Huhn

    I have been using Rexing dash cameras for a long time. I have had V1P 720p, 1080p and 4k versions in 5 vehicles and they have been absolutely trouble free.

    I purchased the V1PGW-4k to upgrade one of the 720p cameras and I needed a rear camera also (which my older 4k version did not have). I also upgraded to the smart harness at the same time inorder to use the parking monitor feature.

    The installation was very simple (although I am kind of an expert at installing these cameras at this point). One thing I noticed that slightly irritated me was that the actual camera mount that sticks to the windshield was different from the V1P mount which I was planning to reuse. Now this is not a huge issue and it was made smaller due to the fact that the new mount is improved. My old mount was loose at the camera so the camera was able to move a little, but the new mount holds the new camera 100% secure.

    The rear camera design is exponentially better than previous models. I have had two rear camera mounts break where the tightening screw was, so the new design that does not have a tighening screw and the entire camera barrel rotates is so much better and stronger. I have no concerns that this one will break at all.

    Video Quality:
    Being that I was replacing a 720p camera with VGA rear, I knew there would be a quality improvement, but I can honestly say I am stunned at the difference. Prior to this camera, there is no way you would have been able to read the license plate on a vehicle behind me, but now you can probably see the whites of the drivers eyes. It is so much improved.

    Other Features:
    I never had luck with the WiFi on one of my other cameras with this feature, but on this one, it just worked as advertised.
    The GPS logger works great showing the speed in the video, but I have been unable to get the embedded data to work with the GPS Player software. I have been working with Rexing tech support on this and they have been very helpful, professional and timely, although we still have not worked through the issue.

    I am so pleased with this camera. I would highly recommend it to anyone either looking for a first dashcam or an upgrade.

    The pictures included in the review show the comparison between the V1PGW-4k and the V1P 720p camera that I replaced. The differences are stark as you can see.

  30. Galip

    I have been using Rexing for 2 years. I like the improvements on this new version. I will keep using the Rexing. Great quality!

  31. Bagman

    Rexing V1PGW-4K Review

    Just installed my fourth Rexing dash cam. I have been very pleased with the other three and have never had an issue with any of them. Fortunately, I have never had to use them to document an incident but it gives me peace of mind knowing they are there and running whenever I start the car.

    The new one is Rexing V1PGW-4K. It’s for my spare vehicle, a 2009 Hyundai Accent SE Hatchback. The device is an upgrade from my other units but the install process was very similar. Although the camera comes with a 12 volt cigarette lighter adapter I opted for the hardwire installation. The hardwire kit power supply comes at a small additional cost but it’s worth it to keep the cords out of the way. (However, I suppose anyone wanting to move the camera from vehicle to vehicle might find the plug in power adapter more useful.) Also don’t forget to purchase a high capacity Micro SDXC card since one is not included.

    Since the V1PGW-4K can be used with a smart hardwire kit I decided to go with that option. This allows the car to be monitored while parked, and if the car is hit or jostled then the camera will start to record. The best part is that it only turns on when activated so it won’t run down your car’s battery. This is a new feature for me and I really like the concept.

    Well I just got everything installed. I think it looks pretty good and I have no doubt it will be just as reliable as my other three cameras have been. Can’t wait to take it for a spin.

  32. Cassie B

    I researched a ton before finally landing on Rexing. So far everything came intact in the box and got the app up and running. I’m excited to get it installed and ready to go before we do a cross country trip in a couple weeks!

  33. JC Hoit

    I could continue to write a raving review but if you’ve read the other ones, you’ll have my feelings also. I upgraded from the V1P Pro which I was VERY happy with. The pictures show the size difference between the V1P Pro and the new V1PGW-4K. I was pleased that it was smaller. And the videos are better.

    Cons (about the same as other complaints):
    >> The rear camera is sloppy on the rotation. It could be a tighter fit so it doesn’t possibly move while hitting a bump. Also, there wasn’t much to indicate which way was up with that rear camera. I actually plugged it in to be sure.
    >> The menu system’s button action is clunky. I had to fumble around some button presses to determine what does what.
    >> There is a plug-in hole on the side with no markings. The Amazon pictures show that it’s possibly for the GPS but even the manual didn’t give a clue.
    >> I was disappointed that the mounting bracket was different. Nothing to get upset about but it sure would have been nice to slip off the old one and slide on the new.
    >> Speaking of the manual, could it get any more minimal? Ikea is more detailed that this.
    >> Linking up to the Wi-Fi wasn’t hard and I had a brief moment of jubilation when I installed the Rexing Connect app. I went to the settings option in the Android app and saw that there were settings there! But nope, just a few basics. I would have loved to have ALL the settings coming from the app. Would have made life a lot easier. The app is a little clunky too but it did work.

    With all the complaints here, I’ll still endorse the brand. Rexing has been a solid performer for me for many years and I’ll continue to use it.

  34. CMG

    Instead of the camera, the seller initially sent me a large box of cough drops. While it was a thoughtful gift, I sent them back and re-ordered to receive and actual camera.

    Everything works great. It uses the same miniUSB for power so if you are like me and have a hardwire setup compatible with these newer supercapacitor cameras then the upgrade should be straightforward.

  35. Franklin

    Love Rexing Cameras, i purchased this camera for my little brother as a birth day gift. i own this same camera myself and obsoletely love it, great picture quality, reliable and the rear camera is obsoletely great, 10 out of 10!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Kolleen Paradise

    A great versalite Camera!

    This is my third camera coming from Rexing. Installation and running wires is no much different from previous ones, you can always check YouTube instructional videos or have a professional do the install.

    This camera has the super capacitor in place of the battery so you don’t have to worry about hot summer days. I normally install updates once a year, but you should be just fine using the camera with installed firmware from the box.

    I recommend this camera to everyone. Customer support is very helpful as well.

  37. Adam G.

    I bought this as an upgrade to my old Rexing dash cam and it is quite the upgrade! The 4K quality is unbeatable and the install was simple and easy! Highly recommend Rexing as always!

  38. matthew

    This is replacing a V1LG Rexing camera in a 2019 Mustang.

    UHD front FHD rear camera much better video quality upgraded rear camera design.

    Rear camera one complaint adjuster is plastic clicking is loose in some areas, tighter in others. Meaning rear camera swivels 360° to adjust to a vertical or a sloped windshield. When adjusting to a vertical windshield camera mount is loose cannot adjust or tighten camera in anyway! When in a sloped windshield position camera is more stable, could be a defect or a design flaw.

    Now, with this V1PGW-4K Front cigarette lighter power cord is not long enough if you’re going to put it in a F-150 through F-450 and hide the wire being tucked in and hidden completely. This cord on V1PGW-4K is same length as a V1P Max 4K and the V1P Pro Rexing cameras. Have both installed in my 2020 F-350 Limited came up about 4 feet short of cable. This camera V1PGW-4K Will do the same thing. There is no cable extension that Rexing makes to extend power from cigarette lighter to camera! Would be nice if they made a 6 foot extension cable that is compatible with the cameras power. Tried using cables to extend power off Amazon most of them are not compatible. The only other option is to hardwire to your fuse box using the Rexing hardwire kit.

    Rear camera cable is 18/20 feet long plenty of length for a car or truck no shortage of cable for rear camera power/Record wire.

    All in all nice new packaging, good design front camera. Could do better on rear camera design!

  39. Kin

    I’ve written a review for this camera twice and it seems like Amazon didn’t publish them which is possibly a good thing given that it gave me more time to test the camera. I’ve owned 2 older Rexing dashcams and I’ve felt each one was pretty good with some minor issues. This one is no different.

    It’s now been over 2 weeks since I’ve installed the camera and overall it’s great. The video quality for the front and back is far better than the previous versions. The only issue I have is that if you drive near sunset you start to lose some quality and the ability to view license plates. When the sun is in complete view it’ll even have a black spot right in the middle of the sun. At night the camera can’t isolate headlights to reduce glare so all you can see is a huge blob of light coming at you. I should state that I installed the rear cam just slightly above headlight level and, at least for that cam, I suspect that has influence on that phenomenon. Amazon will only allow me to upload one video so I felt it would probably be more useful to show footage at night which tends to be the more problematic for most dashcams to capture.

    With the exception of those 2 situations the front and rear cam works flawlessly and installation was pretty straightforward although not easy if you plan to hide the wires inside the panels as I did. One piece of advice for installation is to lead the wire to the rear cam where the wire is coming from the driver’s side as provided in the instructions, and make sure the cam is facing the direction you want before you secure it to the window or a panel. Mine is secured to a fairly vertical window and luckily I had the camera facing outward already because once you stick it on the window there’s not enough clearance to turn the camera around.

  40. John Cannon

    Great product. Good quality video and easy to use.

  41. TK-22007

    I was previously using the Rexing V1P 3rd Gen dual dash cam, which I love and would give it 5 stars across the board, and recently upgraded to this model. The idea of 4k front video and built-in GPS, combined with the reasonable price, I thought I would check it out. After having some time with it and finally getting some night time driving in with it, I am not sure it is really an upgrade.

    The unit is set with factory settings. The only thing I ensured was that the recording length was set for 3 minute clips. I did not adjust any settings just as I did not with the V1P 3rd Gen.

    The 4k front camera does provide a noticeable upgrade to the V1P’s already decent 1080p. Image is clear, license plates and other lettering are legible, the frame rate is pretty smooth and colors are accurate. The field of view is 170 degrees on both cameras and provides a generous view. The rear camera provides an over exposed (too bright) image with factory settings. I’m not sure I want to lower the exposure based on the night time exposure per below.

    The front camera performs pretty well but feels a little under exposed (too dark). There is a fair amount of noise (grain) in the dark areas of the video image but nothing too distracting. The rear camera, however, appears VERY under exposed and extremely noisy (grainy). If I were to adjust the exposure down to compensate for the day time over exposure, then the night time view would be pitch black.

    Screen, setup & menu navigation:
    While the buttons are well laid out and an improvement from the V1P 3rd Gen, I continue to stumble around using the buttons/menu navigation since I don’t use them very often. I almost always need to refer to the manual or online videos for reference.

    The biggest disappointment is the screen. The viewing angle of the screen is very limited. In order to see it clearly, you need to look at it from a nearly perfectly flat angle. This is a big downgrade from the V1P 3rd Gen. Based on the angle it presents while mounted on the windshield, it is impossible to do anything on the screen unless you are bent at an extremely awkward angle behind the rearview mirror. I find it easier to just dismount the camera and hold it while trying to navigate the menus.

    Overall Review and Recommendations —

    – The front camera is an upgrade from the V1P 3rd Gen.
    – The built-in GPS provides speed and location data and is a nice feature.
    – Installation is pretty straightforward – online videos are aplenty to guide you through working with the side panels and how to work with side airbags.
    – Dual cameras is a must and their 170 degree field of vision is good.

    – The rear camera quality is not as good as what I experienced on the V1P 3rd Gen with over exposure in daylight and under exposure at night, extremely grainy video at night.
    – The screen is extremely limited in viewing angles, which makes it difficult or cumbersome to navigate through the menus or view footage. It’s “easier” to dismount the camera in order to do so, which isn’t the best experience.

    If you’re in the market for a dash cam, I would recommend either this or the V1P 3rd Gen. The 4k front camera and GPS are an upgrade but the rear camera and screen visibility are a downgrade. So the question is if the trade-offs, along with difference in price, make one or the other a better option for you.

  42. Karl

    Camera is a decent size. But the best part is the power cord is the same as the last generation camera I’m replacing. I also like how it is almost completely hid behind the rear view mirror. At night, I don’t like seeing the screen. The rear view camera is a tubular design and only turns so far, not 360 degrees. The Rear camera mount is part of the camera unlike previous models. That makes it easier to mount. However, two days after I installed the new cameras, the rear camera was hanging by it’s cord. I stuck it back on and it’s stayed in place since.
    The biggest issue I’ve had so far is I’ve not been able to connect to the camera via Wi-Fi. I made several attempts and finally gave up. There’s a lot to be desired in the instruction manual. It’s far too basic and needs at least a little more detail.
    Picture details have been really good so far. I’ll upload video footage in the near future.
    Updates to come.

  43. M Pennyworth

    Rexing has been my ONLY brand for dash cams for 5-7 years now. I totally recommend them. I have Rexing in all (3) of my cars as well as recommend them to others. And I really mean that or I wouldn’t say it.

    For this one. Overall it’s a great pick if you don’t want 2k for the rear camera.

    =takes the heat very well. The supercapacitor lets you use this in extreme temperaters. Mine sits out in direct sunlight in the 100+ degree for years and it still works great.
    =When paired with the app you can download to the app. Personally I find that it’s easier to just take the card out and drag it to my computer but this is always an option for you.
    =4k looks amazing on the videos.
    =Can somewhat be used as a backup camera but I also have a $50 backup camera mirror combo (rexing makes one too) because the screen is bigger.
    =easy to aim the camera up and down
    =This version has a better rear camera device (other than no 2k)

    Optional but don’t use
    =GPS. I don’t want the cops using this to prove anything. I plan on swallowing the card before they get a hold of it. hah.
    =App. It’s cool functionality but I don’t use.
    =Parking monitor

    =Haven’t had much success in the direct wiring for 24/7 power. It drains my whole battery out. But it may work for other cars or people. So I can’t use the parking monitor.
    =This version doesn’t have 2k for the rear camera. My main rexing camera has that functionality so I’ll be using this in my gf’s car who doesn’t care what resolution is used.
    =depending on your car, hard to find a good place to mount it. My car requires me to mount it on the “cardboard” ceiling. I use dedicated VELCRO heavy duty device to hold it on requiring addtional purchase.

  44. dcsang

    I am a legacy Rexing user, and this dashcam does not disappoint. My V1P Pro has served me well, but it was time to upgrade to 4K. The front video quality was a noticeable improvement and the 170° view provides great coverage.

    Compared to the V1P Pro, the rear camera and GPS Logger (apparently present but unused) connections were relocated the right side and the SD card slot is now on the left, alongside the power, reset and menu. The rear camera for the V1P Pro is connected by a proprietary mini USB shaped connector, whereas the V1PGW-4K has a non-removable cable from the rear camera which connects to the front camera using a 2.5mm plug.

    I have not installed the hardwire kit so cannot comment on the parking mode features at this time. One thing to note is that the hardwire mini USB is a straight connector. For a neater installation you will need a 90° right angled adapter or extension cable to route upward into the headliner. I don’t fault Rexing for including the auxiliary power adapter by default, but my preference would be the hardwire cable since it is a requirement for the parking monitor.

    Overall, a nice addition to the Rexing lineup.

  45. Stacy Woos

    This is the 4th Rexing dash cam I’ve purchased. I now have one in every car I own. This particular one is an upgrade that allowed me to have both front and rear coverage. The camera itself is more clear than the original camera. I purchased a hardwire kit to be able to use the gravity sensor. I wish they would have used the same window mount. Both work well, but in my circumstance I wouldn’t have had to remove the original mount. The size of the unit is great. It tucks behind the rear view mirror if you want to not see it. It records in loops and lets you lock in pictures or 1-3 minute sections of video. It comes with an 18 month warranty, though our other Rexing Dashcams are years old without any problems. Runs in cold and hot temps. Mount does not fall off because it uses 3M tape. Great little camera that gives me piece of mind if I need it.

  46. Robrides

    I’ve been using Rexing dashcams for three years now. They’ve been reliable and good quality. I’ve had the Rexing V1PGW-4K for three weeks and so far the quality and reliability has measured up. I ran it side by side with my older model and the image quality is a great improvement. It also has the GPS feature included which gives you the position where the video is recorded as well as your speed. The form factor is smaller making it less obtrusive in your field of view. The on board screen is a little difficult to see from the angle of your seat but I only use it while setting it up as well as to verify it’s actually running so it’s not a big deal. Saving an important or interesting recording is easy with the touch of the ok button. Overall another great product from Rexing.

  47. igor volosnikov

    This is my third camera coming from Rexing. Installation and running wires is no much different from previous ones, you can always check YouTube instructional videos or have a professional do the install.

    This camera has the super capacitor in place of the battery so you don’t have to worry about hot summer days. I normally install updates once a year, but you should be just fine using the camera with installed firmware from the box.

    I recommend this camera to everyone. Customer support is very helpful as well.

  48. Wassi

    I did research on dash cams for my new car and I am really happy with the camera quality and sleek design. This one in particular has also a rear camera which is very nice and convenient so if something happens you will have it video recorded, everything is also logged by coordinates

  49. Paul Ferrara

    I got this camera to replace my Rexing V1 3G from 2018 which still works fine, just the display is dim and I wanted to try out the GPS features in this unit. That unit has served me well, operating probably 10 hours a day in my work truck. I have not hooked up the second camera yet, and not sure if I will.

    The main issue I see so far is they are using the same DC cigarette style plug as before. This one seems to constantly pop out of my lighter socket. I had to put some electrical tape on the one contact to make enough pressure to keep it in place. I was hoping they had changed this. Since nothing changed with the plug, I decided to keep my existing power wire in place.

    For the most part, this was a drop in replacement for my old camera. The mounting bracket is slightly different and needed to be changed, but I was able to use my same power cable. The unit was so slightly larger than my last one, so I had to adjust the mounting but it still works out fine. The new mount is much sturdier than the old one, the camera doesn’t wiggle at all when interacting with the buttons or driving. The old style had a little more play and would wobble a little.

    Let’s hope they changed the adhesive, though. The V1 G3 mount’s adhesive failed within a few months of being installed in the summer heat. I had to fashion my own adhesive using 3M VHB. This unit is a bit heavier too, so let’s see how the adhesive holds.

    Install was a snap for me after changing the mounting. The menu system was just what I was used to, and easy to navigate. Wifi connection was fast, streaming video was seemless and downloads were pretty quick using the Rexing connect iOS app.

    Not sure if it’s on my old model, but I found this useful screensaver (pictured) which I think is a nice touch. Overall so far I am impressed with the unit.

  50. Eric L

    I’ve had several Rexing dashcams before, and this one was a nice upgrade. I like the 4k (front) resolution and smaller form factor than the previous cameras. The power plug is the same as before (MiniUSB), so I was able to reuse the hardwire kit from the last camera, except if you’re using a right/left angle plug, it now faces the wrong way, as the power plug is now on the left (from the driver’s seat) side of the camera. That’s a minor complaint, though.

    The rear camera is now more compact, and includes a cable that is about 18 feet. It wasn’t long enough for me though, as my vehicle has side curtain airbags, so I needed to run the rear camera cable under the door sills in order to prevent interference with the airbags. Fortunately, the rear camera cable is standard 3.5mm mic compatible cable (look for a plug with 3 ‘bands’ on it).

    I’ve tested the camera in both daytime and nighttime conditions, and the quality is great. The rear camera quality is 1080p and good enough; the front camera is 4k (2160p) and has improved a lot over previous generation cameras.

    The built in GPS is a nice touch – means you can record location/speed stamp on the video – or you can turn if off if you want. The camera switches on/off with my ignition, and loop recording means I can basically set it and forget it. Overall, a great dashcam option.

  51. Kindle Customer

    I have had a Rexing V2 in my daily driver for 4 years until my wife manhandled it and broke the mounting clip. The old dash cam saved us on two separate occasions. Once we were rear-ended at an intersection and the other driver accused us of slamming on the breaks in front of him. Cam proved otherwise. The second incident the car was hit while parked and the cam recorded the entire incident. Needless to say having a dash cam is absolutely worth every penny.

    We were looking at buying a replacement clip but figured I might as well look into an upgrade. This appeared to be smaller than the old V2, but with an upgraded sensor. Turns out it is MUCH smaller. Roughly half the size. We mount it on the passenger side behind the rear view mirror. It completely disappears from the driver, so I never even see it. And the sensor is much improved. I’ve reviewed a couple clips from the last week and the clarity is definitely improved. In all honesty, we had no complaints with the old Rexing dash cam picture quality.

    We briefly considered the V2PRO AI over this camera, but had no need for the AI features as our car already has most of that and this model has the 4k front sensor.

    Only a week in, but overall very happy with the upgrade. Will update after a couple months usage.

  52. A Reviewer

    Setup was easy and the menus were easy to sift through. I like being able to have a rear camera too as well as wifi to download the images. Rexing advertises parking monitor, but you need another cable to hardwire this dash cam into your fuses to enable this mode (docked one star for this). Other than that they provide everything except the sd card to get this up and running – make sure you get one that is classified as a high speed sd card. I like how rexing will use the G sensor to protect the video file so you don’t have to worry about hitting the hazard button on the camera. The picture quality os very good in the day time and pretty good at night. the unit powers up quickly and is ready to go before I start driving. All in all, the unit is a sturdy build with a lot of cool features and will hope it will hold up in the hot AZ sun.

  53. Mike D

    So this is my 5th Rexing dash cam that I’ve purchased for my family. We all started with a basic 1080p front facing camera several years ago, and after having pretty good luck with those we have now offically all upgraded to front & rear cameras in each of our cars and I’ve given those first couple of cameras to extended family to use. The set up on this new V1PGW-4K was just as easy as the previous models and only took about 25 minutes to discreetly run the power cables and mount the cameras in the front and rear. I will need to purchase the hard-wire kit as we don’t like the look of having the cigarette lighter plug in our dash, but it will work for the time-being. The picture quality is very good with this model, even when driving at night. You do have to purchase a microSD card (which isn’t included), but I bought a 64GB card which should give me about an hour recording both front and back on the loop record. It’s only been about 48 hours and I haven’t taken it on any long trips yet, but I have to expect the same life-span and quality as our other cameras. My other cameras have caught some pretty outrageous driving around town and although I hope (knock on wood) that I won’t be in an accident, I’m glad to know that I have a recording to show what actually happened rather than he said, she said type of situation. The initial set up is easy if you follow the directions, and I didn’t experience any of the “formatting” issues that I have read others complaining about. The only thing I worry about is the high-heat in the summer time leaving it mounted to the front windshield. So, as a precaution, I unplug and hide it in the glove box or center console so it’s not baking in the sun. I’ll update the review if anything changes, but hoping it’s just as good as the others we have.

  54. erikiksaz

    I’ve used the previous 1080p version of this camera and for the new car it was time to test out the 4K version. Here goes:

    Packaging: It has improved over the years, with everything nicely compartmentalized and easy to access. The lighter charger is now 2.0A instead of 1.5A, so if you’re upgrading a unit you will have to reroute the wiring.

    Video Quality: Definitely improved! It’s as you might expect moving from 1080p to 4K, but I was impressed that peripheral clarity was still maintained. Decent quality lenses offer good central clarity, but good quality lenses offer good peripheral clarity as well, and that’s where it matters. This latest unit is better able to capture license plates that are off to the side.

    Battery Quality: The other supercapacitor is still alive and well in my 1 year old 1080p camera, so that bodes well for this one.

    GPS: I don’t track my coords, so I can’t speak to this.

    Suggested improvements:

    -Navigating the menus is a bit confusing still. Potentially a relabeling/spacing of the buttons would facilitate easier navigation. Not a huge negative since it’s a set-and-forget ordeal that I have to deal with once a year at most, but good UI is always appreciated.

    -For the little bracket that you use double sided tape to adhere to the car, please add a pre-drilled hole to it for screw mounting. For those of us who live in hot climates, it’s easier on these units to mount them on the plastic cover that goes over the rearview mirror. I’ve found that if that plastic cover has any sort of texture or curve to it, any double sided tape (no matter how cushioned/thick it is), will not adhere for a long period of time. I’ve resorted to drilling a hole through the bracket and directly into that plastic cover.

  55. Steven

    I purchased my first dash cam when I learned firsthand that the obvious truth doesn’t matter without proof. I currently own a Rexing and have been very happy with it and like many on Amazon, I tend to upgrade my tech more often then probably necessary but always with good justification. I mean really, my wife most definitely needed a new dash cam 😁.

    This new model of course has better quality video (not that my previous one was too shabby) but also some other nice touches. I appreciate the new design which has better button placement but more importantly the lens adjustment has a dial that is much easier to use, though once you set it you’ll rarely need to do it again. The front and back cameras work as expected and were still fairly easy to install. *One thing to keep in mind is that the suction mount for my V1P Pro didn’t fit this new model. I personally like to use a suction instead of sticking it directly on the windshield. I looked up the one that’s listed on this one’s description, but to me it doesn’t look like it will fit this newer model. I’m going to email customer service to verify it but in the meantime a little Velcro and MacGyvering inelegantly got it to stay.

    The main way I view the video is on my desktop (Mac) which as before works well and displays all the relevant information. I pretty much only use the iPhone app when I’m adjusting the camera’s view. I find it easier than leaning over trying to use the screen which is hard to see clearly when the Southern California sun is shinning in my eyes. Speaking of which, I expect this model will hold up in the heat as well as my other one.

    One addition I would like to have is an external battery that I can manually attach to power the camera when I’m parked. My car is a Hybrid and I assume (I’m probably wrong and should stop procrastinating and do some research) I can’t use the electrical to power the unit when the engine isn’t on. It would be useful to be able to use it for when I’m parked since it’s rarely for long periods. Maybe this is possible with one of the batteries I already own but I have been reluctant to try it. Rexing could offer something like that, hint hint.

    The bottom line is that I have found the Rexing dash cams to be reliable and well built. I’m sure I will continue to buy this brand for the foreseeable future.

    *Don’t forget to check the website for updated firmware. It doesn’t happen often but it’s a good idea to check. It’s easy to do and they even have a video if you need it.

  56. Paul P

    I’ve owned several Rexing dashcams and I have to say this is the best one yet. Great image quality (4k) in the front and acceptable 1080p quality in the rear camera. Since it utilizes a supercapacitor, I don’t have to worry about battery failure in extreme temps (high or low). The app is snappy and allows you to download videos straight to your phone without messing around with the memory card.

    If you’re thinking about buying a dashcam, be sure to get a model that has FRONT and REAR cameras like this one!

  57. Ryan

    The first one was great and the upgrade program is even better. Had an issue with my first gen unit and the replaced the unit no questions asked.

  58. Phoenix

    I’ve been using Rexing dashcams for my family’s and my needs. I chose to upgrade due to the 4K quality and the support for both front and rear viewings.

    Rexing dashcam helped through the past with my accident. It practically pays for itself when you get into accidents. I love that they now upgrade the dashcam to be compatible with much larger MicroSD card. Though I wish they have an option to connect the dashcam straight to a computer (not a big deal).

    The installation and mounting were super easy. You can search up on YouTube and follow the instruction. I got everything set up in 30 minutes. You’ll be surprised to see your driving from both the front and rear.

    The only cons I have is the fact the dashcam does not have a USB extension. It takes up my one and only power socket in the car (probably just a me situation). It can be annoying some times to have to choose between charging my phone and recording my driving. Otherwise, solid investment!

  59. Rob

    I have now had 4 different Rexing Dashcams, in multiple vehicles. All have been excellent, including this one. The wifi process takes a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze. The camera quality is excellent. I have not had this one installed very long, but functionality and quality appear to match the others I have owned. Zero issues so far. I had a rear camera issue with a previous model, and Rexing customer service was outstanding. They sent me a whole new setup and I was up back up and running within a week. You just can’t go wrong with Rexing Dashcams.

  60. ReservedForLast

    I have been looking around for a Dash Cam after my friend got a Rexing one and I learned of all the benefits it brings in case anything should occur. After doing a lot of research I chose this one just like my friend did and LOVE IT.

    Whenever I get a new toy / device I always read everything I can about it so I know I can make the most out of it. This Dash Cam offers a lot but don’t be scared its user interface is easy to use, remember and the manual goes over it all.

    – Quality – The Dash Cam is solid, well made and has great picture and sound quality recordings. All of the wires are nice and long enough to bury in the trim so if you don’t want them to show then they don’t have to. Also, the wires are nice / thicker and not thin cheap ones that will break or cut open either. Lastly the 3M sticky mount option is perfect and sticks very well, it keeps it close to the windshield so it doesn’t obscure my view at all behind my rearview mirror.

    – Firmware – I loved to see there was a Firmware Update for it, that shows the company of Rexing cares and ensures that if a bug is found it is fixed with an update. The process to update it was easy and did not hit any speed humps.

    – Features – The Features of this Dash Cam are endless. I love that one can choose the quality of the picture taken, if you want the screen saver to turn on, turn on or off the beep, add a license plate to the videos, the built in GPS is a charm that worked flawlessly and got my time zone right the first time and countless other great things as well. I suggest when you get it you just go through each option on the menus so you can see all it has to offer! Also I love the small wheel on the side of it, that lets you bring the camera lense up or down so no matter where you end up mounting it the camera will be at the perfect angle.

    – Overall Use – I have no complaints. It turns on pretty quick so it gets to recording right away, the daytime recordings even with bright sunlight shining look great and the night time recordings even on a dark road show a lot of detail.

    – Final Verdict – If you are looking for a Dash Cam that can do the front and rear, has great quality, is easy to use, is supported by its company that is well known unlike other brands that you can’t get support from and has countless options which can make it perfect for whoever wants to use it, then look no further you have found the one!

  61. Kim Dromlewicz

    I have 4 Rexing dash cams in our family’s cars. I replaced the V1LG I have in my car with the newer V1PGW-4K, and this unit does not disappoint. At first glance the front main unit is smaller which makes it less obtrusive in the front windshield. The rear camera appears a little larger though which may make it a little more visible from the rear depending on where on the rear window it is located.
    The V1PGW powers up after the ignition is turned on. I connected it to the wiring in the ceiling console and ran the cable to the rear camera through the head liner from the ceiling console area to the rear window using the old cable as a fish tape to pull the new cable through. The video resolution is amazing and some screenshots are included with this review. The setup is straightforward, and the bonus is the ability to WiFi the camera to my iPhone. Storing the video on the phone makes it easier to replay at a moment’s notice.
    The controls are similar to the V1LG which makes for quick adaption to the new one. There is no battery in the V1PGW which means that there is no feature for a 15 second delay in shutdown as the V1LG has.
    All in all a great dash cam.
    Smaller than previous models
    Crisp picture
    Easier to understand keys
    WiFi mode available

    Connectors on opposite side to previous models
    AM radio interference from rear camera.
    WiFi defaults “off” very time power is cycled.

  62. FL Cowboy

    This is a winner! Price to performance ratio is unmatched here. The AI features work great, without being gimmicky,
    which is nice. The wiring set up is very easy and I had no problem getting it installed in my vehicle.
    -The cameras are very clear and have a nice picture.
    -I like the addition of the interior camera, even if it wont be used as much, it is nice to have.
    -The built in Supercapacitor is great for hot weather like we have here in the southern US.
    -The warranty is great and gives you peace of mind

    – App works fine but could be tuned a little more
    – The mounting is easy, but I am worried about it falling off in hot weather since it is using 3M tape. Time will tell.

  63. Ryan

    This is the third generation of Rexing dash cam that I’ve owned after a few cheapo no-name ones. The build quality is much heftier than the older models and I’m happy they have switched to a super capacitor instead of batteries (which always left something to be desired). Video quality is great. My previous one saved me a $6k bill by proving fault when I hit road debris (the company came back to pick up the object I hit and it was all caught on camera). Never again will I go without a dash cam. If you are hesitant at the price, feel confident that it will come back in spades should an accident ever occur.

  64. Don B

    Easy to set up. Great imagery. Keeps an easily accessible recording of all trips. We have two of these. The video can be very useful in certain situations.

  65. Thomas K.

    I had the previous version of this one for me in my F150 and my wife’s 4Runner. Expectations were high and was not disappointed in this one as well. Rexing is a class above and better than the run of the mill cheap stuff and glad I got another one from them. I normally don’t write reviews but I am happy with their stuff and will continue to support them as long as they continue to put out good products.

  66. Scot C.

    After using the V1PGW-4K a few weeks, here are my thought so far.

    I had to load the REXING GPS player from the site as the card did not have the player in the main folder to install as most of the other SD cards had been in the past. I was using a V1P-Pro before installing this unit and the GPS player was on the SD card for install. The issue was that Microsoft Media player needed a codec to play the video portion and that was not there until AFTER I installed the GPS player. I did notice that the latest GPS player on the Rexing website would not show my location in the map or my speed as the video played. I had a copy of the player v1.3 and it worked fine but when updating to the newest player v1.9 that was when the GPS portion quit working.
    Now for the camera video and ease of use. The front and rear cameras have amazing clarity and you can make out license plates from cars travelling down the road with you if you stop the video and enlarge the picture. Nice to be able to see the license plates and details. The more clarity, the better the dashcam.
    When installing the V1PGW-4K I was hoping to use the existing power adapter from my V1P-Pro but the USB connection to the dash cam base unit was 180 degree reversed for the plug in so I just pulled that cable out and used the new one.
    For the rear camera, the rolling can design was a nice touch but there is no way to lock the barrel once you have set to where you like. Is extremely easy to turn and get pointed in the wrong direction. I drive a van and those rear doors where the camera is mounted open and slam a lot and so far there has been no movement but I can see it moving down the road. Just needs some type of lock screw or knob to tighten once it has the position you like.
    I like the V1P series as I have used many different versions of this model and they just seem to get a better and better picture. I also tried the V360 but did not like that unit as it required a special player to see the video since the camera was a bubble type broken in to quadrants for viewing 360 degrees around you from one camera at the front.
    If you are used to using the V1P series, you will like this one and the clarity of the picture. The addition of the GPS built into the unit is nice giving speed, location and direction within the video. The GPS portion also tracks you in the built in map system when you are playing the video back and with the goggle feature you can click on area where you are driving and see what is all around. Not the stored video but the goggle earth pictures.
    The built in WIFI feature for downloading videos is also a nice touch. I believe this came out a few series back but is nice not to have to remove the SD card to watch video or see pictures.
    The attached video shows the clarity of the front camera and you can also see the GPS info, speed, etc. I passed by a nice car carrier with a BOSS 302 in the air conditioned trailer. Sweet.

  67. Dzmitry

    Recently I bought that dashcam. Installation of this camera took a maximum of 30 minutes. Wiring was long enough for my Honda Civic. It has been 4 days since I am using this product. Comparing to my older dash camera (same brand, but purchased over 2 years ago), this is much better quality. I truly enjoy updated resolution, it records fine with no issues, blurriness and regardless of the speed. Slick black design blended in with the interior of my car and camera is barely noticeable. I like that I have two cameras: rear and front. I feel confident when I am driving because I know I am a good driver, but in case of the accident, now I have a proof. Price of the item is totally worth my piece of mind. I highly recommend this product and this seller. Seller in the past and now is very quick with responding. In the past I had issues and seller advised me how to troubleshoot months after I had the product. Good customer support is always a big plus for me. I would def recommend this product to a friend or/and a family member.

  68. Chuck Tan

    This particular camera is an upgrade from the first generation v1. The quality of image improved to 4k for the from dash. Rexing in general is hands down one of the best companies releasing dash cams. They consistently make great products and this one is no exception. I will be a lifetime customer.

  69. MurphysLawCJ7

    This is my third Rexing Camera and first with GPS and rear camera. Super easy set up and great quality video. Worth every penny. First day with this one and avoided a head on collision with the proverbial ‘little old lady.’ Good piece of mind.

  70. Mike Kornacki

    A friend recommended this Dash Cam to me. It only took us a few mins to install it on my SUV. It came with everything we needed.
    I love the 4k in front! When watching the videos, it’s clear and you can make out license plate numbers. The Beltline here in
    Madison, WI, Is Crazy! This will certainly help with accidents of anything. I wish I’ve gotten this sooner. My wife got into an
    accident and it would of been nice to see how it happen. I may buy a 2nd one soon!
    So Far, I really am liking this dash cam! I will recommend this to all my friends!

  71. R.Oakley

    Have been a Rexing customer for several years now. Currently have 4 Rexing dash cameras installed in the family cars. Having two teenage drivers, its almost a must for any accidents that they may get into.

    Having video prove that the accident was not your fault will pay for the cost of the camera and your piece of mind. Let alone the family drama if it was one of your kids that was in the accident.

    Prime example. My daughter was side swiped. The other driver lied to the officers at the scene and claimed my daughter had run a red light. My daughter kept her cool because she knew she had the video prove to back up her side of the story. Video recording proved that she did not run the red light and the other driver was at fault.

    Install was straight forward for me since I was replacing an existing unit. Rexing does supply you with the good 3M black mounting adhesive. Compared to other companies that use a lesser quality mounting tape. Do leave a little room for the camera to slide off just in case you need to remove it sometime in the future. You may also want to hide it a little bit behind your rear-view mirror. In case you have the tendency to be looking at the camera screen while driving.

    Hiding the wiring is the hardest part. Just take your time and hide the wires behind any interior trim. If you have any side air bags. I would recommend that you disconnect your battery prior to sticking any wires around the air bag trim pieces. You don’t want the air bag to accidently go off. The rear camera cabling is long enough for an extended wheelbase vehicle. You should have enough cable to route around the air bag trim if you like, depending on your vehicle. I do prefer the older cable management tool that was included in previous versions. The new one to me is a little small.

    The User Manual has been updated with more illustrations and covers setting up and operation. This is a welcome feature since most companies have forced you to go online for even a basic User Manual.
    The 4K upgrade from previous models is a welcomed feature and the night vision is crisp and clear. The extra detail in the video image will be a benefit if you need to provide video playback. Due to the increased video quality and having a video file for the front and rear camera. You may want to consider going with a larger, up to the 256GB micro-SD card. Depending on how many videos you want to retain before they are over written. The built in GPS and speed monitoring are a great add-in feature for additional details for your accident report or in case you must prove you were not speeding. The included rear camera is a must have and is nice that it is included in this model. Front and rear camera adjustment allows you to adjust the camera for the best possible image. Depending on where it is located and if you have the available cigarette lighter socket available. You might want to think about the hardwire kit if you are planning on leveraging the parking monitor. It will take a little more work for its installation since it ties directly into your interior fuse panel. But it will free up the cigarette lighter socket and you or your kid wont figure to plug it in. If you are experiencing any issues with the Wi-Fi connection. Be sure to turn off your Wireless Data and that should address your connection issue.

    As always, a great dash camera from Rexing with improved features over previous models. Well worth the upgrade.

  72. O. Kidd

    Overall: Great camera with some improvements over previous versions (detailed below). I haven’t caught anything interesting with this one yet, but I’ve previously ID’ed hit and run drivers with an older single channel (but still 4K) model of this camera. I’ve even captured footage of the rock that cracked my windshield as it flew up towards the car (not a big rock, so a testament to the really good resolution and frame rate).

    – Good vision in light and dark, very clear picture in daytime with enough resolution to pick out license plate numbers that pass the field of view.
    – Multiple adhesive pads and mounting points so you can install multiple times in the same car or in multiple cars if you shift between vehicles frequently. Camera kit also comes with a little spudger which really helps prevent using screwdrivers and other things to pry at the trim for lack of proper tools.
    – New lens position mechanisms is now smooth friction retentive rather than click positioning so you can have infinite adjustability of the lens position.
    – I notice these cameras now come with more features available at the same time than before. Prior models didn’t seem to support GPS and rear camera at the same time, but this model has support for both.

    – No uSD card included, so be sure to get one of a size that suits your needs. IMPORTANT: the uSD you use MUST be the high-endurance uSD. Any other type of uSD WILL BURN OUT at random and will leave you with no footage when you need it most (often manifests as “formatting errors”).
    – Menu is still a little dated, and wifi is not always-on. This makes it easier to just get a uSD reader for the phone rather than dealing with the wifi connectivity and yet another app.
    – Harder now to pick out the right hardwire kits for this device, it’d be nice if there was a combo option since I always hardwire these.

  73. Jonathan Vomacka

    I have been using Rexing dash cameras for many years. There is a lot of competition in the dashcam space, but I can assure you that Rexing makes quality and durable products that have lasted me years without missing a beat. Rexing is also quite innovative in the dashcam space and offers new technology and functionality on a continuous basis. With that said, I will go into my product review of the new V1PGW

    Front Camera: Very high Quality 4K camera that takes crystal clear video. The wide angle lens helps capture everything on the road in front of you and captures a good amount of distance to the side.

    Rear Camera: 1080P camera takes very clear video of the rear of your vehicle and is a must have when using a dashcam to record potential ‘fault’ in an accident. I would love the rear camera to be able to perform at minimum 2K quality (or same as the front camera) I hope Rexing comes out with this in the future. For now – 1080P is all that you need for the most part.

    Functionality: The menu is very easy to understand and navigate. There are only five buttons on the front and the device allows you to record voice inside the vehicle, record vehicle speed using GPS, and connect to wifi either at home or on the road. The V1PGW records both the front and back footage using two separate files so that you can have a clear view of each angle without any type of overlay. This is a big plus when reviewing footage.

    Overall: The Rexing dash cam offers the same or more functionality then other dash cams on the market and has been a name brand that I have followed for a number of years. They are installed in all of my vehicles. You will not go wrong with one of these.

  74. RC

    I had an earlier version of this camera, but decided to upgrade it. I picked this version because it had all the features I was looking for, like 4K resolution and GPS tracking. Installation is fairly easy and straightforward, the only challenge is running the wires through the car frame if you want them hidden, but you can also leave the wires exposed if you wish which makes installation easier. Once the camera was installed, setup is super easy. I got the camera completely installed, and setup, and it is working great. The picture quality is wonderful and I have had no issues with it at all! Would recommend!

  75. Bill Ferry

    My 3rd Rexing dash cam and still very happy with this brands products. Started with a simple front facing cam, upgraded to a dual front & rear cam, now up to the 4K front and rear. Simple install again, just run the wires along the headliner and door frames. Looks clean when installed. I can’t stand the suction cup mounted dash cams because they always fail at some point. The 3M mounting strip included with these cams is the way to go. The unit turns on as soon as you start the car and loop recording let’s you set it and forget it. Get peace of mind knowing that it’s not gonna be your word vs theirs anymore. You know people suck at driving, save yourself some headaches and get this dash cam! It’s a no-brainer.

  76. Joe

    Easy install, good quality.

  77. Luke

    This is my fourth Rexing dashcam and it’s probably the second best I’ve used. I purchased a V1P Pro for myself, a V1P for my wife and a S1 for my mother in law. This V1GW is for my mother but I’ve field tested it in my wife’s car.

    Pros: good picture quality, easy menu navigation, great field of view, lots of features

    Cons: without hardwire kit takes up powersocket, installing rear camera can be difficult less limber people, less adjustable than V1P pro, need a larger capacity SD card

    Ok, so it looks like there’s more cons than pros, but this is a tad deceiving as this is partially in comparison to my V1P Pro to which I hold as the gold standard.

    The 4K picture is definitely clearer than all the other 1080p models I’ve tested. Is it worth the extra money…? Probably up to personal preference but when you really need to catch the license plate of the guy who just side swiped you? Might be the difference! Night vision is fairly good although certainly not as clear as in the day. The menu has a logical layout that follows the same pattern as other Rexing products so if you’ve used another one of their dash cams you’ll fly through the setup. And even if you haven’t, it’s still pretty straight forward. It has a wide field of view so as long as you position the camera towards the center of the windshield, you should be able to catch just about everything that goes on in front of you. The built in GPS and speed monitoring are great added features and you won’t have to worry about adding on or paying for a separate dongle to install.

    Now on to the cons. Because you have a higher resolution, you need a higher capacity SD card. To be clear, this will be necessary for ANY dash cam that has 4K resolution. Nature of the beast. If you can live with 1080p you can save a few bucks on a smaller card, but it’s probably worth it since it’s a one time purchase. Installing the rear camera may be difficult for older people who can’t contort themselves or don’t have great finger strength. I’m in my 30’s, have installed 3 other rear cams and don’t mind getting in weird positions so I really haven’t hard a problem routing the cable through the molding, but other’s may need some help or need to pay a professional. But again, this will be the case for ANY wired rear cam, so not really a knock on Rexing products. Unless you don’t every use your dash cabin power sockets, I would recommend getting the hardwire kit ($10) so you power this directly from the fuse box. Also just keeps your cabin less cluttered. Hardwire kit may also require help installing for those not mechanically inclined. Most of these cons don’t really have anything to do with Rexing’s design, just nature of the beast issues. This last one does have to do how the camera is made. On my V1P pro, the front camera is mounted on a ball swivel so you can adjust its aim up, down, left, right. This model can only be adjusted up and down. It’s not a huge deal since the camera has 170 degrees of visibility, but the ball swivel would have given the user a little more flexibility on where to place the camera. Personally, I’ll stick with my V1P pro because the swivel is more important than the increased resolution. That said, still a great camera.

    Conclusion: a great camera with good visibility and resolution full of features that might be a little tricky to install for some people.

  78. Brandon

    Rexing does it again! They never disappoint. I have two dash cams in both my wife and my vehicle. We own the V1P Pro Plus and this one (V1P Plus). The built in wifi is very convenient. When or if an incident occurs and you need to extract the footage, this function is quick and easy to obtain the footage from your phone. Makes it easy to hand over to police if a reck does happen. The screen also has a dim button. Sometimes at night on long drives and you want completely darkness, you can turn the screen off and still have the cam continuously run. I personally like this feature a lot. I know it’s small, but hey! It’s the small things in life. Speaking of night. The footage at night is crisp and clear. The 30 FPS is a plus and makes the footage very clear even at night. This makes it easy to point out License plates even from a distance. I’m very impressed!!!

    Installation is really easy… don’t pay someone! You can do it yourself!

  79. Jessica

    I live in a state with notoriously poor drivers, so a good Dash Camera in every car is essential. Over the years I have used both Rexing and RoadHawk dash cameras. The average RoadHawk lasted about 1 year before I would start to have issues with the memory card readers. So a couple years ago I switched over to using only Rexing cameras. I have been completely satisfied with the Rexing cameras which I have used. The only reason I have upgraded the Rexing is to get more resolution and/or features.

    I have now had 2 weeks to use the latest Rexing V1PGW-4K camera and am 100% satisfied with the camera and the Customer Support @Rexing. Initially I had problems getting the Rear Camera to come up (being an Engineer, I had immediately upgraded the Firmware in the camera and had mistakenly D/L the wrong version of firmware). I sent a couple e-mails back/forth to the Customer Service and the correct version of firmware was identified and D/L to correct my self-induced problem.

    The Rexing V1PGW-4K was very simple to install, with one caveat. Starting with the V1 cameras, the power required is 5 Volts. So, if like me, you have 12 Volts running up to the Rear View Mirror area to also power up Radar Detector, you will need to include a 12—>5 Volt power convertor for the Rexing V1PGW-4K. All I did was to disassemble the 12 Volt plug that came with the Rexing V1PGW-4K and place it in the roof headliner.

    As far as operation, the Rexing V1PGW-4K records an excellent image from both the front (high resolution) and Rear Camera (lower resolution). The Operator controls on the camera were easy to use and very intuitive. It took just minutes to run through the camera and set it up for recording. The Rexing V1PGW-4K comes with a very user-friendly User Manual. I recommend spending 5 minutes to browse through this manual. It helped reduce the time to set up the camera.

    In summary, the Rexing V1PGW-4K camera is a very capable, high resolution camera and once it is set up, you can forget about it (until that day you need some evidence on who pulled out in front of whom)! I know first hand it is well worth it to be able to point out the camera to an offending Driver and tell them I have video of the entire accident so they might want to consider telling the Police what really happened. The Rexing V1PGW-4K camera is well worth every penny it costs!

  80. YoungAdultReader

    Honestly, I was skeptical about installing the back camera in my Toyota Highlander. However, it was far easier than I expected. I was able to run the cable in about 10 minutes. I also like that this version has a built in GPS so the camera shows MPH and GPS coordinates – which seems like it would potentially be helpful in a law enforcement situation such as an accident. I wish that it would do parking monitoring without the hardwire kit – maybe they’ll add a good battery in the future to avoid hardwiring. Also, remember when you install the rear camera to make sure you leave enough cord for the back to open all the way.

  81. Robert Beeston

    Camera delivered very fast. It was very easy to install and get running. The adhesive is forgiving for multiple placement attempts which is a relief. I used the orange trim tool I saved from the first Rexing camera I bought as it seemed better than the blue one that came this time. Overall, I’m very pleased with this camera and I hope never to actually need it, but I’m glad to have it if I do.

  82. C W

    I’ve had Rexing dashcams in previous vehicles and this one tops them all! The GPS feature is a new feature that allows logging and replay of my trips. I’m able to download recordings to my phone straight from the dashcam without removing the SD card. I installed it myself, it took a good 2 hours to run and conceal the wires, allow another 1/2 hour to run the wire to the rear camera. The video quality is high enough to read license plates of vehicles next to you! I live in an area where summer time temperatures exceed 100 degrees so I’ll update after this summer on how well it survives the heat. To summarize, you can’t go wrong with Rexing dashcams!

  83. Rob McRib

    This is my 5th Rexing purchase, I’ve remained a loyal customer after success of my first dashcam from them for over a year which was just the front facing 1080p version I had to buy 2 more for the wife and I for our daily drivers. I went with the V1P pro and loved them for the last 3 years, but now this V1PGW 4K is a formidable upgrade over those in quality and tech. Much better and a worthy addition to upgrade my daily drivers again. I’ve already upgraded the old 1080p one to the V1P Pro also in the other car, but this is the next step to keep up with newer products.

    I’ll take every bit of advancements I can. A lot can change in 4 years.

  84. Alex

    This is a great product and my 4th Rexing dash cam purchase. The big reason for this purchase was the ability to connect to my phone for viewing videos as my older models I had to take out the memory card. I have never had any issues or problems with any of the dash cams. I originally got a dash cam after someone backed into my car on the side and said we backed into them, get one that has both the front and back dash cam & I recommend getting a power wiring harness to provide continuous power when the car is not on.

  85. KC

    I have used a number of rexing dash cams but this is my best so far. I installed it in my wife’s car when I received it and is been an excellent Dash Cam. The video quality is superb. So far no issues. I highly recommend

  86. Charles B.

    This is an amazing dash cam! Shipping was fast and the installation was very easy!

  87. Indiana DIYGuy

    I purchased this V1PGW-4K camera to upgrade from my Rexing V3, duel camera to get a better rear view camera for my 2016 Rav4 Hybrid. The picture quality of my V3 was 1080P, which was good. The V1PGW-4k picture is outstanding! I reused my directwire wiring and SD card from my V3 camera. Installation was pretty easy. Hardest part was fishing the rear camera wire thru the rear hatch wire tube.
    I love that the rear camera does not just record the inside the car. It actually records out the rear window.
    Great piece of mind while driving.

  88. Anwar S.

    I love my new camera and I’ve been happy with my older v1p pro for over 2 years now. The app is easy to use and easy to download the footage needed. The install was simple, mount the front camera, hide the wire to the power behind the moldings and connect. The rear camera was also simple, run the wire and tuck away. The 3M adhesive never fell or failed. I’m happy and I tell everyone about how much piece of mind I have while driving with a dash cam.

  89. Jazzmaster

    My recent purchase of another Rexing dash camera was based on the quality and reliability of previously purchased Rexing products. My third dash camera purchase is the Rexing V1PGW-4k 2.4″ LCD 216p front + 1080p rear W/ Built in GPS , WiFi 170 degree Wide Angle Dual Channel Dash Camera. The quality and build is much better than previous models .The installation process was simple and straightforward . From mounting the front & rear cameras to inserting the micro SD card and adjusting the settings in the dash camera the process was easily explained in the instructions that were provided. Connecting my Rexing V1PGW-4k to the Rexing App was a slight bit tricky but after carefully reviewing the installation and being patient I was able to connect to my dash camera with the app. Overall I am more than satisfied with my purchase. In the days to come I’m going to strongly consider hard wiring my Rexing V1PGW-4k to be able to use the parking mode option. Thank you Rexing for a great dash camera !

  90. Daniel Clausen

    This is my second Rexing dash cam for my family’s second car. Installation is always easy in theory – hardest part is finding or creating the right gaps to fit the cord into – there was plenty of cord length for installation.

    The install instructions could be a little more descriptive but that isn’t completely necessary for anyone who previously installed a dash cam or can search for helpful videos online.

    The picture quality looks good at the default settings out of the box. The wide viewing angle and both front and back cameras provides good coverage for the most common accidents.

    The ability to use the wifi to pull videos from the camera is a great feature to have.

    I haven’t used it long enough yet to test out the overwriting loop capability or to get into any accidents to test the auto-lock feature.

  91. MtnDrone

    I previously had the first generation of this dashcam and the V1PGW-4k is a major improvement and upgrade. The camera offers 4K resolution allowing for more detailed video and footage. The quality of the camera is top notch and improved considerably compared to the previous generation.

    I always like to have dashcams in my car. They are invaluable if in the unfortunate event there is a crash or accident. We also bring our dashcam while on vacation and mount it in the rental car since we can record our journey.

    One feature that is nice is the WiFi transfer. With our original dashcam we would always have to take out the microSD card to transfer footage. Now, we can do this easily through the Rexing App and Wifi. You can also see a live view which is handy when you position the camera.

    Overall this is a very solid and reliable dashcam and it works great just like our first generation. Its nice to see the improvements

    Now for my concerns.

    Sometimes the app doesn’t always work when we connect to the WiFi access point on the dashcam and we will have to restart our phone or app.

    And finally, if you have an existing rexing dashcam that doesn’t use the Mini-USB type power connector, it will require a complete re-wiring. Routing the wiring is a necessary chore, but it would have been nice if there was support for existing wiring setup.

    Apart from these concerns, I would highly recommend this dashcam if you are in the market for your first dashcam or if you want to upgrade from a previous generation. The camera is a workhorse and will reliably record video when you need it the most.

  92. Justin S.

    I have added Dashcams / replaced dashcams and still one of my top go-to is Rexing. I thought my last one went bad and was going to throw it out as it would intermittently work but I found the butt splice failed. so with that said I have had zero problems with their products and this time trying their hardwire kit. They have stepped up the options and now have a higher resolution so if you’re looking for a dashcam in this price category, look no further!

  93. Steve

    The camera came nearly exactly preconfigured how I wanted it. As soon as I put in an SD card it started looped recording. Connecting the secondary rear cam was a headphone jack. I was able to run the lengthy cable entirely hiddne in my 3row pathfinder, so theres not a normal sized vehicle that the included cable wont work for. The camera will turn off when I want it. I had occasional issues with a previous version when I lived in Phoenix during August, but this upgraded model extends the temperature range +25F

  94. Hope G

    This is my second camera. First was destroyed in an accident. It saved me tones of time and paid for my car! It recored the crash as it was meant to and proved I was not at fault! Amazing camera, must BUY!

  95. Robert Patterson

    I have been a Rexing customer for many years across multiple generations of dashcams. They continually develop new, innovative technologies — and this camera is a prime example. Love the 4K resolution and the Wi-Fi app interface. I recently had a collision with a deer and it was all captured in living color on my dashcam. Thanks Rexing!

  96. Peter lee

    Purchased this a few weeks ago and fitted to my son’s Land Rover so I can have impartial evidence in case of an incident (he is a new driver). Picture quality is great and fitting was really easy. I have Rexing cameras in all four of our cars and this new one with 4k is a good improvement over the previous models. I would definitely buy again.

  97. Sasha B

    I have used a dashcam on all my cars. Many years ago I bought my first dual channel rexing dash cam and since then have installed newer versions on my wife’s and my daughter’s cars as well. I usually hardware them. From time to time I check the recordings and it’s only getting better and better quality with rexing. They often have a “give away” deals (essentially free dashcams) for their customers that I often take advantage of. When new dash cam is available is very easy just to swap it with the old one, as I just did with this 2 channel camera. For new buyers the set up is extremely easy or you can jyst pay $50-60 to hardware them at a local shop. So far rexing pricing is very reasonable and competitive for the high quality dashcams they have.
    Will keep buying. This is an essential thing to have in this crazy world. People drive drunk, impaired, texting… and the footage may be the only way to know the truth.
    Thank you Rexing and keep up the great work!!!

  98. John John

    I have been an executive protection agent for 10 years now and also an auxiliary police officer. Dash cams and body cameras are part of my everyday business and are vital to the job.

    I have had Rexing cameras in the past and they were always good but this one is outstanding! If you had them before one thing you will notice is that this one is a little bit larger. I always like the smaller size of rexing cameras but it is clear why they made it slightly bigger. This new camera is far more sturdy it mounts very firmly. The the buttons seemed much more heavy duty as does the entire casing.

    The response time also seems extremely faster than before while navigating the menus and connecting your Wi-Fi. There was always a short delay while using the rexing app on previous cameras to view video via Wi-Fi however not anymore! Operating system on this guy is super fast and reliable.

    I also like that they have added the second rear camera to this smaller unit. The wire that came with the camera was long enough to stretch to the back of my Yukon XL which I was very surprised about. It’s hard to find a car longer than mine LOL and this wire was plenty long enough.

    I noticed this will also record your mph and along with the date and plate number on the video If you so desire.

    And of course as with all rexing cameras the video quality is outstanding. The menus are very easy to navigate and give you lots of options to personalize the camera for your needs. I personally have mine hardwired in so that it is always recording which is what I highly recommend. Why not have an extra security camera running in your driveway . But if you so desire of course they have the G response in case somebody bumped your car while parked.

    I have had other brands of cameras in the past and never really liked any of them and have really settled in on rexing. I passed on upgrading for a couple years now but I’m so happy I did not delay on this one. This is by far the best camera I bought from rexing and I love it. If this camera works for me it’ll be fantastic for.

    Be safe!

  99. JT

    I had the V1P previous to this one so I was familiar with the install. Because this one has parking monitoring, I did have to get another smart power cable for hard wire install. The installation does take some time to get all the wires routed properly and hidden. Great features and love having the parking monitor mode.

  100. Teej

    I’ve had several Rexing cams over the years and if there’s a problem, customer service always takes care of you.

  101. MECHENG1

    Love my Rexing dash cameras. They have superb picture quality and are small enough to fit anywhere on the windshield and take up very little space. I even have one on my Jaguar F type which has a very small windshield. Customer support has been exceptional over the years. My first was in 2018 and I cannot fault reliability. I have hard wired all my cameras, makes for a much neater install. The enclosed video was taken 2 weeks after I installed my last camera!

  102. Audrey Merenda

    What else can I say really? This will be the third one I have, the other two are still in use. Easy to use, good picture and sound quality. One of those things you forget about until you need it. Go ahead and install it, set up the use interface to your liking and good to go. Love having the rear cam. And wifi connection makes going back through videos a breeze. I would consider a 4th, but that would mean I need a 4th vehicle 🤣

  103. E-EC-ECU

    I previously had the Rexing 2-channel (front and rear) dashcam that was only FHD (1080p) and wanted to upgrade. I figured I could take my current dashcam and put it in my wife’s car, and this new 4K version in mine.

    I bought the Smart Hardwire Kit and that made the installation a snap. (Just make sure you read the instructions and use the necessary fuses for your car). With the Smart Hardwire Kit, I can now enable the Parking Monitor mode as the camera has the ability to power on if the G-sensor is triggered. Super cool.

    The 4K really does make a difference. The front camera is 4K and the rear is 1080p, which is perfectly acceptable, especially considering the rear is looking through partially tinted glass. The 4K in the front is brilliant and shows more details than I had previously.

    All of my previous settings from my last dashcam are there (License Plate, ScreenSaver/timeout options, Record audio options, etc.) so I am very satisfied.

    The only mistake I made was I initially installed the rear camera “upside-down”. I didn’t notice it until my first glance at the screen and saw the image for the rear view upside-down. A few minutes later it was all fixed. Each camera has an adjustment capability (up and down) to allow for the best view of the road, depending on the slope of your front and back glass.

    Love this dashcam!

  104. KEN

    I’m upgrading from my prior Rexing dash cam to this latest, feature-rich model. The two features which I’m particularly interested in are the enhanced video resolution on the front cam (4K/2160p) and the parking monitor. Importantly, this unit also has both a front and rear cam (dual channel). I’m loyal to the Rexing brand after my first Rexing dash cam, which I chose after extensive research and comparison of models of various brands, was instrumental in proving the other driver who t-boned my vehicle years ago was 100% at fault. Dash cams are the best possible objective witness in my opinion, so I recommend them to my friends and family to protect themselves.

  105. James N.

    I upgraded from an older Rexing model that was great, and this one is amazing. Super easy to install and set up and the video quality is superb. Very happy with my purchase and would recommend Rexing to anyone looking for a dash cam.

  106. Dr.Huh and The Husband

    Update – the photo quality setting was defaulted to lower resolution, which was why I was getting those photos that didn’t match the video quality. I would check your setting before taking one.

    My first impression of this product was great. It has 2160p front camera and full HD 1080p for the rear. In the past, I’ve been using Rexing V1P Pro model for the past 3 years and it was a great product. Only thing that bothered me was that it was a little difficult to read the license plate, as it was only 1080p. With this upgrade in resolution, my videos are much clearer now. The video quality was great, but for some reason photo quality wasn’t that great (attached photo).

  107. Randy L

    If you have the previous version installed and have your cables routed, it is more than likely you will need to reroute it. The power cable’s USB fits but enters from different angle.

    Physically, the unit is smaller and have more edges. Looks like the newer cars versus the bubbly cars of the past. The cords are slightly thinner so it will help much when you hide it between the car’s edges.

    The images are very good when you download and view it from the computer (most essential when you need to review footage and submit for evidence). Viewing it from the screen is not as “bright”. This can also be due to my SUV’s window angle. There is an easy use knob to move camera lens UP and DOWN. However, it can no longer tilt left or right so you will have to install it as close to the middle as possible if you want equal coverage of both sides. I still have it 10% towards the right (counting from middle). I like it out of the way. Because of the wide coverage, I am still able to capture the left side.

    I have a technical issue with the date and Auto-Off not saving the settings so I’ll try update and see if tht rectifies this small issue.

    Otherwise, I’d say it’s a worthy buy for those in the market looking for you.

  108. Curtis D.

    I’ve been using Rexing for over four years all by initial recommendation from (Youtube Tech Guy) channel in the past. I haven’t looked back since. This is my third camera coming from the v1p, v1p 3rd generation.

    I chose this for two reasons the camera size is the same as what I’m used to in my daily drive. The 170 ultra wide lens. And something I never had before the rear camera.

    I learned cameras were necessary after someone tried to lie after an accident. I wom but the camera would have been a slam dunk. Lucky I’ve avoided major accidents since then but havr caught many.

    Buying rexing I know the cameras last. The 18 month warranty is amazing but from my experience these super capacitors are amazing in the west coast heat 100-110 degrees.

    Installation and running wires is fine and you’ll find so much advice on YouTube or amazon.

    I recommend the suction cup accessory over the 3M tape. It hold up well in the heat. My next step is the hard wire kit to get the full functional benefits out this product.

    Read the review, take my advice, trust this brand

  109. Armando

    I got this to upgrade my V1P Pro. The V1P Pro, which I’ve had for over three years, has continued to serve me well and is still worthy of continued use. With the release of the V1PGW-4K, I thought now would be a good time to get an upgrade, given how ubiquitous 4K video quality is becoming. The first think I noticed is that the front camera/console has been slightly modified in button placement. Generally, the frame itself is almost identical, as well as the peripheral connectors. The quality of the video image is really good but only after it is downloaded from the SD card onto a 4K display. On the console itself, it is too small to notice the difference in quality between V1P Pro and the V1PGW-4K. The HDR is very solid and so important when trying to capture details in shaded areas. The rear camera quality is also solid. It’s not 4K but that’s fine, as the rear camera was not designed for 4K.

    Some areas of improvement: I tried to replace the V1P Pro with this, hoping that the rear camera wouldn’t require the replacement of the entire cable, as I had to remove my car’s panels to get to it. Unfortunately, I had no choice and had to pull out the cable. A shame, as I believe having a disconnect right on the rear camera would really encourage Rexing users to upgrade sooner than later. This is my biggest gripe. Ultimately, if you’re already a user of the V1P Pro, I don’t believe there’s any urgency in getting the V1PGW-4K. If you are looking for a dash cam though, strongly recommend this camera.

  110. USCG Ret.

    I have been using Rexing camera systems now for over 3 years and I must say I just love them. Every car that I own or have owned in the last 3 years has had a Rexing dash camera installed in it. From the V1 basic to the newest one the V1PGW-4K that I just finished installing in my 2011 Camaro SS. All of them basically operate the same way, just a little better with each upgrade over the previous model. I love the fact that I can go from car to car and they operate in a very similar way. So I do not need to keep looking back at an owners manual to tell me how to do something. I have owned 6 different camera systems from Rexing now, 5 of them was a dash camera and 1 was a 2 way camera that I mounted on my motorcycle. (A motorcycle camera is next) The one thing that I wish Rexing would stop doing is making different windshield mounts for each type dash camera. V1 has one kind of mount, the V1P-Pro another and now the V1PGW-4K is another mount. If they would only make 1 it would be so much easier to upgrade my cameras without removing the windshield mount each time. But that is the only complaint that I have. Rexing dash cameras are pretty easy to install and set up in very little time you’re up and running. The newest one the V1PGW-4K is another great dash camera with a front and rear view camera along with 4K resolution is just breathtaking over the 1K units. I can see a much sharper image while I’m looking over the video. They also added the parking monitor to this one and the V1 which will take 20 seconds of video if your car is hit in a parking lot (Ok that too could be a little longer). You will have to install the smart wiring kit to make that work, but I think it’s worth it, and it does work from my test. Thank goodness I haven’t needed that yet. Overall I don’t think you can go wrong with any Rexing camera, but the 4K video is worth every penny to me.

  111. Vic

    This is my review of the Rexing V1PGW-4K dashcam that I have used for 3 weeks.

    Everything in the box was packaged very well and no missing components. The initial setup was very straight forward. There are two bases to mount the front camera to your windshield along with 3m tape to ensure it won’t come off. I also liked that they included several small clips that allowed me to hide the wire better without the risk of them dropping down. I used the cigarette lighter adapter at first but wanted a more permanent setup so I opted for the Rexing hardwire kit.

    What I really liked:

    – I have a large SUV (Cadillac Escalade ESV). I was worried that the cable for the rear camera would not be long enough for me to mount to my rear windshield. Not only did it reach but I still had slack left over.
    – The ease of use: Once you have it connected it automatically turns on and records. The time/date was set automatically and if I want to export video to my phone I just go into the menu and turn the wifi on.
    – The GPS feature is cool. When I watched some of the play back it had my location and speed embedded into the video for both the front and rear camera.

    – I recorded at the highest quality and video/audio playback was crystal clear. I purchased their recommended 64GB SD so space will not be an issue.
    – When connected to WiFi you can video live video from the dashcam on your phone. This was helpful when trying to get the camera placement just right.

    What could use improvement:

    – When transferring video via WiFi it is a bit slow. Since I am recording at the highest quality the files can be around 50MB real and 200-300MB for the front camera. When trying to transfer files that are larger in size it would often give me an error and not transfer. This is not really a big concern because if something did happen, I would just take the card out and download it to my computer.
    – It would be nice if WiFi could also be enabled full time vs having to turn it on when you want to use it.

    Overall if you are looking for a solid dashcam you can not go wrong with this purchase. Their tech support is also great, and you talk to a human not a robot.

  112. Ap***a

    Rexing never fails to deliver on video quality. I replaced my existing Viofo A129 pro duo with this one. No regrets. Daytime recordings are very good. 4K really shines. Can’t say the same for night though. Night recordings were somewhat grainy. I don’t think they are bad by any means. I thought they are better than my earlier cam. Used Samsung evo select(green) without any issues.
    Can’t see too many good things about the App. I tried with both Android (Samsung S20) and iPhone. They both had hard time working with the camera. Video transfer was slow. App seems to have been rushed. Only a couple of settings can be done from the app. Also in the camera, there’s not a bunch of new settings, modes.
    Parking mode (time-lapse) worked fine for me. Not sure whether/how it detects motion. There’s no way to set/enable motion sensitivity. I anyway prefer time-lapse method, as the other method can miss actual collision. It mostly will record the other party departing after collision.
    I don’t think super capacitor or battery really matter to me. The area where I live is not too bad in terms of temperature.
    I’d love to see hardwire kit ($15) included with the dash cam when asking for $260+ tax. That’d make the price worth it. I just repurposed the one I already had installed.

  113. Matthew

    I have the previous generation and have enjoyed it. It’s a good simple camera at a good price. The quality is as expected and I never had any issues in the 3 years of using it so I expect the same from this one. Compared to the last generation the new one is slightly larger and heavier and understandably comes with a mounting plate with three mounting points instead of the single one for the last generation. Coincidentally the user manual showed the old style mounting plate for this camera. The rear camera is a completely new design. I’ll keep this review updated as I go.

  114. D. Peck

    This is one of the best cameras on the market. Great customer service and easy installation, I would buy from them again

  115. richman107

    These Dashcams are reasonably priced for all features you get. This is the 3rd Dashcam I have from Rexing and can’t recommend them enough. This model adds higher resolution to the rear camera than i previously had. It also includes GPS which is great. You do have to use their proprietary program to get it, but it is available. The Wifi connection is sometimes a little wonky, and i have found for transfering really large files it is often quicker to just pull the card out and put it in the computer. The quality is great, and again the features make this a solid purchase for anyone looking to get a great dashcam with a rear camera as well. I haven’t used hte parking feature as i primarily park in my home garage, but i know a lot of people like that which is a great included feature. Again highly recommend.

  116. Tsab

    Play Video
    I’ve been using Rexing dashcams for the past few years. I have to say, I really like this model.
    The 4k front is clear and stable. The Wifi was abit hard to get it connected, it works well
    when it’s connected. It’s something I don’t normally use, but I’m sure other people will like it.
    The 1080 rear view camera is new too. I like how you can swivel it up or down.
    The new design on the front camera is very welcoming. I like the micro SD on the left side. And
    the Power/rear view connectors on the right side. Before those power cables would always get in
    the way, when you want to take the micro SD out. Also the front camera is much easy-er to change
    the views.

    Over all, I recommend this to everyone. These guys never failed me. Customer support is only via Email
    but they will help you till it’s resolve.

  117. C. Turkoanje

    Great dashcam for the price. It was easy to setup and mount, but just a little tricky to run the wire to the back window. But that’s not the dash cams fault. Picture quality was good and the app was “okay”.

  118. kyle Lemasters

    This is the second Rexing dash cam I have had and I love them. Great picture quality, easy to install, and the WiFi makes getting your videos off the cam with their app super easy. Great product!

  119. Blulytes

    This is my third Rexing V1 family of cameras, one for each car, this one being the best of them all so far!
    After purchasing a car for my new teenage driver, there was no doubt in my mind that a front and rear dash camera was going to be needed, one with high-quality cameras, reliable and easy to use. Rexing has saved me thousands on auto insurance after a tire tread took out my front bumper, and I had picture proof that it was kicked up from the car in front of me.

    Install: Installation was easy on a 2022 Tiguan, I recommend the smart hardwire kit for full protection while parked and quite frankly a clean install. Running wires up the a-post was the hardest, but this will be regardless of any install. There are two wires, one for power and then the second for the rear camera. Mounted cleanly behind the rear-view mirror, the entire unit disappears from driver’s view.
    Rear camera install was super easy as well. I ran the wires up under the headliner and through the rear tailgate. This final touch was hard as well, but just because I wanted no visible wires throughout the vehicle. There is plenty of length for even a full-sized SUV.

    Form and Function:
    A simple styled unit, bigger than some others, but I’m happy to trade up in size for functionality and a screen for viewing. I was very pleased that the rear camera rotates so that any angle is achievable from the mounting position. The 3m mounting tape is strong and has never released from any of the windshields I have placed them on. Rexing even provide extra mounting plates if you want to move the camera between vehicles! Also included is a small trim removal tool and wire clips to hold the wires in position if needed.

    Additional insight:
    You should purchase a High Endurance SD Card. I purchased a 256GB SD card which is plenty for dual camera and voice, with the looping.
    I highly recommend the smart hardwiring kit for functionality and a clean install.

  120. Mangmang

    I have had older version, the wifi to review videos with phone is great. Good quality for day and night videos.

  121. Ern

    This is the 4th Rexing DashCam we have purchased. We have a unit in all of our cars. Having a dashcam provides you with the comfort of knowing that if anything happens to you on the road, you have evidence of what occurred. We were rear ended once by another car and captured the whole accident on our DashCam. When we sent the footage to our insurance company, they waived our deductible and processed our claim immediately as it was clear we were not at fault. We like the Rexing product as they have high quality video and the units last for years.

  122. Sally Jay

    First of all, I feel that a dash cam is essential in every vehicle. It is an insurance policy in today’s environment. This dash cam was an easy installation. The bracket had to be replaced from an earlier V1P model but the existing Rexing wiring worked fine. The dash cam turns on immediately when the car is started. Both cameras are working perfectly. I have found that the app is a little challenging. The WiFi is easy to connect to the phone but I haven’t found how to save the downloaded videos to my phone through WiFi. I appreciate the super capacitor and the quick response time. Rexing provides a list of the proper memory cards that are compatible for a dash cam. I was able to use the memory from my last camera without any issues. Overall good recordings from both the front and rear cameras. I have had several Rexing dash cams but this one seems to be the best.

  123. Jin Young Song

    Rexing is my go-to brand for dashcams. I’ve bought several other dashcams from them in the past, and I’ve been happy with every purchase.

    This particular model is an upgrade to the V1P that I own, and offers 4K front and 1080p rear video capture. As with all of their products, this came well-packaged. Also, the build quality and design are both very good. Check out the video quality!

    Though Rexing’s product line of dashcams is expansive, I chose with Rexing V1PGW-4K because I really like the form and design, as it is not too obstructive to my view when driving. In fact, its form-factor allows it to fit right in front of my rear view mirror, so I cannot even see it when I drive.

    One other important factor in my decision to keep with the Rexing brand – their fast and impeccable customer service. I’ve requested parts from them (when I transferred my dashcam from one car to another and realized that I had lost the extra 3M sticky pad) , and sent one of my dash cams in for a firmware upgrade which I was not able to do myself. In each time, they were extremely quick to assist and was professional about everything.

    I’ve owned their products for three years so far, and I haven’t ran into any issues with them (minus the aforementioned firmware upgrade on one of my dashcams). Thanks for the trouble-free experience of owning your amazing dashcams, Rexing!

  124. Michelle

    I own a ton of Rexing Dash cams, from the V1, to the V1 Gen 3 to the V1P, to the V1P Pro, and even the S1. I can say I’m pretty experienced with installing Rexing products. When I saw that there was a V1PGW, I knew I had to get it. I currently have the V1P Pro installed in my car, but that only goes up to 1080P for the front and rear dash cam. Since the V1PGW had a 4K front and 1080P rear, I wanted an upgrade. Installation was a breeze due to me already having a Hardwire kit installed, all I needed to do was run the rear wire to the back of my car. There are two options for the parking monitor, “G-Sensor” and “Time-lapse”. I personally like the G-Sensor mode because I only want it to record when there’s impact on the care while it’s parked. Time-lapse only records a frame per second and can fill up your memory card faster. Overall this product is very similar to the V1P Pro, but the resolution of the front camera is way better.

  125. Greg D

    I’ve been using Rexing dash cams for a number of years now in a few different cars. Prior to this model I’ve had 1080P cameras which had nice resolution but the 4K model is a definite improvement. These are the great cameras and they have a long term customer in me.

  126. Hoosteen

    Like the other Rexing cameras I have purchased for my other vehicles, I went with this brand again because I knew what I was getting. The build quality of the device is solid and it typically just “works”. That said, as other reviewers have mentioned, the screen is almost worthless (especially if you are going for a discrete install behind your mirror, etc.). I use it to set the device settings and then just have it turn off after the minimum timeout time. I don’t use the Rexing app to transfer videos from my cameras; it is too slow. I pull the SD card and copy it to my computer with a card reader. I appreciate having front and rear cameras in one unit (I was using 2 separate cams in one car to accomplish this previously due to resolution limitations on other dual-camera models). The 4k resolution of the front camera is nice, but just not as clear as I hoped (difficult to make out license plates still). My favorite feature of this camera though is the parking mode! I have been wanting this on my other cameras, so it is nice to see that is finally integrated into this model. Would I buy one of these again? Absolutely.

  127. Nwijoe

    Nice quality. Beefed up version if the v1p

  128. Darryn

    Got this as an upgrade to my Rexing V1P Pro dash cam. As I had previously installed their product, I jumped right in on the install. Figured I would need to simply remove old one from mounting bracket, slide new one in, plug power cord in, and install new rear camera to rear window. I figured wrong, but not horrible. My previous camera was hard wired and the power supply is the same. So no need to change that. But rear camera has a different style cable, due to difference in video quality. So I had to route new cable for rear camera. As I had previously installed one of their cameras I simply routed wire same side of vehicle as old camera. Install went fine, head out for a test drive, and rear camera video is upside down. Went back to instructions and it clearly states to run wire down driver’s side of vehicle, I had chosen passenger. Not wanting to pull the entire wire out from behind trim work and run up other side of vehicle, I had enough slack in wire to simply flip the bracket over and reattach to window.

    In all, very happy with this camera. Still need to switch my power supply from keyed source to always on to allow for parking monitor to function, which is why I upgraded.

  129. JDK

    I have been using Rexing Dash Cameras for a long time now. I have them in all of my vehicles. I wanted to update my older Rexing V1 dash camera to this newer version with a rear camera capability. I choose the Rexing V1PGW-4k camera. It records at an impressive wide angle. (170 degree). It is amazing how much of an area is displayed while recording. It has a built in GPS system that makes it very accurate to determine where the video was taken. This camera is most impressive at night. It has great resolution and clarity in low light conditions. Instillation was fairly straightforward and the rear camera was a nice addition to the camera system. I highly recommend the Rexing Dash Cameras. Pick one that suits your needs and price range. Very Satisfied.

  130. Brad W

    I love the Rexing dash cams. This is my third one! Worth every penny. I have witnessed several accidents and emailed footage to police to show who was at fault. Never have to worry about if the camera is recording or not like the other no name brands that are out there. They have amazing clarity and are extremely reliable. 10/10.

  131. Tom S.

    I’ve purchased Rexing cameras for all my vehicles. Great piece of mind with all the crazy on the roadways.

  132. Alexis Nguyen

    I upgraded my 3 year old Rexing V1 dash cam to this, after the old one stopped automatically turning on after car-start. I am very happy with the quality of this dashcam.
    It has similar buttons and programming to V1, and it was easy to set up.
    The wi-fi feature is easy to use (once you set up up the first time) makes it convenient to pull up my recorded videos.
    There is a cable install tool that comes in the kit. It did it’s job, but the quality of the tool was very cheap. I recommend getting a better quality cable tool with your dashcam purchase.

    So far I have had no issues and very happy with the dashcam.

    *Remember to remove the protective film off your cameras!*

  133. SavageMN

    This is my 3rd Rexing camera. The previous 2 have been terrific. I was lucky to have one of these installed in my truck this past summer when I was involved in a hit and run accident. I was able to get the license plate and the entire incident on video, and was reimbursed by the other drivers insurance for almost $4,000. Money well spent here! Installation was easy, and if the previous 2 are any indication of quality, I know I will be happy with this one as well.

  134. Andrew

    This is my 6th Rexing dash cam and with every product release they keep getting better! Better resolution, more features that make sense, and a more robust product. As always, an easy installation with all the parts you need. The front and rear camera resolution is great and has a lot of detail over the previous camera that I had. I will definitely keep buying their products!

  135. Michael Franks

    I purchased the V1PGW-4K dash cam as an upgrade to my first Rexing unit and I am really impressed with the features that are built into this new system. I also purchased the Intelligent Hardware kit to enable the Parking Mode, all I can say is WOW. With built in GPS, Parking Mode and ease of set up and operation, I really like this new unit, not to mention, the 4K video quality is outstanding. I now have Rexing dash cams in all three of our vehicles and a trail cam, so if you are looking out there for a cheaper product, just remember, cheaper isn’t always a better deal. Rexing has perfected this game and keeps on getting better.

  136. Marley

    This was an upgrade from my previous Rexing Camera. I think the field of view is a bit smaller than the previous version but non the less it does the job very well. The quality of the camera is better and is very good at night. I am happy that it uses the same power plug like its previous version so I did not need to hardwire a new harness. I wish that was the same case for the rear camera. I had to pass the new wires through the cabin again.
    The negative is that it started turning on and off sporadically. Will plug it into the cigarette lighter and check what the issue is before contacting Rexing for support. They have been very helpful in the past.

  137. vBlaine

    This is my 4th Rexing camera. Not because they fail, but because I keep wanting to upgrade on both of my car.

    My favorite thing is how easy it is to upgrade. The connections are always the same, at least on the models I have gone through. So installation is simply unplugging the old camera and plugging in the new one without having to rerun wires through the whole car, especially since I have my dash cam hard wired. The only thing different on this model was the mounting plate, but that is very easy to replace.

    The new app to connect from smart phone to dash cam is much easier to use than previously. Connecting to the wifi for the first time is a bit tricky, but after the first time it’s very easy to reconnect. The quality of the front and rear cameras is very good. The front is 4k and rear is 1080p.

    Overall, there’s a reason I keep coming back and I have always been happy with Rexing.

  138. Happy Customer

    I have tinkered with Dash cams for several years now. When I had my first Rexing camera, I was certain it was the brand I would keep buying. I did not have any issues with my last camera, but upgraded to this one. The install was very straight forward. I did notice that they updated the cable that runs to the rear camera. This was a great update, because I was always concerned that I would reverse the rear camera and power cable by accident. This design was updated so they would use different connectors for power and camera.
    The image quality is great and the value is excellent. You can find cameras with a lot more features, but you can’t beat this price and reliability.

  139. bee san

    Great dash cam . High quality built. Very easy to use and operate. Come with everything u need . Must have .look like A little pricey but it really worth it ( quality and all the features it’s has ) .

  140. Mike S.

    This camera takes crystal clear video and captures an extremely wide view. The menu is also very easy to use. This is my third Rexing dash cam. They work great.

  141. James

    This is my 4th Rexing dash camera, I currently have 3 still running in vehicles one of which just turned 4 years old. As always Rexing’s build quality is great, no complaints.

    Installation of the front camera is straight forward if you want a dangling wire. Installing the back camera, unless you know what you are doing, can be quite troublesome. You need to know which trim pieces to pull and where you can hide the wire from the back to the front. Took me about 15 minutes but this is not my first time I have wired a back camera in this car.

    The quality is not bad, on the contrary it is quite good compared to my 1080p camera, but it does not look like true 4k. The resolution is there but the quality seems a little lackluster. I would love you know what sensor they have in this camera but I cannot find a spec sheet anywhere.

    Price is maybe slightly higher than it should be based on some of the other premium brand dash cameras.

    One of my biggest complaints, and this is a minor one, is the lack of USB plug in the 12v charger. Cheaper Rexing cameras have this but for some reason one of their more expensive cameras does not.

    Also, Rexing, PLEASE remove the image of “Rexing” at the bottom of the recordings and go back to the text of “REXING DASH CAM”.

  142. B. Carlton

    I have been using the Rexing brand products for quite sometime. They keep getting better. This is my third dash cam. The V1PGW-4K is by far the best, especially the Wi-Fi capability! Have also purchased their trail camera’s. No need to switch to a different brand! Just noticed they now have a motorcycle front and rear dash cam. Need to get that for my sidecar rig!!

  143. Tsquale

    I recently bought a new vehicle and wanted to get a dash camera for it. After reading reviews about Rexing I chose this camera. Setup was a breeze as was installation in my vehicle. The video quality exceeded my expectations and their app is very easy to use. 5 stars!

  144. Mike

    Just received this dashcam a couple days ago and installed it in my car. This marks my 6th dashcam purchase, 5 of which have been Rexings. The reason I purchased so many is that after the first one I bought for myself, and realizing how essential a dashcam is in your car, I began buying them for all my loved ones. Of the 6 I purchased, the only one that ended up failing after a year was the non-Rexing brand camera. All the Rexing dashcams are still going strong.

    The camera itself is definitely a step up from the one I had in my car from 4 years ago. That one actually still worked fine, but I decided to get an upgrade and give my existing dashcam to a friend. I’ve only driven an hour or so with this camera, but so far so good. The quality is noticeably better than the previous one. The menus all seem fairly similar, which is good for someone like me as I already knew how to navigate the set up and enable the settings I wanted. The built-in GPS is a feature I have yet to try, but am definitely excited about it as it’s something that was unavailable on my older model. Overall I have no complaints and would definitely recommend this dashcam to friends and family.

  145. Bernard

    I have 3 cars and all of them use Rexing dashcams. Rexing dashcams have been useful and saved me for handful of times already. It made my auto insurance claim requests much easier as it was able to capture my not-at-fault minor accidents and was able to clearly see the other party’s license plate and also clear recording of audio. This time, I wanted to upgrade my 6 year old Rexing V1 and purchased one of Rexing’s latest dashcams, the V1PGW-4K. The 170 degree view made it a lot better, and ofcourse the 4K resolution! Just to add, it has WiFi feature where I can open through the app and also has GPS feature! I also noticed that this new Rexing dashcam is a bit heavier than the V1. That would make sense perhaps because of lots of new upgraded features this new camera has to offer. Better capacitor so it has more resistance to heat as I always leave my car under the sun. All in all, I love Rexing products and I would recommend this to anyone!

  146. MakeItSo#1

    Very happy with this newest dashcam from Rexing! I have been waiting for a parking mode and this one has it. It also has super high quality video. You can easily read a license plate from the video. I was hoping for a parking feature with just a timer like a 1 hour countdown when you park but it has the regular 24 hour parking monitor mode with shock sensor for recording like most cameras.

    Installation was easy I direct wired it to the fuse-box using the direct wire kit which has everything you need. Still wish Rexing would make a small camera for the front like the rear has and allow me to put the main unit in my glove-box. I prefer a more “stealthy” installation.

    So far it has been flawless. I check the video every couple days and it always has what it is supposed to have. No surprises where it didn’t record like other dash-cams I have owned.

  147. Amazon Customer

    Dual camera setup is great, my previous dashcam (Rexing V1) only showed the front. Higher resolution and has nice parking alarm motion sensor in case something happens to the car while i’m away. Convenient it uses the same microSD card and mini USB connector for power so no need to rewire anything in my vehicle.

  148. Teck

    I have been using the Rexing brand for my dash recording needs since 2016, and I have been a happy customer ever since. This is my 3rd camera (all upgrades as my needs changed) with the company, and there is plenty here in the Rexing V1PGW-4K dual channel dash camera.

    Installing the front camera goes as you expect, stick it to your front window behind the rearview mirror to get it out of your view. Something you do need to keep in mind when installing it is, locked on the windshield mount, the camera needs to travel 16 mm up to remove it from the bracket. If you do not leave this room from the top of your windshield, you will not be able to remove the camera from the windshield without peeling the bracket as well. Do yourself a favor and leave a little space. In the rear unit, you will need to figure out your path of travel during install to get the wire to the rear of the vehicle. When I had an older car, I ran the wire behind the weather stripping of the roof and got it to the back of the vehicle with little issue. With my newer car, that was not a great option since there are skirt airbags in that area of the car. I decided to follow the trim to the floor and run it under the gap of the carpet and bring it back up to the rear windshield, and I was in business. If you don’t know where the airbags are in your car, I encourage you to watch a crash test video by NHTSA for their location, so you can avoid them.

    The cameras are both high quality, so you will have a nice picture to show off if you need it. The cameras do record together right out of the box with the default settings. You may need to set daylight savings if your area observes it. Since this is a GPS connected camera, the time is set automatically. My unit detected the time zone automatically, but there are settings to change that as well if need be. I used the included adapter and was up and running in a few minutes after getting my wires run. The unit powers on and off automatically with the car (assuming your power sockets shut off with your car) and it starts recording. They do have a GPS player for the Windows PC, so you can view all the GPS data on a large screen for review in addition, your speed is stamped on the footage. Rexing does sell a hard-wired kit, and it is required if you plan on using the parking monitor (It is sold separately). The parking monitor can be triggered by motion or the g-sensor. The setting for the g-sensor is set for both driving and parking mode, so if you set it to high sensitivity for parking, it will be highly sensitive for driving as well. In my opinion, I say stick with the motion trigger for the parking monitor to prevent unwanted locked clips.
    This is another slam dunk for Rexing, if you are looking for a dash unit, and you have a rear windshield (some work vans do not 🙂 ) you will want one that records the rear. You will be honestly surprised by the amount of texting drivers you will see from that camera, and if they hit you then you have high definition footage of them not following the law. I love the peace of mind that the camera gives. Give it a try, I think you will like the brand, I know I sure do.

  149. Steve Nison

    This is my third or fourth unit and very happy with all of them including this one. Good video quality (note that I guess even though I have a class 10 SD card, it is not fast enough to use the highest quality setting since the video stops and goes- but the next to highest setting looks very sharp anyway). I like the feature where you can turn audio on and off.

  150. Draight Kaartokommen

    This is my 5th Rexing camera and previously owned the V1, V1 (3rd gen), V1P Pro Dual, and V1P. For the last few years, my main one was the V1P Pro Dual. I’ve had a chance to review this after a week of using.

    -Easy-ish to install
    -Improved resolution (4K front, 1080p rear)
    -Lots of options to customize settings
    -The power cable is the same connection as the previous model so I didn’t have to re-route a new cable in my car
    -General Rexing camera reliability (never had any issues with any of my camera)

    -At higher resolution, you don’t get a great Frame per Second rate – limited to 25FPS. I would love it if they could sell a 60FPS camera!
    -They really cheaped out on the cable install tool. All the other cameras came with a really beefy two-sided orange tool. This one is a small one-sided blue tool that isn’t really helpful. Fortunately I still had one of the previous tools.
    -The rear camera cable connection is different than my previous Rexing, so i have to remove the old one and re-route the rear camera cable again

  151. Josh G.

    I have previously used the Rexing V1P 3rd Gen and the Viofo A129 Plus in my other vehicles, so I will be comparing those cameras to the Rexing V1PGW-4K.

    First off setting up the dash cameras is pretty easy to do. I like to mount my camera up near my rear-view mirror so it looks like it is part of the vehicle. I run the rear camera wire to the rear camera though the headliner towards the side to keep the wires hidden out of the way. In comparison to the Viofo camera which uses a micro-USB, the rear camera on this Rexing V1PGW-4K uses a proprietary connection. Let’s hope it lasts.

    Comparing the video resolution of this camera to previous ones, the overall resolution does not at first appear that much different compared to other dash cameras. However, with this Rexing V1PGW-4K I do find it much easier to read the license plates of other vehicles when reviewing the footage on my computer. What’s the point having a dash camera if you cannot read the license plate of the other car?

    I do not like that the video has a giant Rexing logo on the bottom left corner of the video. Other cameras I’ve used have had the GPS coordinates in place of the company logo, which I feel is a more useful feature.

    My experience with Rexing Connect, their phone application, has not been the best. I’ve found it much easier and quicker to just remove the memory card and get the video on my laptop.

    For memory cards, I have had the best luck with the Samsung Pro endurance memory cards. Definitely don’t use SanDisk cards.

    It is much easier to deal with your insurance when there is an issue, as you can just send them a video of the incident. When there are no other witnesses available, a dash camera helps.

    Having a dash camera such as the Rexing V1PGW-4K is something that I consider a necessary requirement. With everyone driving like Ricky Bobby having to go back to work now, I’m very glad I have a dash camera.

  152. Paul

    Front and rear cameras are good; the refresh rating could be better. Two points of feedback: 1) Rear camera doesn’t have an up or a down indication; I installed it upside down initially and had to redo the double sticky tape, 2) the Firmware update tool on Rexing website doesn’t reflect the model numbers. As an example, the model number of my unit is ‘V1PGW-4K’ but their website doesn’t show this model (see picture) so not sure which firmware to download.

  153. Erik D.

    My first experience with Rexing was a simple V1 FHD dashcam that I purchased in 2018. The camera did an admirable job then, and this new version in 2022 includes some welcome upgrades.

    The installation of the dashcam was easy — stick it up, hide the wire in the headliner, plug it in. It turns on, begins recording, and all is well. I did tweak the settings. The navigation of the menus is not difficult but it takes a little getting used to.

    The quality of the 4k image (it used to be FHD) is good, as is the FHD rear image. I appreciate the addition of the internal GPS logger and WiFi for connecting to the Rexing app. These were not features of my original V1.

    I cannot comment on the parking monitor feature yet, as I am waiting to get the correct fuse taps for my vehicle, but I have no reason to expect anything other than solid functionality.

    The peace of mind that comes with this kit is definitely worth the price.

  154. Scott

    I upgraded from the V1P to the V1PGW-4K unit and so far, it has been great. The wiring was the same, so I did not need to run a new power line from the fuse box to the camera (the same mini-USB connector still worked). In addition, the rear camera harness also is the same, so I only needed to disconnect the old rear camera and connect the new one so I did not have to re-run a new cable. The hardest part was changing the mount in the front where the 3M tape was attached almost too well to the windshield.
    The wifi feature is a very welcome feature and I was able to view all my content on my iPhone and download directly to my phone. I have not tried the Rexing app on my tablet yet though. I enabled the parking sensor as well and with a simple test of tapping the camera…it booted up and started recording immediately (I also purchased the smart wiring sensor and did not use the enclosed 12v plug). Since I park in a parking garage, this will be very nice to have.

  155. Andrew

    I recently purchased a new car and through the advice of my family and friends, I decided to buy a dash cam. After hours of research I chose this Rexing dash cam. This cam worked right out of the box and took me less than 15 minutes to install. The mounting process was fast and easy with the electrostatic film and guidelines. I read other reviews that dash cams often have trouble reading the license plates, but this one is good enough to show plate numbers clearly on the display. I feel peace of mind having this in my new car. I am very happy with my purchase.

  156. AH

    I set this up the day I got it and the 4k video is super clear! After it is setup you don’t have to do a thing. Will turn on and shut off by itself, one less thing I have to worry about and gives me some very cheep insurance!

  157. Momma bear

    I’ve used multiple Rexing dashcams in multiple cars. After this purchase, I’ll continue to use them. The picture quality is great, as is the interface. I paid a professional to install the smart hardwire kit, and it looks great!

  158. alexander

    I love the added collision feature on this. Video quality is nice.

  159. GV

    Have bought a few of these cameras (both my cars and parents cars). Video quality is great. New ones also have a wifi feature where you don’t have to take the SD card out and can wirelessly download the video to your phone. Install was easy, enough wiring for large cars (Toyota sienna and telluride). Would highly recommend.

  160. Khanh Q. Nguyen

    I’ve owned another Rexing dash cam for almost 3 years now, this is my upgraded one and it has some great improvement. First, the power connection is more sturdy, which I hope will reduce power disconnect problem I had with the older model. Second, rear cam mounting is a lot easier now.

    However, there are some problems with this model. First, the wifi does not appear on my phone. I tried turning off mobile data. Didn’t work. Then I tried what official website troubleshoot page says. I drove to a place where there are no other wifi to avoid interference. That did not work. Then, I ordered a replacement. The replacement connected once, but did not work after that. That also ruled out user error. Second, this one does not come with the full user manual, so I was very confused at the menu. I downloaded the manual of V1P Pro older model. That worked out.

    This seems to be their newest model. Hopefully they fix mentioned problems soon.

  161. Mr Z

    I have tried other Dash Cams but always come back to Rexing. In my opinion they are the Best/Most Reliable Dash Cams on the market. They are easy to use and install. I have put one each of my last 6 vehicles and will put one in my next vehicle as well. When you need the footage form a Dash Cam, you don’t want to find out you picked the wrong one. Go with Rexing, you won’t be disappointed.

  162. Alex Gutierrez

    If you ever had a Rexing dash you’ll be extremely familiar with this product. It follows the same software along with the physical buttons that other previous dashcams have. For those who haven’t, it’s a simple plug-and-play dashcam with great video quality for both cameras. I would recommend buying a micro sd card reader for your phone in case an accident ever happens as its easier to watch on your phone.

  163. B R Texas

    Dash Cameras have become a necessity to protect yourself from terrible drivers and untruthful people. Nothing tells a story like a video of the actual incident and, very often, the incidents leading up to an accident. Rexing makes an amazing, reliable and robust product. This front and rear camera has all the bells and whistles you could ever want. High definition and the ability to handle a 256mb SD card, mean you will never miss the action. With the optional hard wire kit (for power), this camera uses it’s built-in g-meter and GPS logger to protect your unattended vehicle from parking incidences, as well. I have owned many Rexing cameras and I have them in all of mine and my children’s vehicles. This model has built in WiFi so you never need to remove the SD card – that makes video transfers super simple. This is a lot of camera for the price and with a little bit of care, you can install it yourself. Don’t drive without one!

  164. H

    I have been using REXING for more than seven years now, and this is another great dashcam from them. Great recording quality. Also, I love the camera’s size, which is somehow compact so that it won’t distract the driver. Strongly recommend this dashcam!

  165. Rick

    I’ve been a customer for years. Got this yesterday and installed today. Before installing a played with the night vision before permanent install last night. Better than I thought it would be. I also bought the hardwire kit so I have parking protection. Video is perfect. App works as it should. Amazon got it to me next day.
    The super capacitor is the way to go. If you buy a low end camera with a battery the heat will kill it.
    Three cameras running and they all work as stated.

  166. Break Shot

    My Review of the Rexing V1PGW-4K
    With all it’s short comings, I’m giving it four out of five stars and I’d still buy another. This is the second REXING dash cam I have purchased. Overall well built, fairly easy to install and get started. I like having a rear camera. You will need to purchase a High Endurance SD card for the unit. I purchased a 256GB which is more than enough – especially given the camera does loop recording. Installation of the rear camera was a breeze but I couldn’t place in the center of the rear window because my F150 has a sliding rear window and heated glass so placement was as close to center as I could avoiding the sliding window as well as the window heating lines. Still, my position offers a good view of the rear of the vehicle . I still have problems understanding how to activate some of the features. For instance, it took me some time to figure out how to switch from rear camera to front camera because the owners manual only says “Screen button”. Adding a little more definition like “Front to Rear Camera” would have offered more clarity. The front camera is low profile and hardly noticeable when placed near the rear view mirror out of driver’s line of sight. One thing that is annoying, however, is the front camera picks up reflection glare of the dash that you can see in the videos. I wish there was a polarizing filter that could be added to avoid this Nevertheless, if you can deal with that, the images are still bright and clear. Like my first REXING, the little screen is basically useless and difficult to watch if that’s your intent. Given its slanted, mounted to a slanted windshield, off center from the driver’s line of sight renders it only useful for initial programming and feature set-up – screen images are nothing like the advertisement you see. Finally, customer support needs work. When you look for guidance, you get a form letter/email telling you to submit a screen shot! I need to talk to a person and simply ask a question. I understand they are working on improving this. Hope this helps.. (This is an updated video – not as long and shows front and rear camera images)

  167. Marina Busnovetsky

    Took some time to setup with running the wires(wish the connectivity between the 2 cameras was WiFi, would make things easier), but once setup over all excellent quality so far, app works great as well, will update if any changes!

  168. David Z

    Bought this Rexing 4K dashcam for my wife’s car. Her car had a dashcam already installed but it was only front facing and it kept falling off the windshield. This 4K dashcam being front and rear facing, is an upgrade of her old one.

    The dashcam came with both front and rear cameras, a 12V cigarette lighter socket power adaptor, and several miscellaneous accessories that are more than enough for the installation.

    Both cameras mount on the windshield by double sided tape which is what I prefer. The suction cup mount that I used to see on my older dashcam just didn’t work well for me, it’s not really vibration resistant, and it took up more space.

    The picture quality is pretty good to me. It’s probably not $500 good but overall I think it’s up there with any quality 4K dashcam you can buy. One thing that kinda impressed me is that the recordings at night time are actually much better than I expected. The brightness and color are both really good on the front camera.

    So far I’m pretty happy with this purchase, will see how this dashcam holds up in the coming months.

  169. GatorMan

    Easy to install and use. The menus were easy to navigate. It mounted well and all worked as it should. The App makes it easy to connect without having to pull the camera down. Very happy with video quality and the price was very good for the quality. I only wish finding firmware for this camera was easier on their site. But I plan to purchase another for my wife’s car.

  170. Vera

    I do use ot in semitruck, the one which is designed for backup video I use for side video.
    Update: connection thru app all the time falling and getting me mad

  171. Olena

    I have been using Rexing products for a long time, and decided to try this kit because it also has a back view camera. Before I was purchasing two separate cameras because no other kits had back view wide angle camera. This one does it. The only thing I would like to have the main camera with two lences that you can rotate and have a video recorded inside your car, like in some previous versions. Other than that the camera kit is awesome.

  172. Jeremy Roth

    This is an upgrade from the Rexing V1 that I ordered over 4 years ago and still going strong. This new dash cam kit is an upgrade to 4K resolution, included wifi, and the rear cam. The video quality for the front cam is great, clear, and crisp at day or night. The rear camera is very good, but not quite on par with the front cam, but still very good. Wiring was easy for me since I already had the wires ran for my old V1 camera. The only issue is that this model has a new mounting bracket and design so I had to remove the old mount and install the new. The new mounting bracket design is better and it was not too difficult to remove the old mount with fishing line (can use dental floss as well) and adhesive remover. Another great product from Rexing. Their customer service is great as well if you have any issues or problems that arise. I would highly recommend this kit if you are looking for a lower priced/budget dash cam kit.

  173. Tim

    This is my second rexing camera and while the 12v cord was dead on arrival on my first model, this one was ready to go and working fine. Both front and back cameras work great and the settings are easy to get to and mess around with. You need a dash cam and I’d have no problem picking up a third for my other vehicle. Customer service is pretty good, as well.

  174. Tomomi

    This is the 3rd dashcam that we have from rexing on our 3rd car. At the very core of it, what I normally look for is something that works. I’ve had rexing dashcams for years now and one main reason that I kept going back to them is that Rexing’s customer service has always had my back when a dashcam would fail.

    The nature of dashcams is just that sometimes they can fail due to heat. Being on a car windshield it’s just inevitable that they can get too hot. That said, I’ve only had to contact them twice since I originally purchased my 1st dashcam(about 5 years ago), and both times they were happy to help me and get me situated.

    Now to go over the dashcam, it records front and rear which is super handy. The installation is pretty easy and straightforward, the only thing that took time for me is routing the cables. The cables were long enough for my Mazda3(which this got installed on) tucking and routing them throughout the car. If you’re very particular about not seeing wires, which I am, I’m not sure if the length of the rear camera wire will be long enough for an SUV. Now if you’re planning on removing the headliner and running the wire through that way then you have plenty to work with.

    The wifi works in my experience, but I mainly care about the reliability and image quality which are great.

  175. Londy Treece

    I have been running this camera for about two weeks now. The video quality is excellent overall.

    It is worth stating again that this model uses a super capacitor instead of lithium battery which should greatly extend the life of the unit as super capacitors are far more resistant to extreme temperatures as are found in summer months in cars. In my experience, dashcams using a lithium battery begin to fail after the 2nd year, and most do not have batteries that are readily replaceable. The capacity is very limited compared to a battery, so it requires a hardwire kit from Rexing in able to enable the parking monitor feature. the hardwire kit supplies the camera with a 12v constant and ignition only wire that is an easy install via a fuse tap. I have also purchased this kit and it was easy to install and works well.

    The cam can record both front and rear channels, and does so on two separate MP4 files

    The wifi connect works very well as long as instructions are followed. Most of the users complaining about the Rexing connect/wifi not working are likely not following the instruction to disable mobile data on the smartphone. Doing so I have been able to connect reliably without fail each and every time. The connect app allows you to quickly review and manage videos on the go, although if you are using the full 4k recording format there can be some buffering with the playback, but that is to be expected.

    I am very happy with the cam overall and would not hesitate to purchase again.

  176. perritope

    Awesome dashcam with a very nice app, crispy and clear videos….

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